So, I was missing last week, not posting a video. I have no good reason for not posting, but I hope you all understand.

If anything good came out of me missing last week, it was I was able to launch the mid-week mailbag for everyone. What do I have to do with the lovely video Aniday posted? I am the only one (at the moment) who gets the mailbag questions in my ZU mailbox. So, I had a nice batch of questions to pass over to Aniday to use for his version. We all win!

Three things: First, I have posted Aniday’s answers in this version, just in case anyone missed it. This is will more than likely be a regular occurance when mid-week mailbags are posted.

Second, I did not answer all the questions I have gotten up to this date. The reasons being is that I had already recorded the video and it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include some questions over others and to have some left for the next mid-week mailbag that will occur this week.

Third, we need some more questions from you! So, don’t forget to fill the mailbag with your questions.

Until next week, enjoy!

{{bubble}{Question 1: Occupations}{}{}{

midnight writes:

What do all you guys do for a living. I mean Im glad you always update and have a awsome podcast and mailbag, forums, ect. but were do you find the time to do all the sitely stuff you do. thanks

James responds:

Sometimes I wonder how I find the time to get online to check ZU (nowadays, anyway). I have to work around spending time with my fiance, entertaining myself with the television, and (soon) taking care of a child. It is a miracle and I can only imagine how others do it.

Most of us are high school and college students. I graduated a two-year college with an associate’s degree and plan to finish in the next three years.

Other than that, I work at a local Babies R Us and plan on working with the U.S. Census this year as well.

Xeno adds:

Currently, I fix computers around my school campus. Not without pay, of course. Basically if there’s a computer, network, or even printer problem, they send me in to fix it. It also happens to be good practice for when I get my MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) certification.

SacredSturgeon adds:

I am a parasite on society in general, and my parents in specific. :3

{{bubble}{Question 2: FanFics}{}{}{

ChainofTermina writes:

it occurred to me that I just so happen to have a 72 page long Zelda fanfic that I wrote, and I have not submitted it anywhere. perhaps I should. How would I go about doing this on this most obvious of choice of a site?that was worded kinda weird. what I mean to say is how do I submit a fan fiction that I wrote? and also, people can comment on it, right? do they ever…..say mean things? I don’t want them to say mean things.

James responds:

Leave it simple, next time! Visit the Fan Fiction section of the forums and post it there. I think Cody may take them, but I am not certain.

{{bubble}{Question 3: Instruments, Zelda MMO, and Other Endeavors}{}{}{

ruffblade027 writes:

1) What in your opinon is the best instrument used in the games?

2) What do you think of a zelda mmo if done right.I think this could work if you choose classes Hylian Kokiri Zora Goron Skull Kid Shiekah and Gerudo. as hylian choose your alliegence to either Din red tunic, Farore blue tunic, and Nayru green tunic or Ganondorf to become evil and wear Dark Links tunic. Then player could design facial features, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf and other real Characters would be set and not able to be made exactly. The problem is set Link could not talk to you without breaking the tradition of Link being a mute. Zoras would be Aoutomaticlly alligned with Farfore, Gorons with Din, and Kokiri with Nayru, Sheikah would choose anyone and have same clothes, Then you choose sword as Kokrir, Zora, or Hylian, (Goron’s weapon roll,Sheikah’s asorted weapons in shops in the game)Swords are biggoron sword, master sword, orodon sword, or(kokiri only) kokiri sword. Hylian sheild would be aoutomatic to everyone but kokiri they get deku sheild. Shops would sell other swords and you could change your alleigence at the temple of time and potions could change your race. Then you choose an instrument from one of the zelda games.I’ve got more ideas too.

3) Do you make the videos on your vioces souynd the same

James responds:

1) The best instrument in my opinion is the Ocarina. The reasons being that it transports you across the world map instantly, it changes the scenary of the world map instantly, and messes around with time. What more can you ask from an magical instrument? Oh, and it can wake a giant Wind Fish as well.

