Official Nintendo Magazine has confirmed that Spirit Tracks will contain an instrument for Link, and you will be able to learn different songs for it that will unlock different things, in the style of the main console games.

On the downside, it appears you’ll have to use the DS microphone to play the songs, meaning that attempts to play the instrument in public may result in everybody nearby thinking that you have lost your mind.

“You’ll be able to use your DS microphone and stylus to help Link to play the Spirit Pipes in his new adventure.

They’re basically like a set of pan pipes which you can play to summon special powers. To play them you blow into the DS microphone while cycling through different coloured pipes with the stylus.

Before you’re able to visit a temple, you have to search for one of the land’s guardians, called the Lokomos, who will teach you a song which restores the tracks to the temple. You’ll then be required to listen to the metronome to keep to the rhythm.”

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
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  • michael12268

    how is that a downside!

    • Cody

      DS games are meant to be played while walking around outside. When you're walking around outside with your face an inch away from your DS, making funny sounds for the game, it makes you look stupid. πŸ˜›

  • Yay, instruments, that's awesome ^_^

  • Hombre de Mundo

    What's Nintendo's obsession with blowing into the mic?


  • i hate blowing into the mic. πŸ™ it hurts my mouth eventually.

  • Edracon

    I don't want to blow in the mic NINTENDO, STOP MAKING ME USE IT!

  • rdfg

    omg i love instruments!

  • Rojinshu

    I usually play games at home, so this won't be a problem for me.

  • ChainofTermina

    this makes 2 things in one game that use the mic: this and that leaf propeller thing. what are we gonna have to scream to make Link yell yaaa this time? are we gonna blow on the fire to make it burn? are gonna have to literally blow the whistle?

  • zombieguy

    The instrument sounds cool but… blowing? Really? I guess it's not as bad as singing or something.

  • Curly Q

    YAY! I missed the intruments!

  • Pandora21

    when was the last time we had an instrument again

    anyway YAYZ instrument!

    • ChainofTermina

      the last time the whole game revolved around the instrument was WW. the last time a game had an instrument in it at all was MC. unless you count the howling and that "summon epona" thing in TP, but I don't

  • Becky

    At least it's only blowing into it, if I had to sing into it that would be a different story!

  • GuruGuru

    YAY! I love using the mic. I can't wait for this game… I'm really fiending for it. *Addict*

  • potato

    This game keeps getting better every time I hear about it!
    I want this game………

  • bannana link


  • potato

    way to put the spirit back in the tracks!!!!!!

  • potato

    Oh wait did I just copy him?
    whoops, my bad

  • Moochy

    that actually sounds really interesting.
    a neat feature of OoT and MM makes a comeback. sweet πŸ™‚
    really excited for this game now

  • BigGoronSword

    Great minds think alike! It seems like Nintendo has been listening to me!

    I've posted this idea for Link on ZU for quite some time now (well whenever there's a "What new Instrument can Link use" thread), and I've been heard!


  • Zero of Time

    Hopefully, this will be good. with all these things in ST.

  • TnzSki

    It sounds like some musical skill is required to play this game. You have to blow into the mic, play several different notes, and keep up with the tempo and the rhythm. It also sounds like there will be more notes on the instrument.

    I'm looking forward to playing smoke on the water and the Simpson's theme. πŸ™‚

    • Vonnick

      How is it any different from Wind Waker, other than blowing? That didn't require skill.

  • cool! im not sure how i feel about the mic, but im glad an instrument in back in Zelda!

  • TnzSki

    Well the instrument in ST has more notes than the wind waker does. Also when I read "keep to the rhythm" I was thinking eighth notes, half notes, and rests in addition to just quarter notes. And the reason I thought it would take more skill is because it's more like playing a real instrument.

    Of course I may be wrong and they could make it a complete bore to play.