As many of you know, a new title by the name of 3D Dot Game Heroes is being released next month for the Playstation 3 console. What’s particularly interesting about this news is that the game is considered a rip-off of Zelda, as we previously mentioned. It take the same major elements from the older Zelda games, and is much like a parody of the series.

IGN has put together a video comparing The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past to 3D Dot Game Heroes. It’s highly similar to a point which makes the game look like an exact remake of A Link to the Past, from the music, graphics, items, and world design. Check out the comparison video after the jump and see the similarities for yourself!

Source: IGN

  • TheMaverickk

    In all honesty…. considering you can create your own character using the 3D Dots… you could have an 8-Bit LoZ Link in this game if people wanted to.

    Which if you did and you saw videos of it, people would probably think this is an ACTUAL Zelda game. Which begs the question to whether or not this game is a little too close to the LoZ series for comforts sake.

  • TheMaverickk

    To add to my point look… someone has already done it;

    Seriously substitute the character with actual link and do the video again and you wouldn't know the difference.

  • ChainofTermina

    i'm confused. is this seriously supposed to NOT look like they copied Zelda?…………seriously?

    • This game is intentionally designed/developed to look and play this way. This is known as a "homage", "tribute", "parody", etc.

      To be honest, I'm looking forward to this. This is the kind of gameplay that Nintendo has neglected to offer with Zelda for the past five years – The Minish Cap was the latest 2D title, and even that doesn't compare to the likes of the Oracle games, Link's Awakening, A Link to the Past, and the original Hyrule Fantasy.

      3D Dot Heroes will be fun in a different way from current handheld Zelda titles, and that's really all that matters to me.

  • Meralia

    It's interesting, just how close can you go without being sued… So it's copying "a little", but we're all gonna buy it aren't we? I will at least, for the giggles if nothing else, it looks like fun. The Great Giana Sisters was my favourite game some 20 years ago and it was a complete ripoff of Mario, I didn't mind then, I won't mind it now.

    ^ What? People are saying there's no place for retro games? Who are these people and what's wrong with them? o_O

    • TheMaverickk

      IGN had an article talking about how retro games essentially aren't worth the same in value to new 3D games.

      Also if you ever watch Invisible Walls on GT the topic usually comes up that they wouldn't pay more then 10-15 dollars for Super Metroid, so why should they pay more for other 2D sidescrollers in this day in age.

      Sad yes I know.

  • Smoore

    Sony is stupid. They have a massively expensive system that lags behind Nintendo and Microsoft. Then they try to boost their popularity by copying the Wiimote and now the Zelda franchise. It's getting ridiculous.

    • TheMaverickk

      It's not really Sony's doing it's From Software that developed it… just so happens it was developed for the PS3 and Sony promoted the game for obvious reasons.

      I find it funny though that 3D Dot game heroes isn't getting the same flack that Super Mario Bros. Wii got… where people were saying that there is no place in the world for retro games, and it should've been a downloadable title. I mean 3D Dot game heroes is even more retro then NSMB. Wii and it brings less new game mechanics to the table then even it did.

      Yet I haven't seen anyone criticize the game yet really for blatantly copying Zelda.

  • DSP

    Like midna once told me.

    "A fake is a fake and no matter how much you dress it up, the real thing always wins!"

  • Um, just out of curiosity, in what way is a game that's a blatant remix of A Link to the Past a bad thing? I mean, it looks great. As in a lot like Zelda. Again, why is copying one of the greatest games of all time a negative to the game?

  • YouNeedToCalmDown

    Aren't you guys overreacting just a little bit? Say it with me: H-O-M-A-G-E

    • Z-MAN7

      Yeah that's what I think.

      I really hope this will come to other systems. It looks like old-school fun and nice tribute to 8-bit Zelda.

    • TheMaverickk

      You know something though… calling it a homage… or a retrospective of the action fantasy adventure genre… in all honesty are just nice ways of saying "we really love your game that makes millions so we are going to repackage it and sell it too".

      I love Zelda, and I would love to buy this, but I realize that my only reason to buy this is because I love Zelda and want to play more Zelda.

      They should've honestly called it 3D Dot Game Zelda.

  • frank

    ok at first i honestly wanted to give this game a chance, but after seeing this trailer there is onely one word left for me.


  • Jeremy

    All games are based off ideas from other games. Yes, even your precious Zelda series gameplay mechanics and worlds didn't just pop out of thin air. The game looks to be a great 2d console Zelda, something that hasn't happened since LttP. Why is this bad, again?

  • Art1st4786

    The issue here isn't paying homage to a wonderful series by another company. It's about intellectual property of Nintendo's being taken advantage of by the creators of this game. How would you feel if you created an awesome game that people love only to have it basically copied under a different name? Yes, there are some small changes in the game, but the similarities heavily outweigh the differences in this case.

    • I'd feel honored. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that. When and where you have a successful product, there will be shameless copies, and, to be honest, the industry will be better off for it (re: Doom clones in relation to the FPS genre).

      I'm in agreement with Jeremy: this isn't a bad thing. If anything, this is great, because From Software will be delivering gameplay that Nintendo hasn't touched on in the five years since The Minish Cap. If you think that's bad, then your company loyalty is overriding your common sense: if the game is fun and you enjoy it, the rest shouldn't matter.

    • Thareous33

      You said that better than I ever could.

      This thing is almost plagiarism–that is, "a duplication of a copywritten format that comes too close to the real thing." The resemblances of the Dot game shows that its creators may be knowingly plagiarizing A Link to the Past. And this, admittedly, is illegal.

