We now have footage of the way the Spirit Pipes are played, this time thanks to the Greek version of the Spirit Tracks website. Every official Spirit Tracks website seems to have something different to offer.

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  • ZeLinker

    Princess Zelda is so pretty!

  • Anju Manju

    Is that a Korok playing a cello in the first screen?

    • Anju Manju

      Wait, never mind, it's that new Lokomo guy.

  • ChainofTermina

    Umm, who the hell said that in the last screen! you don't think was…….. no, no that can't be. It must be someone off the screen.

    • DavidJW

      who do you think it was? 😀

    • Muskiok

      Dude, chill out. It's just the narration that is in every Zelda game. You know, the text that shows up whenever you 'check' something or get an item or anything like that that needs an explanation.

      • ChainofTermina

        I always assumed the sidekick said that. well, maybe not Midna or KORL, but I thought Ezlo, Navi and Tatl said that in there respective games. and Zelda can't be saying that because if she was, then she'd be talking in th third person, and she doesn't do that.

  • hmmmm…interesting…the more I hear about Spirit Tracks, the more excited I am. I think I'm going to like this game even though I was skeptical at first.

  • Eric

    "Every official Spirit Tracks website seems to have something different to offer."

    Except the US one!

  • Curly Q

    Yay! I missed the instruments! i can't wait any longer for the game to come out!

  • Medoramorris

    Is Link talking to himself in the last screen?

    • Kitty

      I guess he has to, since he can't talk to anyone else. 😛

      • Guest

        It's the narroration like in past games when you 'check' something for example like Muskiok said earlier

        • chicken

          i for one love fried chicken

  • poxvaati

    lol on the last screen its like what link thinks, i dont see why so much ppl give big thought on this… 1dst screen: is that a korok? or the new lokomo guy?!?!?! AAAND i believe Nintendo did this on purpose bout putting different content on each ST website, i believe so yes… they did that so sites like this would soon find out, and then post it on their website, creating a greater suspense because fans would know bout content little by little, not all just in one webpage which they would say like: oh yeah, cool, instead of saying: OMG look bro!!! awesome! look at the new screens!!!… well at least thats what i think :D….
    think about it, and it makes alot sense in terms of marketing…

    -Poxvaati, The Wolf Lord

  • The Dutch site also reveals a nice piece of information:

    Translated: Before you can visit a certain temple, you have to search for one of the so-called Lokomos. These guardians of the land teach you the songs you have to play to fix the train tracks to the temple. Every melody on the Spirit Pipes will help you fix parts of the Spirit Tracks.

    Source: http://www.nintendo.be/NOE/nl_BE/games/nds/speel_

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  • tim

    hmm i know the ds is good for its touch screen and all but im starting to get sick of doing everything on the touch screen, i preferd the good old days when you just pressed buttons to make music… but thats just my opinion =D

  • Hmm…Spirit Pipes…interesting. Apparently, they are the “Ocarina” of Spirit Tracks. About the text in that screen, I DOUBT thatLink is saying that. If he did, that would kill the ‘link’ to the player. But, I am not too sure, so don’t judge me.