What would happen if you took Zelda, and then mixed in elements of Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and The Sims?  The Hidden Triforce took a deeper look into a various possibilities and then wrote an article based on them.

In the article, they take certain aspects from three popular series and imagine how they could be incorporated into the Zelda games.  Stealth, Solid Snake style?  More team elements, like in Final Fantasy?  Forming more friendships a la The Sims (and even incorporating more elements like Majora’s Mask)?

All of these are suggestions that could bring a fresh slant to the Zelda series. You can read the full thought process in the article itself.

  • ChainofTermina

    very interesting. I agree. even though a tiny bit of the things he said HAVE been in Zelda.

  • Wow, I'm flattered that you guys took such an interest in my article 🙂

  • Thanks a lot for posting this for us! 🙂

    • James

      Hey, that's what the Zelda community is for. Especially when interesting articles come along.

  • Irish Crusader

    Interesting ideas from a well written article. I really like the NPC thoughts. I think it would be über cool to be the hero that saves Hyrule, and then also be a hero on an individual basis more and more. I believe Nintendo has been working this into the newer Zelda titles little by little.

    I'm hesitant about the other comments. I like the thought of stealth for young link, but when Link becomes the Hero of legend I don't see need for stealth personally. I can understand the points of this and the FF sections, but I felt like they were written by a MG and FF fan talking about Zelda rather than a LoZ fanatic. I hope I don't offend anyone. Thanks for the read.

  • sheik001

    ja no no..metal gear,FAINAL FANTASY and slims?? ja ja no no

    • Fulcon

      And so the raging fan-boys and girls enter.

      If, pray tell, these aspects make Zelda better (and don't you pull the 'it's not Zelda' card on me, I think 'Zelda' as a definition needs to be redifined), what are you going to claim? If it makes a better game, why shouldn't we put it in?

  • Business Shrub

    Disiclaimer: I never played Metal Gear, FF or Sims.
    As for sneaking around like in Metal Gear, we had that in Forsaken Fortress in WW and I think it was really fun. So, yeah!, give me more wile sneaking abouts! As for teams or partners, no thanks I'll pass that, Link was a lone hero, although just thought of it, I love the ALTTP comic and Link had some companions in there, frrriiieeeeends???… In that case I guess it would fall into the Sims category. As for RPG elements…, yeah bring that on AoL is one of my favorites.

    The most interresting part of the article is in the end, Sims! Majoras Mask was fun! I think the question is if all aspects of Zelda should remain hard coded and linear, maybe not! Imagine a Hyrule where people go about their business and move around, want to find the telescope guy (OoT or MM), well you have to find him! He might be whereever! Maybe you can ask someone who knows. This wouldn't work with the MM 3 day cycle though, because then everything would be reseted to scratch every 3 days. It would be fun to see how Hyrule would evolve if they let it loose, I hope Nintendo will do this. Then if the world can evolve without the necessity of Link triggering changes (*wink,wink*), then it would be interresting to watch it for a while, or, conversly, what would happen if Link is very slow, would there be a chance of Hyrule outpacing slow players? I think this subject is very interresting, but probably hard to do, hope Nintendo does something!

  • Chris

    I can't say I enjoy stealth sections in any game, they just slow the game down way too much for my tastes. Can't say I'm too keen on the party idea either. More interaction with the game world's inhabitants however is something I would like to see, was bit disappointed with TP's Hyrule Town when played it, after watching the trailers I was expecting a lot more interactivity. I think something similar to that of Fallout3 would be nice to see in Zelda in regards to NPCs.

  • LuX

    I think Zelda is that solid of a series it can be played with, it doesnt need to be but it wouldnt hurt it. if they 'fluff' it up they can return to the tried and tested formula, I personally think a sort of RPG aspect could work in the games, i Dont mean having partys and such, but say Link having stats and able to get stronger and enemies getting stronger, not so much a full level up system but some form of one could work, and if it didnt we could just go back to "traditional Zelda".

  • Rayde

    I think the developers can learn alot from Demon's Souls.
    The battle engine is basically a super amp'd up version of the engine from Zelda.