One of our members on ZU, Deimos-Remus, has put together some well-designed artwork, detailing how characters, enemies, and bosses would look like from the original Legend of Zelda, comparing each piece of art from the original in-game sprites to put together this magnificent collection.

You can view his thread which was created a few months ago when he first started making his art. Or you can check out his entire showcase in the video below, which was made by Zelda Dungeon.

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  • You can check out his deviantART account here, (Would be nice if you can toss that link in the news post)

    Please support him and become a watcher! He doesn't have any other plans of doing any Zelda stuff in the near future but who knows as that can always change. He does have some other good stuff though and some might like it. He recently added a new piece about how he went about created the artwork for the Zelda titles.

    Thanks for the mention silver-hero and for promoting his work. Truly amazing art.

    • deimos-remus

      That's ok Mases, S-H doesn't have to post my link, I told him that he didn't have to. Thanks for the feature and all the support everyone! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Garrett

    I'm always amazed at what the artistically talented can do. The designs represent a grown up Legend of Zelda. I wonder will we ever see one though?

  • Guil

    I liked that. Very good art.

  • princedesiré

    very very good. the only ones I didn't like were armos (supposed to be a robot of some sorts, not a warrior) and ganon. otherwise 11/10