Do you love Spirit Tracks as much as we do? Then you will be very interested in reading this Nintendo Power interview with director Daiki Iwamoto, where he answers questions such as:

  • First a boat, and now a train-why do the Zelda games for Nintendo DS feature vehicles in such a prominent way?
  • Chancellor Cole and Byrne [Staven in Europe] are two interesting characters that seem somewhat unique in the Zelda series. Would you say that their personalities and story arcs tie into any overall theme for the game?
  • The ending seems to be somewhat ambiguous with regard to Link and Zelda’s future paths. Do you have a sense of how their lives and relationship continue?

Some of the things in this interview we’ve heard before, but a  great deal is new. It’s a nice look behind the scenes that most fans will certainly enjoy reading.

  • ChainofTermina

    fascinating. I just hope KEEP portraying Zelda like that. who wants to hang out with a "delicate" "dignified" "princess-like" character? boring! mischievous is more fun.

    and what's with all this "we want players to come up with the story themselves" stuff. yeah, using our imaginations is awesome and everything, but we want SOME hard effort put into the story from Nintendo themselves too.

    I hope they know that most people do NOT except this as a satisfying sequel to WW. I sure don't. and what's this? an alternate ending? how does it change?

  • Aniday

    "Q: Where did the idea of collecting bunnies for the Rabbitland Rescue come from? Does someone on the team really like rabbits? And in general, how would you describe the way that your team approaches humor in Spirit Tracks and in the Zelda series as a whole?
    A: There was a staff member on the team who loved rabbits! In the earliest stages of development, that member told us that they definitely wanted a rabbit in the game."

    That's a pretty stupid reason to include an element in a game everyone hated.

    • Princess Mara

      But I enjoyed collecting bunnies! It was fun, better than fishing in Phantom Hourglass.

  • Aniday

    I also noticed he said twice he wanted the player to figure out what happened in the various plot holes of the connections between the two games. To me that comes off as lazy. If you're making a sequel it makes sense to fill in some story of what happened to various characters and all that.


    • ChainofTermina

      yeah, that's more or less what I said! Nintendo is the one making the game so NINTENDO should be the ones telling the story, not us. It is lazy, (but i didn't want to say that in fear of getting yelled at XD)

      • Chiro

        It's kind of like when you ask a teacher a question and they expect YOU to give them the answer :/

    • Aeolus

      ah man, I disagree. I LOVE that stuff isn't spoon fed to us. When you can piece parts of the game together to figure out what happens, and there are tiny hints here and there that may or may not let you know something about the now legendary past, its awesome! It makes me feel like some sort of historian or anthropologist decoding ancient legends and folklore. This is one of the reasons I love Zelda so much