Link is famous as a hero who is never heard speaking, but why is this the case? Xizor of has written an article explaining why he thinks Link is so silent, which you can find here.

Personally, I think Link must talk a lot more than we think he does. For example, there are moments when we know he must have spoken, such as when he goes up to a villager and they say something like “What? You’re looking for the [item]? You should go and see [person] about it, he probably knows where it is.”

Not to mention, it doesn’t make sense for all these people to randomly share information with silent strangers who walk up to you, so I always think of those as snippets of a conversation we didn’t hear. Nintendo’s aim in not showing Link talking is probably to leave his voice to your imagination so that you can better imagine yourself as him while you are playing.

  • calibure

    true very true, another point is that while Link is walking towards mayor bo's house, you can see Links mouth moving as he talks to Ilia

    • enayru

      thats absolutley right!!!
      i think it to…. but many people say he dosen't spoke because he dont "talk like leon from resident evil" for an example…

  • Callin

    Why doesn't he speak?

    He spoke in the cartoon and CD-I games, so Nintendo decided it would be best for him to be quiet. πŸ™‚

    • Vonnick

      A damn good reason, at that.

    • Dewii

      Well excuuuuuuse me princess!! O_o

  • Teengamer

    Well said! It's better to imagine ourselves in Link's place, so that we talk. πŸ™‚

  • Omega1304

    Completely true πŸ™‚

  • Gonz

    Havent thought of that before, but indeed! On other games, when, in a cutscene, your character has its own way of speaking, I feel, well… left out.
    It's role playing, so you should actually play a role. Since you even name Link, usually with your own name, it's only fair that you speak for him.

    Maybe some day we'll have some uber cool thing in zelda games: you speak, say whatever, and NPC's reply accordingly.
    And by accordingly I mean actually compose responses, not just go "Certainly! Here, have this!" regardless of what you say…

    • STUFF2o

      You could here him say "Come on!" in Wind Waker. I'm surprised nobody's commented on that. He says it audibly and voluntarily (every time you press R near Medli or Makar).

  • Shaelyn

    not to mention the couple of games where he did actually say words:

    in AoL: "I found a mirror under the table."
    in TWW: "come on!"

    yeah, I think Nintendo did want to leave the things he says and the way he says them, for the most part, up to the imagination.

  • Justin Basl

    Yeah, ever sinse they came out with the mario/zelda cartoons in the late 80's, link sounded terrible. "Well, Excuuuse Meee…" I never wanted Link to talk after that. Its good, he plays the silent hero. Just him, yelling while swinging his sword. Thats all he needs.

    If they included a voice, then it would start a Link Bias.

  • ChainofTermina

    did you know that the only time someone actually moved their mouth while speaking in WW was tetra as they were first leaving Outset? cause….. yeah.

    I always think Link talks too. Thats why I don't think flash movies that make fun of Link not talking not very funny. He does talk, we just don't hear him. but yeah, Nintendo does seem to be getting closer to more realistic speech. In TP their mouths moved, and we heard a lot more than some strange grunt noise when ever Midna spoke.

  • Azerik

    All interesting opinions, but there is only one real reason (in my opinion of course) why Link does not seem to speak: Because YOU are Link.
    You play the role of Link, (or what ever you make your name when you start a Zelda game) and your thoughts are your own. When you talk to people in the game, its with the express purpose of furthering your understanding of your current quest, so we know you'd probably be asking "Where the hell am I supposed to go now?" so there's no point in having Link actually say it now is there?

  • Meh, Link does speak, he's not a mute or a silent hero. The game just doesn't show him speaking so that the player may feel as if he's Link. No traumatic experience on anything on Link's past… That's just silly.

  • Not Link

    I always name him Link. I don't like the way of thinking "this is me" Cause well I'm not. Making him just a shell that I control really takes the edge of the game. He is link. Mysterious and silent. Just the way i like him. Over and out.

  • I think Link doesn't talk, but makes facial gestures to imply what he wants to say. Notice how the camera angles almost never face him when he's gesturing, and when they do, it's usually a stern look. Then the person he is talking to replies as if he had spoken. (Sometimes a look of shock appears on the other persons face suddenly implying that they understood, and are in disbelief of his skills/the information he shared). I believe Link has magical communication powers that allow him to do this.

    but not really. i just want to makeup my own story and believe it, which i did and will.

  • TheMaverickk

    I have a very simple theory myself to why Link doesn't talk. A theory I think that may be the very reason that Nintendo has chosen to keep Link from having dialogue of any kind. It actually fits with why his name is Link in the first place.

    Link for the most part is the name we all call our green hatted hero, but it isn't his actual name. Link's name is the players name. Link literally is our 'link' (you know like connection) to the world of Hyrule, and our avatar for the most part to the video game world he is from. It's why no matter what Zelda game you play you are able to input your own name. When you are naming a file, it isn't simply to label it so and so's game (like for example in Super Mario RPG you can put your own name in, but the characters still call Mario, Mario) but in fact the name you put in is what Link will be called through out the entire adventure.

