If you haven’t figured it out yet, ZU is nine years old now. Since we’re a little bit older and wiser, Cody and I have collectively decided that it’s time to start looking at the staff of Zelda Universe and begin opening the doors for more staff to come in.

Recently, many of our current staff have had to retire due to complications, or simply went inactive – we’ve decided to shift gears a bit after that and reevaluate what we thought qualified people as staff members. With that said, we’ve decided to make sure all future staff applicants are totally clear on what we expect of volunteers who want to make ZU the incredible fansite it’s been during its nine years of existence.

If you’ve always been interested in helping out Zelda Universe, this is your chance! We’ve created six “positions” on our brand new Staff Openings page and provided example applications to show you what we’re looking for in a staff member. However, don’t feel restricted to those six positions – we’re happy to consider anybody with the skills and passion to help ZU in any way, so long as the person is dedicated to their work.

Primarily, we’re looking for content writers, news correspondents, and skilled writers to join our article team, The Missing Link. Secondarily, we always need coders (code wizards on the staff openings page) and graphic artists to help spruce up the site as a whole.

We hope that this new staff openings page will help ZU build up a great team of skills writers and artists who are passionate about Zelda and can help us make ZU an even better fansite – so if you think that’s you, head on over to the staff openings page and have a look at the requirements. Don’t be afraid to send an application!