Whew! After a bunch of work, ZU’s video pages have (mostly) all been updated to reflect the new video layout introduced yesterday with our Phantom Hourglass visual walkthrough. So, I’ll just give you all a rundown of the pages updated, and those that will be updated soon or in the near future.

Updated right now

Cleaned up; will be updated soon

Other less video-like plans include the revival of the Comics page to include Hyrularity and working links for the other comics on the page. We’re also fixing up other miscellaneous things around the site, such as images and the tag view page (this one’s been borked for a while), as well as releasing a whole bunch of Spirit Tracks content. You should see that soon as well.

So, to all of you who love our videos and watch them often, thank you! The rest of you had better subscribe to our YouTube channel… before something bad happens to you.