    The truth is that Link is every person who has played a Zelda game. Which explains why he doesn't talk or speak… because the players voice is Link's voice. When playing a Zelda game, the decisions to act on something is not of Link's choosing, but the players choosing. You are the one who chooses to say yes or no to certain requests and situations. If Link was his own self with his own personality then he'd make the decisions… but he doesn't.

    Like many of the classic video game characters (especially in adventure games), Link is mute so that the player can put themselves into his role. The minute a voice and personality are applied to a character it doesn't become you on an adventure, but you guiding a character through a story. It's why I believe Nintendo has always left Link mute, and have no intentions of giving him a voice ever. They are leaving the player to determine who Link is, and what he is like. Whether they put themselves in the role or perhaps someone else. Who knows. Just my own thoughts though on the subject.

    • amrole

      I read something somewhere about that. It also said that the guy who made the story line for both Mario and Zelda is one in the same. At times Mario is silent too. There are alot of similarity to both games. Im not sure anybody else has noticed. I loved Super Mario RPG.

  • Link Master

    Link does speak. For example in the Wind Waker you can hear Link saying "come on" to some characters. Another thing is in Phantom Hourglass, when Linebeck asks Link why he is in The Temple of the Ocean King you see Link run up and speak.

    • TheMaverickk

      Ever notice that the "come on" is really poorly pronounced. It's more about the tone and that's what we audibly recognize as the term "come on". Also there is only one moment he makes that sound, and that is when you have a character following you around, whether it's a statue in the Tower of the Gods, or it's Makar and Medli in their respective dungeons.

      Come On is essentially a user initiated command in order to help keep these NPC's following you as you make your way through the dungeon. It's not Link making a statement or making conversation… it's no different then the other grunts and yells by comparison.

      In Phantom Hourglass (and other Zelda titles) they may show Link's mouth moving as if he were talking but again he has no voice of his own. There isn't even any text… the player is left to their imagination to what Link could possibly saying. Our minds fill the void.

      It's as simple as that.


    The absolute worst thing about the CD-I games is how people cite them in arguments to show how voice acting is a bad idea.

    God damn it.

    • keimori

      amen to that, i myself vote for eliminateing all record of them forever….but thats just me.

      now my arguement for silent link is, i always fill in the blanks myself, i imagine an apropiate voice, and apropiate responce thoughout diolouge, it puts me alittle more into links boots. know what i mean? that being said, i'd love to hear voice acting from the rest of the zelda cast! ….except tingle.

  • LuX

    About Link talking has all been said above I'd just like to know what people think of voice acting in Zelda, yes we've had "come on!" and "hut Huu HAAAAH!!!".
    But i mean more like Midna she had full blown speech O.o
    Ok it was Hylian (my guess anyway :S) but i actually like this it gave her more depth than other characters, and instead of giving her a voice we got to hear tone and emotion, whilst still having Classic non speech Zelda.

    I think voice acting Hylian style for all characters (except Link……Maybe) is the way to go……any thoughts?

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I somewhat agree with you, LuX.

    I think it would be so totally awesome for us to be able to hear the characters voices (except for Link’s), whether or not it’s in Hylian or English, well that’s the question.

    I’m still a little bit touchy as to being able to hear Zelda’s voice, other than screaming or crying. I think it worked with Midna only because she was a brant new character, and she brought her appearance to us for the first time. Zelda, well think about it, she’s been in the majority of the games, and I have already developed a very strong idea for her. I imagine her to have the voice of an angel, where you would just melt at the sound of her voice. I mean, a beautiful voice for a beautiful Princess, right? I just don’t want to have to settle for something that is less of what I imagined. We have to be careful that we don’t lose the feeling that we first fell in love with…

    So ya, having voices would be nice and awesome. I just hope that we can still be the heart and soul of Link, and still have the imagination and mind for Princess Zelda.

  • TheMaverickk

    I like the audio clues when you first talk to people (something that was introduced in Majora's Mask actually for the Zelda series) they were quite well surprisingly for giving characters some emotion.

    I think voice acting for NPC's would be great in the Zelda series though. It worked for Metroid Prime 3… that game had awesome voice acting for a series that up until this time had none. So it gave me the hope that Zelda could be done right.

  • Eh? Link is silent because he is a link to the player. he will never gain voice acting after the CD-I games. Anyways, like ZeldaGurl_ said, NPC voice acting would be nice, as long as they are not FMV style. Pre-Renders will suit me just fine. Also, if Nintendo DOES create a Zelda game with voice acting- possibly The Legend of Zelda (2010-2011 Wii Game), it had better not contain half-effort voices. Like, I will probably sue Nintendo if they give us Soul Calibur voice actors (Sorry fans. SC’s fighting style was nice, but the voice acting was corny as heck)

  • Gannonscreature

    Link does speak. everytime someone asks you a question you reply with a yes or no. or how about when you stopped that chick in WW from robbing the safe. you get a whole heap of answers to reply with. but yeah as it has been said like a million times that you won't hear him repeat any words as they want the player to think that link sounds like them. i still find that very enchanting whenever i play a LoZ title

  • Awesome

    My theory is he got kicked in the nuts by Zelda