In another  interview with Nintendo of America’s former president Reggie Fils-Aime, he told Kotaku that it’s unlikely that a new console will be arriving any time soon, as many fans were hoping to see.

He further elaborates by stating that the Wii still has a very long and vibrant life in front. And nothing could currently stop it from the markets. A direct quote from his interview:

“Mr. Miyamoto himself has said that he himself is very interested in a high-definition experience, but to be 120 percent crystal clear, HD by itself in our view is not enough to go for a new console past the Wii. (Our new console will be) consistent with what we brought to market with Wii and with DS. It will be mainstream. It will be encouraging more and more consumers to get into this category that we love. It will provide new, unique, compelling experiences that are meaningful to that large potential consumer base. Those are the principles that drive us.”

– Reggie Fils-Aime

In addition, a new Nintendo handheld console seems to be in development, tentatively titled the DS2. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, rumors have surfaced from possible developers working on the console. It will most likely be revealed at E3 2010.

Here is some rumors regarding the DS2, leaked by possible developers:

  • Still has two screens, but both are bigger with higher resolution
  • The gap between the two screens may be negligible
  • Has an accelerometer
  • Similar to the power of the GameCube

The console is in its finishing stages and is predicted for a late 2010 release.

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  • STUFF2o

    O_O A DS with the power of a Gamecube… that's pretty dang decent actually!

  • ChainofTermina

    Holy crap! a handheld with GAMECUBE power!? that's hardcore!.

    and I agree, HD alone is not enough of a reason to go to a whole new console. But I'm sure by the time Wii's successor comes out, there will be far more reasons.

  • goronlove7

    I hate to be that guy but, a hand held with Gamecube power seems incredibly unlikely.

    • Edracon

      The Tegra2 (a mobile graphics card rumored to be slated for Nintendo's next handheld) has that power.

  • Adders

    A handheld with GC power is to be expected. GB/GBC was around the power of the NES, GBA was around the power of the SNES, DS is around the power of the N64. The next logical step is that the DS2 will be around the power of the GC. The PSP can already put out some really nice looking games, and the PSP is six years old this year.

  • halvdanson

    I couldn't help to notice that in this article you mentionted Reggie Fils-Aime as the "former" president of Nintendo of America and in the article which came out the same day, you mentioned him as the president of Nintendo of America. Why? Has he been fired?

  • negro

    The DS isn't even the power of an N64. Graphics on the DS are 32-bit.

    • Edracon

      the N64 WAS 32bit, it had two 32bit cores, so it was actually a DualCore 32-Bit processor. At the time people thought you were supposed to add bits and so they called it 64bit.

  • A DS with the power of a GAMECUBE?! Is that even possible? Why is Nintendo doing this so shortly after the Nintendo DSi? I have soooo many questions and so litlle time. But anyway, darn you Reggie!! That guy is determined not to leek anything out about the next Zelda title! Over on, they interviewed him, and he still didn't reveal anything. The only thing he reasured us of was that it was on the way.

  • Kitty

    I would consider getting this DS2 if I didn't love my DS Lite so much!! It's the gold one with the Triforce. If they continued to use that design, my guess is that there would be a lot more buyers. ;D

  • Bob

    Give Meh new zeldas!

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