When it comes to talking about Phantom Hourglass, you might get a lot of mixed opinions. Some of us loved the game, while others didn’t take too kindly to it. For those of the latter view – like myself – you might have initially been somewhat skeptical about Nintendo’s next venture into DS Zelda territory. The way that Spirit Tracks was presented looked, to some of us, to be rushed. Behind the table, we scoffed at its presentation, and expected a repeat of Phantom Hourglass.

Up until today, that’s pretty much been the case – there was a pretty sharp divide amongst those of us running Zelda fan sites over whether this game would be worth our precious rupees. But with the new storyline information and trailers available as of today, a lot of opinions are shifting, including mine. Since the release of the new trailer, I’ve preordered Spirit Tracks.

Nathan, a fellow webmaster who, like me, harbors some disappointment in Phantom Hourglass, has gone so far as to publicly apologize to Nintendo for assuming that they would put Phantom Hourglass in new slacks and send it out the door.

As for me, I’m being a bit more conservative. But my hopes are higher. Spirit Tracks looks like it’s going to be the game I wanted when I played Phantom Hourglass – better music, better graphics, and more innovative storyline with the power to captivate a skeptic like me. So, more power to Nintendo; I can’t wait to give Spirit Tracks a spin.

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