Minish CapThe Minish Cap manga by Akira Himekawa will be released December 1st in bookstores across America. Like the other mangas in the series, the story will be based on the game itself. Look for it in your local bookstore or order online for a cover price of $7.99.

Continuing the series, look for A Link to the Past on February 2. Already released are Ocarina of Time Part I, Ocarina of Time Part II, Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, Four Swords Part I, and Four Swords Part II.

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  • The Power of Three

    I asked Santa this for Christmas. I have all of the ones that she put out. I have never missed a single one! You kinda spoiled it for me by seeing the front cover, but who cares!? It's awesome! I so badly want this!

  • Cat

    Yayyyyy! Especially since I just finished playing the game!

  • ZFAN

    Cool another Zelda Manga!!! and hey after the Link to the Past Manga, are they releasing anymore? I hope so.

  • jwalraven

    No word yet on any other manga translations but there is Link’s Log Book (Wind Waker) and a Phantom Hourglass manga.

  • The used to say that ALttP was the last one. I don't think it does anymore.

    And Akira Himekawa is actually two chicks under one pen name, The Power of Three. It says that in every manga.

  • ChainofTermina


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