  • Kiante

    I remember seeing the preview for this in Gameinformer. Though I don't remember all of what was in there, my thoughts went something like this; there are a BUNCH of different parts to this game, some VERY much like Zelda (possibly for humorous effect) while others not so much. It's possible IGN's video here isn't really showing the whole story.

  • Jeremy

    Artist4786: Argh, you're right. I sure hope the dozens and dozens of fantasy-based novels and films that Zelda was born from don't sue Nintendo! Those guys who made "Adventure" on the Atari are probably sooo pissed that Nintendo took their mechanics and improved upon them! Arrrrgh, damn you other developers taking ideas that work and using them for your own. Who do they think they are!?

  • Business Shrub

    This is wrong, they are stealing Nintendo IP and from a BUSINESS point of view that is very wrong. Just imagine what would happen if I copied the concept of 'magic beans' and started selling them for 10 rupees a piece, now that would be very wrong (ps, come to the Southern Swamp for some magic beans). Seriously, I may not be a lawyer shrub, but I do think it should be illegal to just rip someone off.

  • Jerry

    It's lego Zelda. You can make your characters from scratch, have a sword that takes up half the screen and that's all I'm aware of currently. How is this bad? I think the problem here is it's on Sony's console which ticked the Nintendo fanboys off. I'll be picking this up just cause it looks to be really fun and I always enjoyed user-created content. That and it'll tie me over for the next Zelda game haha

  • Thareous33

    Despite our own contradictions, we should be happy for those willing to accept this. I would suppose it is only sensible that they need something to tide them over with all the tension and debate Zelda Wii evokes. So let's allow them to purchase this while we save up for the next most anticipated Nintendo title. >)

  • BEN


  • Arkamidis

    Every one grow up! (or let it go. whatever floats your raft) The game was inspired by Zelda. Isnt that something to be hapy about? And c'mon, its just a parody. Sh!t i'll still play it. And it looks good.

  • Link

    Even if 3D Dot game hero is good, Zelda Can't lose because Zelda was made back in 1985 and this is releasing 2010…But anyway they developers said that this is a tribute to Zelda, so i don't think they where trying to beat Zelda.

  • Astrofizzix

    Ever since I first heard about this game, I've been conflicted. Clearly, the developers are fans of the Zelda series, and made this game as an homage. Heck, if you go to their site or watch one of the trailers, they even use the phrase, "It's a secret to everybody." It's for this reason that I've been looking forward to this game, and will buy it on day one. However, is it right for Atlus to make money off an homage of another game, without giving credit or compensation to the developers of the original?

  • veeronic

    to anyone complaining; GET A LIFE
    they know and they admit it ok, they admit its zelda inspired, they admit the items are the same, they admit the story line is essentially the same. Its a parody and the developers know it, nintendo is not sueing them because they know its a parody, and they probably are paying nintendo anyway. if nintendo doesn't care, than so what. furthermore its extremely doubtful that this will become an actual series, so in closing; just sit back and enjoy what will be known as the "space balls"(star wars parody comedy) of the zelda series.

    • Arkamidis

      Exactly! I mean, Sure I maybe a big Zelda fan but all this complaining because of a game that comes close to it? Maybe argue about actual Zelda franchise flaws and such but no need to blast on another game. its "inspired"!!!

      • twilit mask of time

        This goes a quite a bit beyond "inspired" and paying homage. Golden sun has a lot of zelda inspire elements. This is pretty much ripping directly off. That being said, while i think that's kinda crappy on sony's part, the game looks fantastic and I wish i had a ps3 to play it on.

  • SRWG

    This is an homage.

    Everything rips off something else anyway, you people are overreacting.

  • Shinies

    Calm down guys jeez you look like fanboys, this is not a rip off, is an homage, I hope you know them, I mean they are not saying "original idea do not steaL!111!!!!1!1!".

    And is not made by Sony is made by Atlus. I will buy it and play it because it's good to see people still know the importance of games like Zelda (which is not the only one of it's kind).

  • watties

    its a tribute to zelda, and it'll be better than any of the 3d zeldas, yes ocarina of time, because the 3d zeldas often have bad game mechanics and all, these guys know what they're doing, making a 2d zelda in 3d, which is how it should be. a link to the past is still the greatest tho

  • Jade

    I honestly think that they are copying the Zelda games.I mean they have the chickens who run around when they see you, and the hook thingy…they have no right to do that. I would call this copyrighting.

  • Ulises

    looks fun actually, besides zelda games are not pretty much like that anymore, nowadays they are getting a lot easier and boring to play, with no exploration at all (spirit tracks anyone?)

    i mean come on, this is like the zelda game we all been waiting and hoping for so what´s the problem if´s not coming from nintendo? i completely forgot about the console-company war years ago. now i play and enjoy everything, from gears of war on the xbox (gears of war 3 trailer released!!) to zelda on the ds and brawl on the wii, im waiting for "the last guardian" on ps3 just as much as im waiting for zelda wii, fanboys just dont know what they are missing.

  • Levus

    It's a tribute to a Zelda game on the PS3. A TRIBUTE. Hasn't anyone heard of the saying "Imitation is a form of flattery" before?

  • DarkLinkie98

    Hehe, I'ma just put this in my mind as a new zelda game. C'mon, it looks epicc….. although i do agree wif half the people here! Lol.

  • zeldaperson

    Everyone against it are just butthurt fanboys. Go cry to your mommy.