Zelda II was a revolutionary addition to the Zelda series, and a controversial one. Many of its contributions to the series, like the use of magic meters and spells, were kept for future games, but others, such as the leveling-up system and the side-scrolling format, have not been seen since.

What would happen, though, if the side-scrolling game format from Zelda II was brought back in a new game with all the new technology and experience that Nintendo has now? 1UP’s retro gaming blog recently brought up the question in an article entitled The Legend of Zelda II: Linking Up With Link’s Past, which you can read here.

  • Chris

    Link is broken

  • ZeldaNoob

    hope not, i hate sidescrolling games. The puzzle aspect would change completely. Nintendo already has mario.

  • Will

    the links broken

  • KRFournier

    Until the link is fixed, just google "1ups retro gaming blog." It's the first post.

  • KRFournier

    Better yet, I'll just give you the link: http://www.1up.com/1upblogs/3/1ups_retro_gaming_b

  • ChainofTermina

    stop showing us that thing! it's creepy!

    the thing is, if a game is side scrolling, doesn't that kinda make it a platform game? Zelda isn't a platform game…..or at least it hasn't yet. if they did make a platform Zelda game……that would be………actually kinda cool. I'd like to see a 16 bit sprite of adult Link.

  • Goronlove7

    Believe it or not I freaking love Zelda 2 not because of side scrolling leave that to Metroid but I felt soooooo good after beating that game (yes I beat it and yes its a great feeling)

  • Simon_Belmont

    With WiiWare something like this could definitely happen. With some of the classic game franchises getting retro styled new games (Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth, Mega Man 10) A return to AoL style would indeed freshen things up a bit with the Zelda series.

  • is this the same moron who wrote about a link to the past and have everything crammed into a short map realm of hyrule. and about that guy he sure had to say how his brother stole his money, why didn't you find a new hiding spot genius.

  • zelda lover


  • jim

    if nintendo ported majora's mask to ds that would be epic.
    OOT too…

  • chris

    If anyone doesn't already know, some kid made a homebrew Zelda side-scroller for the DS that looks pretty effin awesome if you ask me.

    and i agree a port of either 64 game on DS would be fantastic!

  • nnn

    I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope that nintendo doesn't return to the side-scrolling formula! I played Zelda II once…it damn near scarred me, both physically and mentally!

  • Rodrigo Cardoso

    You all should probably never palyed this GREAT Zelda Side Scroller Fan Game:

    It is short, but amazing
    (there is a video in the link too)