Every once in a while, someone comes along and does us a favor – this can be anyone, but this time it was truly special. On the brink of surgery, Melissa came to us in an email, saying that she “noticed that certain areas like the rabbit locations was missing”. Not a day before her scheduled surgery did she go to work creating three new guides for our Spirit Tracks section.

Well, after a bunch of polishing and formatting, two of these guides are now up and available! These include Melissa’s Rabbit Location guide, and her Force Gem guide. Both complement the other; the Rabbit Location relies on the Force Gem guide. We’ll also have graphics and maps to complement both of these guides soon.

A huge round of applause and thanks to Melissa for writing these guides for us, especially under her conditions! To say we’re touched is an understatement. We’ll have her final guide, a full Spirit Tracks checklist of items, collectibles, heart containers and all, up soon.

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