iWata dislikes the iPad

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president, has now made known his opinion on Apple’s latest creation known – and he doesn’t like it very much. In keeping with Nintendo’s trend of apprehensiveness regarding emerging technologies, Iwata has dismissed the iPad as a “large iPod touch” that most likely won’t compete with Nintendo’s latest DS unit, the DSi XL.

In addition, Iwata also criticized 3D games – games that utilize 3D technology such as RealD’s 3D glasses and polarized television screens – asking whether or not anyone would be willing to stand in a room wearing 3D glasses in order to play their games, and questioning how that would “look to other people”.

Iwata did confirm that a new handheld was in the works, but his dismissive nature surrounding these emerging technologies suggests – nay, confirms – that neither something like the iPod touch nor 3D gaming is in the pipeline for Nintendo’s next handheld release. Sorry, dreamers!

Source: Joystiq
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