Hey everyone! I’m back to answer a few more of your mailbag questions, including two about Tingle and one about voice acting in Zelda. Enjoy the show!

James should have the responses to the rest of the questions up in text form on the next video newspost, so feel free to send in your (new) questions.

{{bubble}{Question 1: Tingle}{}{}{

Kailee writes:

Hey! I seem to hear this a lot,
is Tingle really a pedophile/Link-Wannabe? Just sayin’.

Cody responds:

Tingle may be a Link-wannabe, but he’s not a pedophile – that was something made up by American children who thought that since he cosplays as a superhero as an adult that made him creepy and thus labeled him a pedophile. Actually, in the latest canon Tingle game, Tingle’s Balloon Trip, his goal is to get women. I think the problem is a cultural difference – in Japan, where he’s popular and cosplay is more understood, he’s a lovably eccentric man who wants be to a superhero. He’s basically doing something that anyone would find adorable in a child character but since he’s an adult Westerners interpret that as creepy.

Honestly, Tingle would be a more awesome main protagonist than Link. I mean, sure, Link is the hero chosen by the Goddesses or whatever, but Tingle is the one who says “screw destiny” and decides that he’s going to defy the Goddesses and become a hero and a main character anyway. You know who else is in that category? Kratos from God of War.


{{bubble}{Question 2: Sheik in New Game?}{}{}{

Hero of Twilight writes:

Do you think Sheik will be in Zelda Wii because she has been redesigned (super smash brothers brawl)

Cody responds:

No. Sheik is not a character, she is a costume used by OoT Zelda, and the Brawl team (an entirely different team to the Zelda team) decided to keep her in Brawl because they liked the character. Super Smash Brothers Brawl is not canon and they often change around core details to make things more cool – for example, neither Ness nor Lucas had any of those techniques in their actual respective games.

{{bubble}{Question 3: Tingle Comments}{}{}{

ShadowShieka writes:

Hello Zelda Universe I have a question regarding my least favorite character T**gle. In the game that he first appears in which is Majora’s Mask if i am correct he lives in Termina a totally different place than Hyrule. However, in The Wind Waker he is the one you need to translate ancient Hylian. This just does not make sense to me and I hope that you can help me.

Cody responds:

Well, considering that the game is set like 100 years later and Tingle has appeared in over 10 games, I’d assume that it’s a different Tingle at different times, just like there’s always a different Link and Zelda and recently even a different Linebeck. Unless of course he is an immortal being. Maybe he’s actually that fourth piece of the Triforce that you always hear about in fanfictions, who knows? How exactly does he know Ancient Hylian anyway? That’s pretty suspicious.

{{bubble}{Question 4: Voice Acting}{}{}{

lithuaine writes:

If the Zelda series was voiced would it necessarily ruin the game like some people say? I mean when you look at kingdom hearts that is some top notch voice acting. Bill Trinen of Nintendo was once asked this, to witch he said something along the lines of possible but for a game like Zelda it would have to be really TOP notch voice acting so is voice acting necessarily a bad thing? Nintendo cares about their franchise so they wouldn’t necessarily ruin it. so would it ruin the series or take it a step forward?

Cody responds:

Well, this debate can be split into two parts – voice acting for characters and voice acting for Link. A lot of people are against a voice for Link because they want a silent protagonist, but they need to remember that that’s unrelated to introducing voice acting to the characters who already have lines. For example, in the Half Life series, every character speaks and has voice acting, except for the main character who still doesn’t speak at all, and in fact does “silent protagonist” even better than Link because unlike Link, you have full control of Gordon Freeman through cutscenes and he doesn’t make his own decisions and have has own reactions during them.

In my opinion, not wanting voice acting is just generally due to a fear of change solely because it’s change – it would take the series a step forward and anyone who didn’t like it could just turn voices off and subtitles on.