2) I really don’t think an MMORPG in the Zelda series would work. I think that the series works better in the type of game it is currently in. Yes, it could work if done correctly, but I think it would change the series overall.

3) I am not that person, I am myself.

Xeno adds:

1) I’d have to say the ocarina. It has given us so many memorable songs; ranging from upbeat, lively songs like Saria’s Song to slow, melancholy songs like Zelda’s Lullaby. What Zelda fan honestly doesn’t automatically think “ocarina” when they think of Zelda instruments?

SacredSturgeon adds:

1) Deku Pipes. ****ing Deku Pipes.

Aniday adds (from the Mid-Week Mailbag)

The best instrument in a Zelda game hands down in the Ocarina of Time. It’s been used in two games wonderfully. From manipulating time to your advantage to warping across the game world, the Ocarina is probably one of, if not, the most Powerful Zelda item ever. No other instrument comes close, in my opinion.

As for future Zelda instruments, who knows? Nintendo might not even use an instrument in the next Zelda game for the Wii. They might do something like they did in Twilight Princess where there were other ways of musically unlocking a part of your quest like the Wolf Howling.

I’d like to see a new instrument come into play for Zelda Wii, I just hope Nintendo is imaginative and puts a new spin on it.

{{bubble}{Question 4: Interlopers Scene}{}{}{

Cole Wagner writes:

In zelda twilight princess there was scene with link and this girl. She has a kinfe and no eyes there was also three shadow Links I played the game twice and still don’t understand what this scene is talking about. Could you explain?

James responds:

From what I interpreted it as, it is the origin story of the Twilight Realm. It was Xeno who said it last week, that it shows how a person can easily be corrupted, which is a theme of the game overall. Here is the entry from last week:

Xeno adds (from Last Time):

As you know, corruption plays as an important theme in Twilight Princess. The vision Lanayru gave Link was to show not only of past events concerning the interlopers who tried to take over dominion over the Scared Realm, but also of how corruption (in this case, associated with power) can consume oneself.

“O hero chosen by the goddesses, beware. Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it.” – Lanayru

{{bubble}{Question 5: Zelda’s Power}{}{}{

Katrina writes:

I know that there was a question asked earlier based around this, but to add off it; in Twilight Princess, when Zelda gave her triforce to save Midna, where did she go when she disappeared? Did her release of power automatically put her in Ganon’s hands? Or was her “vanishing” simply supposed to represent the fact that she gave over her power?

James responds:

I think she handed over her power and is stuck in a limbo somewhere, waiting for the time where she would come back and help Link and Midna.

Unfortunately, Ganondorf finds her first and uses her body as a puppet to attack Link.

Xeno adds:

It’s hard to say exactly what happened. Zelda’s power enabled her to keep her corporeal manifestation within the Twilight Realm. When she gave Midna her power, that power was passed on to Midna, however, with the opposite affect (Midna was able to keep her corporeal form within Hyrule’s realm). One could theorize that because Zelda no longer had that power, she faded into the Twilight.

With particular scenes like these, there is no right or wrong answer, since we don’t really know what happened. So, your guess would be as good as mine.

{{bubble}{Question 6: Zelda Minus Nintendo}{}{}{

chuggaaconroy fan writes:

Do you think Zelda should ever go on a non-Nintendo system, for better graphics?

James responds:

Zelda is a Nintendo series and as such will remain on Nintendo systems for that sole reason. If Nintendo ever pulls a Sega and stops making consoles

(which I don’t see happening EVER), then it may be possible. Don’t hold your breathe, though.

Xeno adds:

As long as Nintendo was developing the game.

Over the years, Nintendo has incorporated their own uniqueness and play-style to their games that can only be described as one word — Nintendo-esque. I’d hate to see the Zelda series lose that appeal and charm we’ve all come to know and love.

SacredSturgeon adds:

They tried that before. Didn’t work out very well. :3

{{bubble}{Question 7: Zelda and Bosses}{}{}{

ZeldaFan724 writes:

What do you think The legend of zelda would be like without bosses?

