With Spirit Tracks out in only three days in the US, it’s about time for the media outlets to be releasing their reviews. GameTrailers seems to have beaten everyone to the punch with its video review, giving Spirit Tracks a 9.0 out of 10.

You can watch the full video review after the break!

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  • silver-hero

    I'll see the review after the game is released. 😛
    Ive asked every store today while Christmas shopping. It seems that it won't be out till the 8th.

  • ChainofTermina

    uh huh, yeah, that's real interesting Jason, and not that these news posts the last few days have been enchanting, but uh……any of you news posting web people in the ZU council or whatever get Gameinformer? they just had their 200th issue, and had some MAJOR Zelda related news. something I thought maybe you wanted to mention?

    • zoraluigi


    • ChainofTermina

      I said I didn't mean to! My stupid key board is retarded! I don't know how to type! I'm sorry! Don't cry Cody! umm…hey you know what'll make you feel better? let's talk about how dumb Powershot is. yeah, You don't like him, right? that's what you said in the last podcast. yeah…Cody, you are oh so much better than Powershot. He is stupid and you are awesome. you feel better, right? RIGHT? I"M SORRY!

    • ChainofTermina

      really though, look up Gameinformer. their 200th issue has something Zelda related that you guys will find very interesting.

    • ChainofTermina

      I meant Haven't! "not that these last few posts HAVEN"T been enchanting"! I mean no disrespect!

      • Cody


  • Ganon

    They love showing bosses(the first 5 are all there), force gems, and lokomotos.

  • Mrman

    It looks absolutely amazing

    especially the spoilers c:

  • The Power of Three

    I am getting this game! The only thing I didn't like in phantom hourglass was the temple of the ocean king and that kind of thing is gone so I am happy! Spirit Tracks looks very well done. I love the main theme from this game. Every time I hear it I whistle along with it like a 10 year old. I'm impressed on how Nintendo continues to deliver all those Zelda-titles in style. And the fact that Linebeck looks no different confuses me, I mean I thought it was 100 years in the future than Phantom Hourglass. Then he must be like 150-200 years old, he was old in Phantom Hourglass. Overall, I think it's a wonderful game and can't wait to play it!

    • zoraluigi

      No, he's Linebeck III. :O

  • linklovescatsonTP

    Well, I have a question and a complaint. Complaint: even though the temple of the ocean king isnt in dis game, remember at the beginning of every temple u hav 2 collect 3 tears of light in order 2 get zelda/phantom, plus as i might recall, phantoms r gonna b chasin after us while were collecting ToL.

  • linklovescatsonTP

    Question: What sword do we get in dis game? my com sucks eggs and it dosent let me do anyting. wat do we get? four sword? phantom sword? master sword? king's sword? < MM dont ask how i know dat……. or some new blade that looks cooler than the swords? ( i highly doubt that. )

  • Waker of Winds

    Only a 9.0, I thought it deserved atleast a 9.3. I thought this game would have no ties to the Zelda series ut after seeing old characters, like Linebeck and the Pirates, I'm starting to like this game alot!

  • Gordon

    Do Want!

  • michael12268

    wait was that Link and Zelda holding hands at the end!?