You may have noticed that the server was down for a few hours earlier today. Don’t worry, though – our server is perfectly stable! Jason overwrote our forums accidentally, and so we had to revert to our backup from earlier in the day. You can read his post about it here.

If you are ever having problems accessing the server, you can always ask what’s going on via our Facebook and Twitter pages, which are always available even when ZU is having trouble.

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  • a ninja

    I guess it’s a good thing Facebook and Twitter have reliable webmasters who don’t accidentally overwrite their own websites. :p


  • Business Shrub

    Wow, you guys are awesome, has anybody ever told you that, ZU admins? Too bad you're deleting the forum 😛 :b 😛 :b 😛 There are really a lot of people down there at the forum and relativelly few people up here commenting the news, what's up with that? A million+ posts in the forum but only 2 comments to this piece of news???

  • Advodei

    lol trust Jason to mess that up xD

  • ChainofTermina

    when i checked here earlier all that was here was a clip from "the wand of gamelon". WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SHOW US THAT?!

    • zoraluigi

      Because- it's funny as eff.

  • zoraluigi

    Silly Jew-son! you're such a silly! 😛