Can you believe it? Time sure flies – it seems like just yesterday that our founder and savior Lars was planting his flag in the soft, untrodden turf of the Zelda fansite realm. Fast forward to today, and Zelda Universe is the hustlingest, bustlingest Zelda fansite out there.

So much has happened in the last year – we’ve had and won tons of contests, we’ve gone through the first Zelda game release since Phantom Hourglass in 2007, and our community has grown by several thousand members. We finally passed the 3,000,000 post mark, Nintendo recognized us by sending us a copy of Spirit Tracks, and we got mentioned in an upcoming issue of Official Nintendo Magazine. There’s so much more that’s happened, and we hope you were here to experience ZU’s 9th consecutive year with us. If you’re new, it’s going to be an exciting future!

To celebrate our ninth year of existence, we’re updating our history page to include some of the most important events from the last year. We’d love to bake you all some cake, but that’s just not our style.

To another healthy year of ZU! And perhaps we’ll actually have something ridiculous planned for our ten year anniversary. A group staff cosplay shot? Dreams could come true!

We lied, we made a cake for you guys. <3