We’ve finally hit the big-time, everyone! Zelda Universe, along with its sister site Zelda Wiki.org and rival site Zelda Informer, has been mentioned in the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine as a “starting point” to learning more about Zelda timeline theory.

This is incredibly flattering – although we obviously strive to publish what we feel are reputable and interesting articles about such theories (and other theories regarding the Zelda franchise), it’s not often that we’re cited as a reputable source in publications. We were previously mentioned in Luke Cuddy’s The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy as a place to delve further into the intricacies of Zelda, and we’re very happy and proud of all the staff here and members on the forums who love to theorize and do so with well-rounded arguments enough that even Nintendo themselves takes notice.

So, thank you to everyone who loves to theorize over in our Theorizing boards. Thanks to our article team, guest writers, and anyone who’s ever had the desire to contribute something meaningful to this fan site. With luck, Zelda Universe will continue to thrive and grow – and we’ll always be releasing more and more articles to pique your interest about Zelda theorizing.