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{{bubble}{Question 1: Befriending Bosses}{}{}{

Ian McBride writes:

I have a mini complaint, why is it you always FIGHT the bosses? I mean, they probably don’t want to get killed(I’m a mario series fan) and I mean, If I could have my own game, I’d at least try to make them my friend. I like fraaz and I say this,rant and complain all you want, but, I think talking to the bosses would calm them to be nice. I’d like that installment. but, I mean, come on, asking is better then asuming they’re evil.

Breeze responds:

This sounds a lot a conversation I had with some people once about torturing people to obtain evidence… I‘m generally a passificist, but the game might come off as anti-climatic if we sat down to a candlelight dinner to reach a conclusion. Although! Maybe the secret Love-Affair between Link and Zant might finally be revealed. THEN WE‘D BE GETTING SOMEWHERE!

James adds:

I am going to have to agree with Breeze on this one. The game is an action adventure game where swordplay is the key. The main villain usually is the one who is influencing the bosses in the game, so you aren’t going to get anywhere with just a debate. The moment you start monologuing with the enemy, you leave yourself vulnerable. Didn’t you ever see The Incredibles? Syndrome wasn’t just saying it for his health, you know.

“You sly dog, you caught me monologuing!” – Syndrome.

Xeno adds:

Link is a man of action, not words.

If you were in some dark room where’s the nothing but bones and spiderwebs and you suddenly saw a gigantic spider drop down from the ceiling, screeching at you for you to realize you’ve disturbed its slumber, would you try to talk things out with it? Would you really try to talk things out with a giant, pissed-off spider? Think about it.

{{bubble}{Question 2: Main Character}{}{}{

LynKora writes:

Greetings Nice People of the Zelda Universe.
Thank you for all the wonderful information you have on this site. You have transformed a casual observer into a learned player.

My question is this: What would you think of a person besides Link being the main character in a Legend of Zelda title? And what type of game would you like it to be?

James responds:

The Legend of Zelda concerns a boy/man named Link who has to save Hyrule or another land from evil because he is chosen to do so. I can’t really see a way where you could have a different main character and call it a Zelda game. It wouldn’t be right!

Xeno adds:


For me, Link should forever be the main character for the Zelda series. Sure, Nintendo have already made Zelda games without Link as the main character, like Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon — but look how good those games turned out to be. That isn’t to say that Nintendo could never pull it off. I mean, they’ve made plenty of successful Mario games that didn’t include Mario as the main character. However, it would be like having a Metroid game without Samus. Link is the staple for any legitimate Zelda game. Not having him as the main hero just wouldn’t really feel like a Zelda game. At least, in my opinion.

{{bubble}{Question 3: Timeline}{}{}{

Bolero of Fire writes:

1) What is keeping people from placing Zelda games after OoT/MM and before TP on the timeline?

2) At the end of OoT, Link is shown with the ToC as a kid, however in MM, he dosn’t have it, not even in the clip scene when Zelda is re-teaching Link the Song of Time. What do you belive happened to the ToC?

James responds:

1) Nothing is keeping them from doing it, they just have to be able to place is properly and make it work. I still refer back to the rumor that the new game will include the Hero of Time, which would place the game in between the two games you reference.

2) You know, I was going to research the best answer to this, but I read Xeno’s answer first (which I usually do after I am done) and his works the best.

Xeno adds:

1) Twilight Princess is said to take place only “a hundred and something years later” after Ocarina of time (a direct quote from Aonuma himself). That being said, that doesn’t really give us enough space to put another Zelda game within that time period. Not only that, but Twilight Princess seems to reference Ocarina of Time only. Because it doesn’t really reference any other Zelda game, we can safely assume that there are no games between Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess.

2) In Wind Waker, the King states that the Triforce was separated from the Hero of Time. From this, we can assume that before his quest began in Majora’s Mask, at some point, the Triforce of Courage had left him.

“When the Hero of Time was called to embark on another journey and left the land of Hyrule, he was separated from the elements that made him a hero. It is said that at that time, the Triforce of Courage was split into eight shards and hidden throughout the land.” – King of Hyrule (Wind Waker)

{{bubble}{Question 4: Midna in Super Smash/OoT and TP}{}{}{

N. Greenway writes:

1) There have been a lot of theories and “leaks” that Midna and/or Wolf Link will be in Super Smash Bros. 4. What are your views on this possible decision?