James responds:

It would be very anti-climatic. That is like asking what any game would be without bosses. A game is a story with a antagonist and protaganist. The protaganist must defeat the antagonist, and most times, a game has a villian with many lackeys trying to kill you as much as he/she is. That’s just the way it is.

{{bubble}{Question 8: Better Link}{}{}{

Link Zelda Ganondorf writes:

Which Link is better young, adult or toon link

James responds:

This is tough. However, I think Adult Link, just because it is easier to get away with things when your older than when you are a kid. Plus, you are a lot stronger and can do a lot more when you are older as well, as showcased in some of the games in the series.

{{bubble}{Question 9: Phantom Hourglass Help}{}{}{

Connor writes:

I was wandering, seeing as Phantom Hourglass is set in a different world is it possible that it is the flooded version of Termania in Majora’s Mask (I have never played it before so i dont know any land marks or anything that could help)

James responds:

Given that you return to Tetra’s ship only a few minutes after leaving, it would seem that the game is not set in Termina. There are no landmarks in the game that tell you either way, so I am not entirely sure.

Xeno adds:

It is heavily implied at the ending of Phantom Hourglass that the world Link, Tetra, and Lineback were in was merely a dream world created by the Ocean King (a.k.a., Oshus).

SacredSturgeon adds:

Given that MM takes place in an alternate dimension whereas PH merely takes place outside of Hyrule’s boundaries, so it doesn’t seem likely to me.

Mind you, even disregarding that, while it would be possible, it still wouldn’t be terribly likely due to the complete lack of anything at all pointing to any connection between the two.

{{bubble}{Question 10: Return to Termina}{}{}{

thezeldasensei writes:

Hi Im new to Zelda Universe and I got to say that I love your site. Im a life long Zelda fan and I have played and beaten every one. My favorite Zelda game is without a doubt Majora’s Mask. My question is do you think Nintendo would ever make another return to Termina with either Majora’s Mask or another evil force? And if so, do you think it would be a sequel to the original or not?

James responds:

There is a rumor floating around the net that the new Zelda for the Wii will be a sequel to MM, with the same Hero of Time from MM. I would love to see another adventure in Termina and a little bit more fleshed out with the history of the land and its races. Granted, the races are the same as Ocarina, but the tribes and such are different in Termina.

{{bubble}{Question 11: Sheik’s Own Game}{}{}{

Noah the Nintendo Nerd writes:

What do you think of this idea–
A game (probably for DS) where Sheik is the main character…… having to save Link, or maybe not save, but help him- maybe it could take place in between the other main games? I’m not sure, It was on my mind

James responds:

I have always wanted to write a fan fic that takes place in the 7 year period that Link is sleeping, showcasing how Zelda became Shiek and that it was Zelda who hid all the items in the temples for Link to find. I love the Shiek character and I would love to play a game with Shiek as the main character, but I don’t see it happening.

{{bubble}{Question 12: The Secret Poem}{}{}{

ed writes:

Is the upside down triforce poem really a riddle?

James responds:

I don’t know. I mentioned the last time that it is a secret to everyone and that is what I meant. No one knows except the person who created it, and he isn’t speaking.

{{bubble}{Question 13: Two Swords and Shields}{}{}{

Edwin Serpas writes:

Hey what happens to Link’s beginning sword and shield after he gets the master sword or the upgraded version of the shield (always different names)? And why can’t he keep both swords in battle almost like Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts series before he battles Riku and when Roxas battles Sora? I understand how hard it is to carry 2 shields, but what happens to the first shield or first sword?

James responds:

In most of the games, you can still equip them if you need them later in the game. You just have to assume that the it is possible for people in Hyrule to carry a LOT of items in that wonderful Hammerspace we know and love.

If you don’t know what Hammerspace is, it is time to read up and learn.

{{bubble}{Question 14: Fan Movie and RPG}{}{}{

Acorafication writes:

1. What’s your opinion on the LoZ fanmovie, The Sage of Darkness?

2. What would your opinion be one a LoZ RPG? It wouldn’t necessarily have to do with the whole Link-Ganon-Zelda storyline, but would take place in Hyrule, with the races and Lore of the series. You would be able to create your own character, choose their race, their class, whether they were good or evil, ect.

