When it comes to talking about Phantom Hourglass, you might get a lot of mixed opinions. Some of us loved the game, while others didn’t take too kindly to it. For those of the latter view – like myself – you might have initially been somewhat skeptical about Nintendo’s next venture into DS Zelda territory. The way that Spirit Tracks was presented looked, to some of us, to be rushed. Behind the table, we scoffed at its presentation, and expected a repeat of Phantom Hourglass.

Up until today, that’s pretty much been the case – there was a pretty sharp divide amongst those of us running Zelda fan sites over whether this game would be worth our precious rupees. But with the new storyline information and trailers available as of today, a lot of opinions are shifting, including mine. Since the release of the new trailer, I’ve preordered Spirit Tracks.

Nathan, a fellow webmaster who, like me, harbors some disappointment in Phantom Hourglass, has gone so far as to publicly apologize to Nintendo for assuming that they would put Phantom Hourglass in new slacks and send it out the door.

As for me, I’m being a bit more conservative. But my hopes are higher. Spirit Tracks looks like it’s going to be the game I wanted when I played Phantom Hourglass – better music, better graphics, and more innovative storyline with the power to captivate a skeptic like me. So, more power to Nintendo; I can’t wait to give Spirit Tracks a spin.

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  • Zelda needed no redemption in my opinion, but I'm definitely thinking ST is going to hit the right chords.

  • sheik001

    zelda no is deseption

  • Chainoftermina

    Wow. i turn by back for five minutes, and an explosion of ST related posts come out. Well, let me appropriately respond to the fact that Zelda is your links new sidekick.


    • Nintenfan81

      Seriously, I go away for 6 hours to have an airsoft war and i find out Nintendo unveils everything there is to know about the game!

  • ChainofTermina

    crap, it was cut off. that screech went on for a wile. oh, well, you get the idea. i'm pretty much in the same state of mind as an uneducated, probably about 6 year old girl(who's going to grow up to be a slut) at a Jonas Bros concert. I mean, i can't even think how to put into words just how incredibly awesome this is. Zelda's a ghost,and she follows you around ZELDA HERSELF IS ACTUALLY WITH YOU FOR THE WHOLE DAMN ADVENTURE. how the hell could Nintendo top that. oh, yeah, by making a Zelda game centered completely around the Master Sword.

  • ChainofTermina

    any way, about the other stuff, it's too bad i won't be able to play as my first ever Link again, since this is -oh, wait, uh SPOILER IF YOU DIDN"T READ THE OTHER POSTS IN DETAIL-100 years after Wind Waker. but thats okay. i'd actually rather play as Wind Waker Link on a console again. but thats not going to happen is it? Didn't Nintendo officially state that the cartoony, Dark-green-sleeveles-tunic-on-top-of-a-light-green-long-sleeve-shirt version of Link was now only going to appear in handhelds? shame.

    also, I love how Zelda can fly. for some reason, I always thought of Zelda as a being who could fly. actually, I came up with this thing where if Zelda characters were to make up a team from Sonic Heros, Zelda would be flight, Link would be Power, and Sheik would be speed. I know that doesn't make sense, what with Zelda and Sheik being the same person, but it's okay, because befor i did that i came up with a fan fic in witch the being of Sheik was Separated from the being of Zelda and they became two different people and…….. what the hell am I talking about. This is SO not the place for that. let's wrap this up. yeah, i was skeptical of St too, but now I'm not. this looks like the best Zelda ever……… in this Millennium…….. excluding TP. and the New Zelda Wii………..for a handheld………………. it looks good

  • Haru17

    I still can't beat Bellum (can never stop time it only worked 2 TIMES) I depress myself *sigh*.

  • theMaverickk

    My issues with Phantom Hourglass are not that it was a bad game or too easy… the game had awesome dungeons. I loved the dungeons… there was something nostalgic and wonderful about them.