2) A lot of people connect Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess, saying that the story lines are almost the exact same, just retold in a different way. Do you think that Zelda Wii will resemble Majora’s Mask at all?

James responds:

1) I don’t remember seeing a rumor of that, but I would absolutely love that in the new SSB game. They could even make Link’s down-B move a transform move similar to Zelda/Shiek. Because how many of you really use the bombs all that much anyway?

2) It is funny because those same people probably say that Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past are the exact same game, just retold in a different way.

That being said, I don’t think the new game will resemble anything. It will be it’s own entity and be wonderful.

Xeno adds:

1) It’s possible. Personally, I don’t mind either way. The bigger cast of players, the better.

2) It’s hard to tell at this point, as we don’t really have much info to go by. Majora’s Mask had a pretty unique storyline, so I can’t imagine Zelda Wii borrowing heavily from it, as it would be rather blatant.

{{bubble}{Question 5: Two Players}{}{}{

Mr FaIRy writes:

This is to add on to the two player question from last time

When they make the new zelda what would you like to see personaly id want some 2 player gameplay like an extra link to help you or some sort of thing like four swords just not all that craziness getting your character mixed up and without the confusing actions of the tingle tuner

Xeno responds:

Sorry, can’t say that would be something I’d like to see. Like I mentioned in the previous mailbag, the Zelda series is meant to be a single-player experience.

James adds:

I couldn’t agree more.

{{bubble}{Question 6: Hyrule Through Time}{}{}{

Sir Adamus writes:

In Spirit Tracks, we see that most of New Hyrule is connected via railway. In games supposedly after this in the so-called ‘adult timeline’, such as the Minish Cap, the tracks are nowhere to be seen. What do you think happened and why?

PS: Mindless speculation can be hazardous.

James responds:

I thought the Minish Cap was before Ocarina of Time? Or am I one of the few who still believe that?

Anyway, if I were to believe what you are telling me, then it quite possible that they eroded or just became decommissioned. You could follow the timeline of the United States. In the 1800’s, railroad tracks and trains were EVERYWHERE. That is how they moved around the country and was the main form of transportation. Now, go around your town, city, or even state and find all the railroad tracks that still exist and are NEVER used. You will find plenty.

It’s quite possible that trains are no longer necessary or they keep up the business of trains. You never know.

Xeno adds:

There are many elements from previous Zelda games that seem to be “missing” or that doesn’t seem to match up in Zelda games that supposedly take place later in the timeline. However, to combat this, Nintendo has an ace in the hole — it’s called “retcon”. No mindless speculation needed, it’s all there in black-and-white.

{{bubble}{Question 7: Hylian Sign}{}{}{

Govi writes:

Long time visitor to this site, huge zelda fan(except Twilight Princess). I just wanted to show you the sign I created using the Hylian text from the Wind Waker game. It was a lot of fun to do, and simple. I just used $6 wood, duct tape and some spray paint. It reads “Govi’s house”.

Link to the Image.

James responds:

I don’t have much to say other than very nice job. I am jealous and going to find it to steal it. That is all.

Breeze adds:

That‘s a pretty nice sign you got there. However, this isn‘t really a question.. But it is an honorable mention. Can I have one? I want one to say

“Breeze and Lex Plant here.“

{{bubble}{Question 8: The Best Link}{}{}{

Dekulink567 writes:

what link do you like the most

Link to the past link

ocarina/majoras mask Link

WindWaker/PhantomHourglass/Spirit tracks Link

James responds:

OoT/MM Link. Come on! He’s the freakin’ Hero of Time! If you came to know me a little better, you would find out that I am a huge time travel fan. If it involves the idea of Time Travel, I am ALL ABOARD! That, and the games are really well done, fun to play, and have a wonderful replay value. Well, they don’t have a replay value, but they are fun to play over and over again.

Breeze adds:

I‘m a little bummed that AoL Link isn‘t there. He‘s my favourite. Me and that guy go way back. Waaaaaaaaaay back.. >__> Of those, I‘d have to say the Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass/ Spirit Tracks Link. He‘s just so stinking cute. I mean, have you played Spirit Tracks? He‘s freaking adorable! His cuteness is only paralleled by Zelda‘s.