What would you think of this? Would you like it? What race would you use? And what kind of character would you play? Good or evil, mage, warrior, archer, or rogue?

James responds:

1) Never seen it and unfortunately, I do not have the time to take a look at it right now. When I get the chance, I will take a look and get back to you.

2) My answer is above in a prior question. I would rearrange the questions so that they are together, but I don’t feel like it. Sorry.

Xeno adds:

2) The Zelda series has always sort of been in the Action-Adventure genre (save a couple of games). Personally, I wouldn’t want to see it go into any other genre.

SacredSturgeon adds:

2) That too, is something they tried before. It’s highly underrated.

Well, actually AoL doesn’t really fit the description, so to properly answer the question: while I like the idea of being able to play as other races (which, incidentally, is something they’ve tried before as well. It’s one of the better entries in the series), I myself just don’t see such a game working well.

Having said that, if they can make it work, I’d totally be a Goron. A Goron that likes pounding **** into the ground, specifically.

Aniday adds (from the Mid-Week Mailbag)

We all know Nintendo isn’t really in the MMORPG business. They seem to hate to have people communicate directly and play online. So it’s a given that there will probably never be a Zelda MMO made. Ever.

However, if one was made some major changed would have to take place in the world of Zelda and how you play it. The Legend of Zelda is meant to be played by yourself with you as Link and you being the only main hero. With an MMO, every is a hero so obviously no one can be Link. Like any MMO there would be playable classes like Gorons, Zoras, Hylians and all the staple Zelda spices. There would also be a bunch of Zelda related quests and items and so on.

The thing that all MMO’s have and Zelda does not, however, is an ever expanding, huge backstory.

Yes, Zelda has a decent sized lore and people can talk about how all the games tie into it for ages, but look at games like World of Warcraft. WoW has a massive web of story lines and quests and backstory that makes the game incompleateable. Zelda doesn’t have that and it’s likely that Zelda will never have that

Even if Nintendo did make a Zelda MMO it wouldn’t feel like Zelda to me. It would be too far detached from what I love about how I play Zelda where I am the only hero on my lonely quest to defeat evil.

{{bubble}{Question 15: Hero’s Shade}{}{}{

GamerRob1 writes:

According to several theories, the “Heros Shade” (The character on Twilight Princess who teaches you special skills, but first shows up as the gold wolf.) is the Hero of Time which is of course, the Link from OOT, and MM. Some evidence of this is that the hero’s shade says things that would be a dead give away.

For example, He claims that he was the chosen hero in the past, and had to slay the dark lord to save hyrule. He also looks pretty similer to a Stalfos. Which are people who get lost, and die in the lost woods without a fairy. And Link was looking for his fairy after MM. Anyway, Stalfos’s become evil, but of course since the Hero of Time had a good soul, he was not evil. His equipment actually looks pretty similer to MM’s Great Fairy Sword, and the Mirror Shield too. but rusted out of course.

Then the final thing he says to Link on the last skill. He says “Run and do not falter, My child.”. He could have been refurring to him as his student. But some think he was saying it as his child. There are many other give aways, but this message is getting kind of big lol. Some other evidence is that Malon was a rancher, and Link on TP grew up as a rancher. So its just something to think about.

But anyway, i would like your opinion on this, hopefully it makes it to your video. Sorry for the huge message, and thanks.

James responds:

When I first heard saw the “Run and do not falter, My child,” line from the game, I started to wonder if the Shade was the Hero of Time, or a Link from the past. I could definitely see Nintendo playing with us and putting those clues in to make us think that. It would be a fitting place to put the Hero of Time, since the TP is after the Child Timeline, right? This makes the Stalfos theory a little more plausible definitely.

