Zelda Director Eiji Aonuma had an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine for their January edition, and while the information was mostly old, a couple of new facts popped up. Mostly interestingly, Aonuma stated that a definite graphical style for Zelda Wii has not yet been decided.

He then suggested that they may decide on something completely new, but that it would likely be on the realistic side of the spectrum, rather than being cel-shaded. This makes sense, especially considering that the Zelda Wii team has been taking hints from Monster Hunter in the graphics department.

Aonuma also stated that the game has been in development for a while now, and that they hope to have something to show at the next E3. Other than that, it’s all mostly stuff we’ve heard before, but if you’re interested you can read more about the interview here.

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  • ChainofTermina

    could it possibly be that Link's hat will no longer be intangible?

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Lol, that would be very interesting…..

    I hope they do end up going with the more realistic graphics for Zelda Wii, only because I would like to see them do even better than TP's graphics. I mean, they were pretty good, and I just can't stand to be another Link who has blond hair, but big black eyes brows that show through his hair. I also like the way Zelda looks in TP, and I hope they would bring Sheik back atleast, and have Zelda kick butt. Epona too, I would like to see her in one again, and I would like to see her in another form again. I'm just so excited I can hardly wait!!! And if his hat could come off, I hope he looks good like he did in TP, it was a good look for Link.

    Just throwing that out there….

    • ZeldaGurl_

      "I mean, they were pretty good, and I just can't stand to be another Link who has blond hair, but big black eyes brows that show through his hair."
      I was talking about the cel shadin graphics, not TP's. I love the way the TP characters looked, and Midna was a great add too. She's another example of a kick-butt pretty princess….

  • ChainofTermina

    you know what would be cool? if they used ultra realistic graphics, better than TP, but with young Link and Zelda. that would be awesome! I hope they bring back young Link and Zelda to the realistic console games. I miss them. I also miss Malon and Saria. I wish they would come back.

    • GenoKID

      Well, ok, I doubt all those things for Zelda Wii, but someday, realistic young Link and Zelda again would be nice. I mean, generally, Link's a kid. I just want to see the classic Ganon image updated for realistic 3D. That would be schweeet!

  • Azumizai

    I think that Zelda could do well with a more ‘styleized’ form. It doesn’t need to be hyper-realistic to be good. (Just look at some of the games that came before it!)

    There are many games that have a style to them, and that in itself gives the game a very fresh look. So Link and Zelda don’t NEED to be hyper realistic.

    I think they’ll be leaning towards a stylized realism. I have a feeling it’ll be closer to Ocarina of Time in how the world FEELS. But farther away from Windwaker due to style.

    Also, I don’t know how I feel about the fact that they still haven’t decided the style. They’ve been working on this for YEARS. On one hand, I am VERY HAPPY that it’s taken them this long. Wanna know why? Because means they’ve been working their butts off to make it a GOOD GAME. More time means more time to nitpick and perfect.

    But that also makes me highly doubtful it’ll be for a 2010 release… if they still haven’t decided the style… (and I’ve been so dang hopeful too)

    In the end, I’d be happy with a less desaturated game. I loved TP, but I think because it was so desaturated, it made it really… bleh in places. More colour saturation and less variations of browns and greys would be awesome.

  • Eric

    So they've been revealing a piece of concept art and hope to show something at E3, which is only about 6 months away, and they haven't even decided on a graphical style? How does that work? I guess I just don't know enough about how long it takes to model everything.

  • Monkeh

    Hope to have something to show at the next E3? They had better..

    • Dewii

      Well said 😉 They HAVE to show us something!

  • LinkWii2010

    I can't wait to this game and if Zelda Wii did have Monster Hunter 3 graphics that would be EPIC.I CAN'T WAIT TO E3 2010, AND TO SEE THE TRAILER

  • Goronlove7

    Anyone read that part about some of our speculation being right? I wonder if retro is making this that would be sweet.

  • MetroidMaster

    Oh what about okami style then? Or something similar to that, but not as cubic and stuff 😛

  • Metroilinko

    Whydoesn't everyone get it?! they sit and ponder when Zelda wii's release date will be, when it is obviously 2012! well, it May be a little far off, but look at it this way: 2012 is Zelda's 25th anniversary! I'll probably post this again, but what do you think?