Xeno adds:

Probably Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask Link. OOT/MM Link was called upon to abandon his home, his friends, and his identity as a young (Kokiri) boy to save a future he’ll never be apart of. The weight of the entire world was practically thrown into his arms at an incredibly young age. On top of all that, he then travels to a dimension where the moon will crash in three days!

{{bubble}{Question 9: Pronounce This}{}{}{

MidnaFan321 writes:

How do you pronounce Vaati?

James responds:


Breeze adds:

Orly James? I pronounce it “VAH-tee.”

James adds:

Yarly Breeze! Toe-May-Toe, Toe-Mah-Toe. Poe-tay-toe, poe-tah-toe. 😛

{{bubble}{Question 10: Remakes Galore}{}{}{

Taha Soysal writes:

I was wondering if you think it might be a good idea for Nintendo to start re-releasing old GB and GBA games as downloadables for the DS, in the same way that old games are available on the Wii?

James responds:

The problem I have with this is the whole reason why the Virtual Console exists in the first place. NES and SNES games were made accessible to the newer generation of gamers to show them why they are spoiled nowadays with their games and what the kids of the 80’s/90’s had to deal with. If you put the GB/GBA games on the DS, the newer generation had those already.

Having said that, Nintendo will probably do it anyway because they seem to like to re-release things and make some extra money on it. 🙂

Xeno adds:

Ideas for the DS2, anyone? It’s definitely a route Nintendo could take. However, that would mean external/internal storage would be a must. Of course,

Sony has been on top of this concept with their PSP from the get-go.

{{bubble}{Question 11: Spinoffs on the Game Bar}{}{}{

Brandon Smith writes:

When scrolling through the bar at the top of the site which lists the games, I noticed that ya’ll included SSBB and the Zelda spinoff Link’s Crossbow Training. I was just wondering why ya’ll don’t include any of the earlier Smash Bros. games in this list, nor any of the other Zelda spinoffs (such as the Zelda Game & Watch, Tingle’s Balloon fight, BS Zerudo no Densetsu, BS Zerudo no Densetsu: Eight Stone Tablets, and the Phillips CD-i games, and any others I may have forgotten)?

James responds:

Back in the day, there was a section for those games. Over the years, it disappeared and I can never remember why. I think if you e-mail Jason or Cody enough, they may add them in. Or they may ignore them, I always confuse the two.

Xeno adds:

The general idea is that we go for more mainstream Zelda titles.

{{bubble}{Question 12: Ganon and the Timeline}{}{}{

theGoronclub writes:

in the entire zelda timeline is ganon the same one or is he like link as in a descendant of the previous version?

James responds:

From what the games tell us, he is the same Ganondorf. However, when you split the timeline, you get a different version of Ganon. The child timeline produces the Ganondorf you see in Twilight Princess. We know this because Ganondorf is still free and arrested for plotting the theft of the Triforce. Link is able to tell Zelda and the King of what may happen if they leave him alone, the sages decide to execute him, and those are the scenes you see in TP.

The Ganondorf you see in The Wind Waker was imprisoned at the end of the Adult Timeline by the sages and his power weakened. Over time, he finds away to influence Hyrule from his prison and his evil causes the gods to flood Hyrule and hide it from Ganondorf forever. Link in tWW releases the seal accidently by picking the Master Sword and finally ends Ganondorf role and encases him in stone.

Now, the Ganon’s you see in games later on are either revived forms of those two, or a descendant, possibly.

Xeno adds:

The Zelda series definitely doesn’t feature the same Ganon each time. There are at least two to four Ganon’s within the Zelda series. However many there are is a bit left up for debate, so I’d rather not get into the details. Just know that there is definitely more than one Ganon within the Zelda series.

{{bubble}{Question 13: The Temple of Time}{}{}{

ZeldaTheoristb211 writes:

Why was the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess south of Hyrule Castle Castle Town but in OOT the Temple of Time is in Hyrule Castle Town?

Was it reconned or was it rebuilt?

James responds:

Yea, on this one, I would have to say Retconned. You also have to remember that in order to get that, you need to go this weird portal to get to the Temple of Time. It is possible that it was relocated, blocked off by magic to avoid another incident from occuring, or Link travels into the past to visit the Temple of Time. He is descended from the Hero of Time, after all. He should have some time travel powers in there.