{{bubble}{Question 16: OoT DS}{}{}{

link1123333 writes:

hey love the videos keep em coming
ok so my question is what would you think if they ported any of the n64 zeldas to the ds/dsi in my opinion ocarina on ds would be amazing what would your opinion be thanks

James responds:

As much as I would love to see an upgrade of OoT, my opinion still stands that OoT has been re-released too many times and should be left alone. Zelda team is going to devote most of their attention on newer games for us to enjoy.

{{bubble}{Question 17: TP’s Hardest Dungeons}{}{}{

Dan writes:

In Twilight Princess which of the 10 dungeon’s did you find the hardest?

James responds:

I would have to say either Lakebed Temple or Snowpeak Ruins. The Lakebed Temple just because it’s yet another Water Temple that requires you to once again manipulate the water of the temple, only this time it is the direction it’s going. Snowpeak because it is a large house that requires you to backtrack to the foyer three times, an annoying mini-boss with the Ball and Chain, and freezing enemies around EVERY CORNER.

That is all.

Xeno adds:

I found City in the Sky particularly challenging. It was the only dungeon I actually got stuck on a few times.

SacredSturgeon adds:

Twilight Princess? Dungeons? Hard? I’m afraid I do not understand this question.

(In all seriousness, I have to agree with the Xeno here. City in the Sky did give me some trouble. Lousy Clawshot puzzles… )

{{bubble}{Question 18: Mosh Posh of Questions}{}{}{

Leon J. Fletcher writes:

Thanks for answering my question a couple weeks back. This week, I have a few more to ask:

1) If you could come up with a new plot and Name to a Zelda game, what would it be?

2) What Zelda game do you think has the best music compositions?

3) What would you think of a Zelda game where you would play as someone completely different than Link?

4) What do you think has been the best instrument in any Zelda game and what new instruments do you think could be involved?

5) What’s your top 5 Zelda bosses and Zelda boss music?

6) What would you think a multiplayer co-op Zelda would be like?

7) and finally, What is your favorite enemy (octorok, mobline, keese etc.)?

James responds:

1) The Legend of James: Mailbag of Time

2) I think I have to agree with Aniday and say Majora’s Mask. Clock Town has such a joyous tune that makes you feel like there is a celebration going on, which there is. However, once the Moon gets closer, the music starts to speed up and make you feel panic.

Most of the tunes in the areas are also that of sadness, because the world is being fooled around with due to the effects of Majora’s Mask.

3) First off, I think it should be in a limited role, where Link is unable to move and someone needs to take over for a short period of time. I think it could definitely add to the series if done right.

4) I answered this earlier and I still stick with the Ocarina.

5) Cragma(ST) because you have to run around the track of the room and take out multiple targets with your Bow. Argorok(TP) because I still feel it is one of the unique boss battles ever; the fact that you have to use the double clawshots to stay in the air, avoid fire, and then latch onto the dragon’s back to attack is very cool. Morpheel(TP) because it is an underwater battle that needs a lot of patience; you have to attack on the ground and swimming around the water. Phantom Ganon(OoT) because you have to make sure you have to attack the right Phantom out of the painting and then attack him when he is out of the painting. Gohdan, just because it is one of the few bosses in the series that is trying to help you win, but still trying to kill you in the process.

Boss Music in no order: OoT, MM, TP, tWW, and LA.

6) I think it would be called Four Sword Adventures, and it would be good.

7) My favorite enemy? Hmm… I can’t really think of one, but if I had to choose, Armos, the statues that aren’t. Especially in The Minish Cap, when you have to turn some of them on and off to open new paths.

Aniday adds (from the Mid-Week Mailbag)

2) Majora’s Mask. That game not only has an excellent score, but it used it’s music wonderfully. Take the Three Days for example. On each day the music in Clock Town reflects how much time you have left. Even in the final moments the music becomes somber as if the world has accepted it’s fate and waits that last hour before doom. It’s moments like these that pull you in and make you a part of the game. I have always become panicked in these moments where I am afraid that I may not finish what I had to do in that hour before I could not wait any longer to go back to the First day. Music is a big part of these feelings, and Majora’s Mask mastered that.

