Hey everyone, this week it’s my turn to do the mailbag. I probably said a lot of controversial things, so if you have your own opinions on them feel free to comment!

In this mailbag I talk about various things, including the true identity of Tingle, how Zelda has gone away from its medieval roots, and amazing sparkly dragons. If you have any other questions, you can send in your own questions here.

{{bubble}{Question 1: Tingle: Real or Fraud}{}{}{

Valdek writes:

Is Tingle a guy who thinks he is a fairy, or is tingle a race in the Zelda games? another question i have is what are Keetens( if i spelled that right )
the ones in Majora’s Mask?

Cody responds:

Actually, I’ve always thought that Tingle in MM is the Terminian counterpart of Link! He’s basically a Link wannabe, an adult who’s always wanted to be a superhero (and dresses like one) but never got the chance. He could also represent us, the gamers, since forgetting about reality and pretending to be a fairy man with a green tunic and tights destined to fight evil is basically what we do whenever we sit down to play Zelda.

As for Keatons, they seem to be based on the Kitsune from Japanese mythology, which are foxes with nine tails. The pokemon Ninetails is also based on that myth.

{{bubble}{Question 2: Change in Zelda}{}{}{

Kiante writes:

In your opinion, what would be the single best change Nintendo could make in Zelda (the games not the character)?

Cody responds:

I think that they should either a) expand on Link’s personality or b) remove it. Right now, Link is a bit too developed to be considered an avatar of the player. All decisions are made for us in cutscenes, Link has his own reactions to every event, we can’t have our own voice for him in our heads because to the grunts and the “hyaaah”s and the “come on”s tell us what his voice sounds like, and so forth – it’s obvious that he’s his own character now. The problem is that he’s just not a very good one.

They should either go the direction of Metroid: Other M and give the character some development, or they should go the direction of the Half Life series and let you keep full control of the character at all times. I think that getting rid of the currently wishywashiness over that could definitely help the series improve.

{{bubble}{Question 3: Zelda Co-Ops}{}{}{

ZeldaFan734 writes:

What do you think about a 3d Co-Op Zelda game. Do you think it would be a good addition to the series?

Cody responds:

I don’t know about an actual two-player game, since having to rely on someone else can be frustrating, but I think that would be be good would be a Super Mario Galaxy-style 1.5 player game where the second controller is able to shoot star bits and thus your friend/family member/spouse has something to do and doesn’t feel left out. Maybe something like the Tingle Tuner from Wind Waker, except not using up all of your rupees.

{{bubble}{Question 4: Zelda Villains}{}{}{

EzloSpirit writes:

I was wondering what you think the greatest Zelda villain is. Personally, I like both Ganondorf and Vaati equally, but what do you think? Vaati? Ganondorf? Majora? Someone else?

Cody responds:

I’d have to go with Ganondorf, if only because he’s the only one to get any proper development. In Wind Waker especially Ganondorf was an interesting character, with a motive of saving Hyrule from the flood that would actually allowed us to sympathise with him. I don’t like the way they handle him in games like Twilight Princess though – he’s not meant to be just a jack-in-the-box or Team Rocket, where he justs pops up at the end for the sake of a cameo and then blasts off in time for another episode. A Ganondorf that’s properly developed throughout the game would make a great villain, in my opinion.

{{bubble}{Question 5: Best and Worst Mask}{}{}{

Luke writes:

Aside from the ones that transform you, what was your favorite and least favorite mask in MM and why?

Cody responds:

I always liked the musical masks, specifically the Bremen mask that lets you march around with 10 animals in tow and the Kamaro’s Mask which lets you perform that awesome dance. As for my least favourite mask, probably the Scent Mask.

{{bubble}{Question 6: Zelda: Back to the Roots}{}{}{

Scott Walker writes:

I am still a HUGE fan of the Zelda series but I can’t help but miss the days when it was all a “medieval” setting, now it seems trains, boats and gunpowder weapons have taken over do any of you feel this way. PS im still a loyal fan!!!

Cody responds:

Actually, random out-of-place technology has been a part of the Zelda series for a long time. In the Adventure of Link there were even random unexplained elevators! Items like the hookshot from, well, almost every Zelda game, are also highly advanced, and some things are so advanced that we’re not sure if they’re superadvanced technology or magic – for example, the floating castle in Twilight Princess. As long as Link keeps his sword and shield, though, I’m fine with stuff like that.

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