Breeze adds:

As it is my understanding, when the latest Zelda took over before Twilight Princess, she was intrigued by the latest Feng Shui craze. “Oh nooooo, we can’t keep the Temple of Time in Hyrule Castle Town. It would just DRAIN the energy of my kingdom!” So, she enslaved the Twilight creatures to demolish and rebuild her temple in three days. So, down went the old temple, and up with the new one. This also fills all those mucky plot-holes the writers left behind.

Either that or continental drift. But continental drift is SO cliché.

Xeno adds:

Retcon my friend. Retcon.

{{bubble}{Question 14: Zelda: Playable Character?}{}{}{

N. Greenway writes:

I threw this idea out on the Forums, and got some really good responses. Now, I would like to know what you think: what if Nintendo created a game with some short story-scenes to play as Zelda, just like you will play as Peach for a short time in the Paper Mario games?

Xeno responds:

It kind of creates that opposite affect of immersing the player into the game. If you’re playing Link and you suddenly play some other character, it takes away that “link to the player” concept Miyamoto keeps insisting upon. Could it be implemented? Yes. Would it be a good idea? Probably not for a Zelda game.

{{bubble}{Question 15: Ocarina Paradox?}{}{}{

JahmaTrauma writes:

Hey! Ive got a tough question for you! Thanks for doing these mailbags by the way I love them! Twilight Princess is widely accepted to be on the child timeline. I know that in oot link came back to his childhood and warned zelda of ganondorf and then they locked ganondorf up. I always believed this to be the scene in twilight princess where the sages try to lock ganondorf in the twilight realm but he resists and kills one of them because he is in posession of the triforce of power (blessed by the power of the gods as the sages call it) . Problem is, if oot link went back to his childhood to before he opened the sacred realm and exposed the triforce, how is ganondorf in posession of the triforce of power? Do you think there is a missing game that could play into this? and also, what exactly is the sword that ganon possesses in TP and where do you think it came from????

James responds:

I really think Lex answers this perfectly. I will leave it at that. (I love being able to bring in other opinions when I know mine might be pure speculation.)

Breeze adds:

Man, I’ve got no clue. Ask Lex. Oh Lexxipoooooo!

Lex adds for Breeze:

There are a couple theories flying around. Some people say that Link “took the Triforce with him” when he went back in time, which caused the other parts to go to their owners too. The other idea is that when Link went back in time and closed the Door of Time, he actually sealed Ganondorf inside. So Ganondorf still would have touched the Triforce, but Link warns Zelda and the Sages are summoned and capture him before he can take over Hyrule.

I go with the second one, because I honestly hate the old “a wizard did it” trope. Or, in this case, “the gods did it.” I know the game says “chosen by the gods” but this was the same thing Ocarina of Time said, except it was translated as “chosen by destiny.” Entirely up to you, though.

As for Ganondorf‘s sword, I‘m pretty sure it was owned by the Sages. Maybe we’ll see it in the upcoming Zelda for Wii.

Xeno adds:
This is most likely a direct correlation to the “divine prank” that the sages referred to in Twilight Princess:

“By some divine prank, he, too, had been blessed with the chosen power of the gods.”

There is a lot of debate on what exactly is meant by this quote. It’s up for you, the dedicated theorist, to decide what it means. I merely present the facts.

The sword Ganondorf wields in Twilight Princess is merely the sword the sages tried to use to kill Ganondorf. The fact that it mortally wounded Ganondorf seems to suggest that it was created specifically to cancel out Ganondorf’s “evil magic”. In a sense, it does, as it is his weak point. However, it obviously doesn’t didn’t have the power to finish him off — that seemed to be only something the Master Sword was capable of.

{{bubble}{Question 16: Link’s Lover}{}{}{

Jacob M. writes:

in twilight princess we see that Link is a rancher and since twilight prince comes after ocarina of time (in my opinion) do you think that its possible that after Links adventures in Termina , he went back to hyrule and got married , had kids with Malon (who is a rancher) and founded the village where the twilight princess Link starts of the game ?

James responds:

I think I actually am one of those few who believe that Link did mack it with Malon to create that Rancher version of Link. It really is the only way to explain it, really!