{{bubble}{Question 19: Hyrule Knights}{}{}{

AuraKshatriya writes:

1) This is a fairly random question, but I suppose I`ll give it a shot.

Ocarina of Time`s Link was “said” to be a descendant of the Knights of Hyrule, or something to that effect, if I remember correctly.

In The Wind Waker, the concept of Pirates, another type of sword-wielding group was explored, but they never really expanded on Knighthood. The Boss of Twilight Princess, Twilit Dragon Argorok gave me the same sort of feeling, knights were typically dragon-slayers, so it would make sense in a Zelda game. Do you think it`s possible that Knighthood, as a concept, may be explored in the Zelda series in the future at some point, or that it may play a role to some degree?

2) Though I`m sure you`ve seen various speculative articles, ect., on it, what is your opinion on the true identity of the character from The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess known s the Hero`s Shade? I`ve seen guesses that he`s actually Link from Ocarina of Time, ect., based on things he says, how he moves, and various other points. Do you think this could be true, or do you have another take on it?

James responds:

1) I think it was the ALttP Link that is supposedly a descendant of the Knights, but I do remember seeing one of them being so.

I think Link is already a knight of sorts in the series, it is just never really stated in the games. He protects a Princess and is a master of swordplay and archery. That usually makes someone a good knight in my opinion.

2) I agree with everyone that the Hero’s Shade is either the Hero of Time who became a Stalfos, or a descendant of the Hero of Time.

{{bubble}{Question 20: Link’s Voice}{}{}{

Maranda writes:

Since the new Zelda Wii should be coming out in mid 2010, I began to think… Should Link ever get the chance to speak in a Zelda game? If you agree, should it be with voice acting (grant it every other character gets voice acting as well) or using text only and why? Thank you for taking the time to look at my message and I hope to get your opinion.

James responds:

Actually, Zelda Wii will more than likely come out at the end of 2010.

I agree with a lot of people who see Link as a link to the player, as it always has been since the series has begun. Therefore, if you add a voice to Link, you are taking away that link the player has to the character. The character is now someone you are just controlling and not becoming that character.

{{bubble}{Question 21: Fan Input}{}{}{

rags18 writes:

Do you think Nintendo takes the fans input when making new zelda games?

James responds:

They may go around to fan sites and see the concerns we have for the series, but I think the majority of them just have a set way to create the game before going in. Therefore, if you place a concern for a game currently in development, you won’t see it resolved until the next game. That’s just how it works really.

{{bubble}{Question 22: The Hatred of Tingle}{}{}{

Deku-Baby writes:

Japan really seem to like tingle, there are 3 games just for him, but why over at America people don’t like Tingle the way the Japanese do? Is there a certain reason for this?

James responds:

I think Aniday put it better than I ever could: Japan’s culture enjoys a lot more weirder things than we do in America. Yes, we like weird things as well, but Japan seems to outdo us in that sense. Tingle is one of those that seems to do better in Japan than over here. It is just the way it is.

Aniday adds (from the Mid-Week Mailbag):

Because of differing cultures. If you notice in Japan they have a lot of weird and wacky games that don’t make any sense. Take Katamari, for example. They seem to love to make those kinds of games because I assume it sells there. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but that’s my guess.

{{bubble}{Question 23: Ganondorf’s Ghost}{}{}{

oconnell5522 writes:

Ganondorf was killed in both twilight princess and Windwaker.Do you think his ghost,or otherwise some other spirit could show up in future games?

James responds:

Well, Ganondorf has actually been revived a number of time as well in games that are later in the timeline, where he would be killed in past games. One such game is the Oracle games, where the whole purpose of the games was to revive Ganon by killing both Bosses of the game. Whether a ghost would be seen in the future? I don’t think so.

{{bubble}{Question 24: The Poll}{}{}{

Nintendo Uboy writes:

I know a lot about the games but I don’t know a lot about this site, my question is what’s up with the poll?? when I was here a couple months ago I saw the SAME POLL

James responds:

I will tell Cody that we need to update it. I thought he was going to keep on it, but apparently not. 🙂