Two new Spirit Tracks commercials have been released – presumably for the UK due to the accent and the use of the phrase “devilish puzzles”. It has some new footage, and if you look at about 0:10 you will see Link’s train in a very interesting place.

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  • ok…was that train underwater?

  • jwalraven

    Yes, yes it was. 😀

  • well that was a pretty stupid commercial. -.-;

    • Are you serious. An underwater train and a mine cart around a boss?! EPIC!

      • ooccoowarrior

        I see what he means though while the commercial was informative it wasn't the kind of commercial that would make me want to buy the game.

        • Ess Em Gee

          I think it's a hell of a lot better than the US commercial. The US commercial doesn't have a target audience, it doesn't inform the audience about the product, it's not particularly attention-grabbing. At least this one is informative.

          • The US one was VERY attention grabbing actually, This one just seemed… well I feel like if the guy didn't speak, it would've been a whole lot better.

  • John

    That was actually a very informative commercial! We got some more insight into possible plot twists (the train underwater??), we saw a new boss and how it's fought (riding around on tracks with it in the center while it swipes at you? reminds me of Stallord >.>) and we even saw how to defeat the boss that we saw already (apparently blowing bombs at it works.)

    I liked the commercial, and I'm actually pretty disappointed that I can't get the UK game only because the box art is so cool 😀

  • TheMaverickk

    I saw this earlier today and knew it was only a matter of time before others pick up on it.

    I noticed the underwater train first as well. My working hypothesis is that you have to go under the ocean back to old hyrule… may be a bit far fetched but I'm placing a guess that Link has to retrieve the Master Sword which was left down there in Ganondorf's stone body. Cause let's face it at this point, in the new Hyrule there is no Master Sword and there was no word on it ever being retrieved at any point.

    Also in this new trailer Link is holding a different sword from that of the art. One that looks strikingly familiar to our trusty hilted friend. In any case I'm placing my bets on the Master Sword being in this game from the looks of it.

    • TheMaverickk

      Other random fact of interest I wanted to mention is that Anjean seems to have the same hair do that Tetra had going on. Weird coincidence I noticed… just mentioning it… even if the hair colour is different. Can't help speculating at this point…

      • The guy who reviewed up to the first two dungeons already said Anjean isn't Tetra. In fact, he was under the impression that Anjean was a guy for some reason.

        But was there ever any doubt? If Tetra doesn't want to adopt Zelda as a new name, she wouldn't go by Anjean.

        • Official Nintendo Magazine Review refers to Anjean as a 'He'. I think that pretty much means that Angean is in fact a guy.

          • TheMaverickk

            Well I was just throwing it out there, I was unaware that the pink haired one was a guy, I have semi tried to avoid these in depth tell all to not completely ruin the game for me. So it was just a connection I noticed nothing I was taking quite seriously.

            The Master Sword theory though a bit more… the only reason I have to feel that the MS would not be in the game though is the fact that most portable Zelda's exclude the Master Sword from what I've seen. Of course though it did find it's way into the oracle games though (linked adventure though).

    • zoraluigi

      Great Din above! That is the Master Sword!

      • zoraluigi

        sorry. it's around 0:04-0:05 in the video. pause it around there and BAM Master Sword on the screen.

        • Guest

          It could be something else you know, like some people expected the Master Sword to be in Phantom Hourglass, but it was another VARIATION. It could be a different one for all we know…

          • TheMaverickk

            Although it could be some Variation of an ultimate sword… like the Phantom Sword for example… but it looks damn exactly like the Master Sword with a style to fit the Spirit Tracks world. Seriously blue hilt with gold triangular jewel where hilt meets blade.

            Obviously though if Nintendo doesn't outright say it's the Master Sword then it's not right? Also the Phantom Sword looks distinctly different. Although blue it doesn't have the Wing Notches, and instead has an hourglass symbol in the hilt.

            Mind you hey who knows until someone gets there and tells us all about it.

          • ChainofTermina

            maybe it's called the Spirit Sword

  • Zorathan

    That was EPIC!

  • Astarael

    Nintendo, stop showing us how to defeat bosses in your trailers! :<

    • Technically, this is a commercial, not a trailer 😛

      • Astarael


      • Guest

        It says that it's the UK commercial at the top of the page. So it's officially NOT a trailer…

        • Astarael

          Yes, I'm aware of that. 😛 Does it matter?