Breeze adds:

Hi Jacob M. Thanks for the question!

Well, I don‘t think that Link was the marriage-type. He had the ladies ALL over him. What I think happened what he was with Zelda, but only because he was creeped out by Ruto and wanted her to feel jealous. As a result, his love-life was lacking, so he began to go behind Zelda‘s back, and hooked up with Malon. And when she got pregnant the WHOLE town knew who the father was. If they didn‘t know then, they realized it was Link when the kid came out wielding the Master Sword. Zelda probably slapped Link across the face, and made him sleep in the car- erm, on Epona.

You know, I think I just unraveled the plot of about 1400 daytime soaps..

{{bubble}{Question 17: Zelda Wii}{}{}{

Franklin writes:

Hi do you guys know when the new zelda game is coming out for wii like the one that has TWW and TP and etc. put together

James responds:

I don’t know which game you are talking about, but there is another Zelda Wii game due out by the end of this year, hopefully. It hasn’t been formally announced yet, but it is inevitable really.

{{bubble}{Question 18: Hammer Time}{}{}{

Not Actually Midna writes:

I know this is just a video game and has, as chuggaaconroy puts it, ‘nintendo logic,’ but it’s been driving me insane since the first Zelda game i’ve played. Where does Link keep all his weapons and items? The sword and sheild can be obviously seen, but the rest just come out of nowhere when you use them, and he doesn’t have a rucksack to carry things in either.

James responds:

I always love answering this question, just because of the fact that I get to introduce Hammerspace to everyone who doesn’t know it already! You are playing a game that has magic in it after all.

Did anyone know that Hammerspace is named as such because of the older cartoons? You know, those cartoons where one character is able to pull a hammer out of nowhere to bonk another character over the head with? Of course, I could be wrong, but I am sure I remember reading that somewhere.

Breeze adds:

I‘ve always wondered the same thing. Especially in Twilight Princess, when he was walking around with a ball and chain (who wasn‘t Zelda), the spinner, and the steel boots. I mean, if he has steel boots with him at all times, why does he only sink when he puts them on?! I bet he has a utility belt that‘s similar to the telephone booth in Dr. Who.

This very informative Zelda Video answers the question better than I ever could though. Check it out.

Xeno adds:

His hat, obviously.

But seriously, almost every game has some sort of inventory that is seemingly invisible to the naked eye. In other words — game logic (never question it).

{{bubble}{Question 19: Outdoor Dungeon}{}{}{

ZeldaNoob writes:

How would a totally out-door dungeon fit in the Zelda series. Like instead of having a forest temple inside a tree ,make the dungeon a huge forest. And instead of locked doors have locked gates. That way people remember the game not inside building and temples, but more outdoors. (they could add waterfalls and beautiful scenery within the forest to make it more natural)

Xeno responds:

Simply put: underground labyrinths are part of the Zelda series’ forte.

James adds:

I have to disagree with Xeno on this. While underground dungeon’s are the Zelda series’ forte, I thought there were fans who want a little bit of a change to the series? An outdoor “dungeon” might bring a much needed breathe of fresh air into the series. Granted, it isn’t going to revolutionize the series, but it could help.

{{bubble}{Question 20: DS/GBA on the Wii?}{}{}{

Ian writes:

I love Zelda games and I want to know if you think what i do That nintendo should make an attachment to the Wii so you can play DS and Gameboy games also an attachment that is just a touch pad that hooks up to the wiimote side or somethin so i can play those games without buying a DS

James responds:

I really think that would be more of a hassle than just going out and buying an actual DS. Besides, you could probably go to a secondhand game store and find a first generation DS for cheap, since we are now on the fourth version of the system already.

Xeno adds:

I’m… not sure I follow. It’d be much simpler to just buy a DS, wouldn’t it? Plus, having all those attachments made for the Wii would sort of the defeat the purpose of the DS itself.

{{bubble}{Question 21: The Legend of Zelda: Mini Games}{}{}{

jticeman writes:

dear zu do you think that the mini games from all of the zelda games should be put togever to make 1 alsome zelda game

Xeno responds:


But if they did, I imagine they’d call it “Zelda Party” (an obvious homage to Mario Party).

James adds:

Zelda Party, eh? I could dig it.

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