    • ChainofTermina

      thats interesting. but then again, they didn't do any thing for the 10th anniversary. still thats a good point.

    • TaffyPool

      Zelda was first released in Japan, February 1986 — that puts us right on track for a worldwide early February 2011 release…the 25th Anniversary of the series first release.

  • James

    Where very far away from getting a photo-realistic Zelda, simply cause the technology isn't there yet to do real time physically correct lighting (especially on the Wii)…as well as the complex shading and texturing and detailing needed to get to that level of "photo real"…but there is something's they can do to make it more realistic and more appealing then twilight princess graphics. Twilight Princess has Painted Textures, for this next game they should use photo textures. They should use baked ambient occlusion on the environments (sort of what they did with Super Smash Brothers Brawl). They should also use a simple self shadowing technique. (darken anything that's 90 degrees from the camera).

  • Agent Yellow

    I'm still pretty sure it's going to be in the TP graphical style

  • ZeldaNoob

    i doubt they will do anything exotic. It will most likely be a more realistic than tp, but if they do anything weird, it will probably be a mix of cel shading and realistic graphics. kinda like okami (remember they want to appeal both hardcore and casual players)

  • Arkamidis

    Y'know.. I wanted to say what a lot of you had already posted. But I agree with the majority of you. 🙂 All I want is Zelda Wii!! (I have no idea what the title would be) I just hope E3 can give us more than just a teaser poster- Maybe another with a new character or something. Even showing a 20 second trailer would be good enough for me. I don't think I've ever been this anxious about a game since TP!!!!

  • veeronic

    hm… perhaps realistic proportions and cel shading to a certain degree… but wind waker style should remain on ds in my opinion, it has a prison, er… PLACE there… >>

  • Hombre de Mundo


    (caps lock justified)

    • Moppen

      It probably means that the engine and gameplay works, I think they use simplified models and textures while testing.

  • Siaarn

    As long as the character design has a semi-anime-ish look to it, I'm happy, I'd die if Link had creepy realistic beady eyes, his eyes have always been awsome.. I sound creepy.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Lol, I love his eyes too!! One of my favorite parts of TP was when Telma says that his eyes are wild, like a beast….lol. They may not be anime so much, but they're still gorgeous….now I sound creepy too…… I think they did a good job with Zelda too. But then again, she's just so gorgeous in TP, I can't point just one thing out. I hope they look the same, and I hope that they both still have blond hair, because THEY BOTH ARE MEANT TO HAVE BLOND HAIR!!! I think I mentioned this in another posting, but still, Zelda's hair in TP was dirty-blond, not burnette like in SSBB, but dirty-blond. Same with Link. I wish that they would make it a little bit more blond, but not as extreme as in OoT. It just diesn't seem right to have yet another brunnette princess, and it's just so wrong to have Zelda change….

      • ChainofTermina

        I completely agree with you both. Link and Zelda need to be blond, and they need to be semi anime-ish. I don't think you sound creepy at all, I think you both make perfect sense. if Zelda gets so realistic that it looks like actual humans, like what a lot of 360 games have been doing, I will indeed die. and yeah, they have cool eyes. all animeish people do. and yes, they should be blue. that's not usually an issue, but in WW his eyes were green. black with a greenish tinge.

  • Moppen

    I want a high-poly MM/OoT graphic style

  • Curly Q

    I like the TP graphics. I thought they kicked butt! but it would be cool to see something different. I wish they brought Tatl back.( if I spelled her name wrong, sorry). She wasn't annoying like Navi.

  • LadyIntomoe

    Along with the (hopefully) realistic graphics up to par with Twilight Princess, I'm hoping that they give Link some longer hair… Forgive me, but as Zelda is usually set in the medieval or renaissance times, men who were warriors customarily had long(er) hair. So, they should draw him accordingly! -I'm only one person, though. -And, I'll probably have a sting of comments following all saying something like,

    'Oh, heavens, no! Never give him long hair!'