          It still doesn't change the fact that we've been shown how to defeat yet another boss in preview footage, which of course is the main point, peeps.

  • Callin

    At 0:09 there is another train on the tracks ahead of you.

    Underwater, looks like bubbles are coming out of the train instead of smoke. Makes sense. 🙂

  • ChainofTermina

    epashicadolicwaminaWWHHHAAA!!??? the Master Sword!? in a Hand Held!? since when does that happen!? (ALttP for the GBA doesn't count)
    and if the Master Sword is released, wouldn't that de-stoneify Ganon? haven't we JUST been talking about how there has been to much of him for over a week?

    • The Master Sword was in the Oracles linked thingamabob.

      • ChainofTermina

        It was? well, that wasn't really it's own game, so, I'm not sure if that counts either. It probably does, but I'll half to think about it.

        • I mean if you play one of the Oracle games as a linked file to the other, you can get the Master Sword in it.

    • LOZ

      Its the spirit sword, it like the phantom sword from phantom hourglass. IT MAKES SENSE. This goes with all the Zelda crap that happens.(i did not mean crap in a bad way)

  • ChainofTermina

    but then again, maybe it isn't the MS. at one of the Miliseconds that makes up 0:05, Link is holding it right in front of his face, and it looks more like that Triforce-bird-phoenix-thing. it has like cogs, like on a gear. its weird. but maybe thats just the graphics. wait no, the DS graphics are slightly better than the N64, and that didn't look like the in-game OoT Master Sword. whatever, i dunno.

  • Does the train underwater mean that the zoras will be back? Will they also have trains?

  • Mrman

    >fish in trains
    >fishbowl trains?

  • Squiggy

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that's a UK commercial too.

    No US Zelda commercial would say "Get ready for an epic new "Zelder" adventure".

  • Business Shrub

    OK – AWESOME!!!
    Wow, this is really awesome, I can't wait for it. I guess Nintendo is a prof that making really great games takes a lot of time and an impatient management which just wants things to "get started and get finished" isn't always such a good thing. You can't hurry a master piece. Japan is such a great country where good games come from.

  • NorthApple

    How… how.. but… how…steam train underwate….. MAGIC. And that hilt seriously looks master sword styled, although greener… Now I'm really curious.

    And rofl, NOBODY I know talks like this, "devillish puzzles" wut. It makes me embarrased to live in the UK xDDD

  • I like where this game is going to =O

  • DavidJW

    btw another trailer has been released ;), where you can see link getting the sword kind off 😀

    • TheMaverickk

      Where is this trailer found right now?

  • Moochy

    that WAS underwater.
    you could see the surface of the water above them

  • Link Master

    In 0:10 you can see Link is inside a bubble on hi train.

  • happymask

    DUDE!!!!!! i need to buy a DS

  • MDK

    Wonderful. No doubt the hype machine will be overloaded with theories on retrieving the Master Sword and other such tripe. I was impressed with direction the story seemed to be taking in the last trailer – I will NOT be amused if the game is bloody hijacked by Ganon yet again.

  • Quest

    the legend of zelda spirit tracks commercial aired on MTV thast night at 8:31 pm!

  • LinK

    link gets a bow

  • Majora's Wrath

    This game is looking even better than before! I'm a hardcore player, yet I feel I will really enjoy this game more than I normally do for zelda games. + that music never gets old. IT'S JUST TOO GOOD! Thank You Nintendo for satisfying this zelda fan.


  • Makar

    AWESOME! I hope it is the Master Sword. paused around 5 seconds you can kinda see a little yellow triangle on the hilt. don't know what that means. The hilt does look kinda green too. But one thing's for sure. Its not the sword he was using before. Also, his original sword, with the blue-pearled hilt, looks remarkably similar to Oshus' sword. I wonder… And in earlier commercials and footage you can see at certain points a red/brown shield on Link's back. Now, its always the blue one. Maybe it was an error or maybe there are 2 shields. But we'll find out soon enough!

  • Dhegin

    Train underwarter!? AWESOME!!
    I´m buying it!

  • And did anyone have a look at those pipes in the background in the underwater scene? Is it some kind of factory?

  • waleed

    umm thats nor the master sword it looks like the phantom sword from phantom hourglass