Here at Zelda Universe, we like to set the bar high. So that’s why we’re starting off the year with the conclusion of Design a Boss | Lupus!

Design a Boss lets users share their ideas and compete to prove who can design the greatest boss of all time, and it is coming to an end! Design a Boss | Lupus is offering the grand prize of a Nintendo DSi and will also award the leading designers with many other prizes. The contest concludes January 10, and judges are eager to render the best boss designs. Don’t miss your chance!

If you haven’t seen the rules of this contest yet, you can check them out here. Good luck to everyone!

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  • A Elbuod

    1st prize: DSi + "secret prize", as well as an epic picture of your boss.

    2nd prize: PS3/360/Wii game of your choice.

    3rd prize: Same as 2nd prize.

    Cmon people, you gots ten days left.

  • A Elbuod

    Wait, why'd I say ten days? I meant seven.

  • lozboi

    how do we submit our design

  • dragongem777

    Somebody ANYBODY plz tell me if the new zelda is a sequel to Twilight Princess

  • HyleinLegacy

    the game is NOT a sequal to TP