    My issues were in two areas… the first the music. The soundtrack was horrendous… during the entire game there are only 5 songs I can really say I remember hearing. The game had the town theme, ocean theme (a variation of the Wind Waker ocean theme to boot) , the overworld theme, cave theme and dungeon theme. That's it through out the entire game… and overworld, cave and dungeon themes were were actually all very similar and didn't create much of an atmosphere. Sure the music for the final battles were pretty good, but you only hear them in one instance basically.

    Spirit Tracks seems to have fixed this. My second complaint was actually in the re-hashed ocean travel. I sadly didn't not enjoy exploring the ocean of PH as much as I enjoyed exploring the ocean of WW. The steam boat was stiff and the enemies you encounter are so bland I never found myself excited. It was not as much fun as surfing the huge ocean in Wind Waker.

    The train though it follows the same concept as the boat travel at least is more unique and feels more natural to expect. So my two biggest complaints with PH have been fixed. I had no problem with the Ocean King Temple, I didn't mind going back in to explore it repeatedly (except to hear the bland music). With these pieces of news my mind is now at ease.

    • Nintenfan81

      So true. The music really was terrible. Also, i have no Idea why everyone allways seemed to hate WW sailing. I thought it was fun.

  • ChainofTermina

    oh, yeah! I forgot something, no re-doing the same temple is awesome!

  • mclennon

    i have to be honest
    at first i was skeptical about ST
    now i feel a little better but am not fully convinced
    i have confidence itll be good but im not going to go saying itll be incredible until ive played it.

  • You hit a lot of good points Jason. ST is definitely going to be a better game. Especially for me, seeing as I really likedf PH.

  • vaati234

    that would explain why link rides on a train. its 100 years later .

  • JAY

    It look like the Ds Zeldas are gonna be more and more into the future. In the Phantom Hourglass their was steam boats which was a bit of advancment it Tech now 100 years later the steam train has come! whats next steam planes with floating islands. Then Steam Spaceships where you sail the solar wind to other planets!?!?

    I'm not saying that I just thought technology is going fast in the Zelda world its that the Orcina of Time Adult storyline is goin further into the future than the Child strotyline whixh only has the Twilight Princess which is all I know of………………

  • Aidman

    Zelda was, is and will always be epic and Spirit Tracks as its predecessors will be so I'm convinced of it.

  • went from bad to worse in just one trailer

  • Edracon

    well… I didn't like Phantom Hourglass due to it's non-memorable characters, and I completely hate being restricted to only using the touch screen, I like using the D-Pad. But ST looks alot better, I'm just hoping they'll put in an option to use the D-Pad…

  • Haley



    • Never heard of the opinion column, eh? 😉 That's alright.

  • Haley

    And you thought your opinion was worth enough to be plastered on the home page of the website? Right…

    This is why I hate fansites…

    • Nintenfan81

      What the heck is wrong with you? As far as i can tell Jason is the lead webmaster (I am probably wrong though) and if he wants to post his opinion he has every right. Besides, What is the point of a site like this (Famous for its Forums) if no one can give their opinions? Its not like we pay every time they post something, and personally I am always glad to hear what others think of a game. What i do NOT want to hear is bitter hags like you share your negativity when everyone else is so happy to hear what he's saying. If you hate Fansites so much, do us all a favor and stay off of them.

  • Tal Tal Lemon

    It annoyed me how when people first saw the early trailers for ST, most of thoes people just assumed it would be bad. I mean, I can understand the shock they may have felt since Link was seen riding a train, but still this is The Legend of Zelda we're talking about here! As Zelda fans, we have the duty of appreciating ALL Zelda games just because they exist. None of ya'll actually played the game in the first place, it's all stupid prejudgment. But now since you got all these trailers and storyline leaks, people are starting to see the light. Where was the trust in Miyamoto from the beginning? PH might have not been at the top of the list, (especailly since the soundtrack and repeating the Temple of the Ocean King got on my nerves. >.<) but we all learn from our mistacks. I'm sure Miyamoto saw the error of PH's ways and worked to improve them. Thus, a better 2nd DS Zelda title.

    And no, I ain't noob at Zelda. Been playing it all my life and very much grown now. 😉
    Spirit Trax I've never doubted you! =D <3

    • Renn

      Except the CD-i crud.
      The only thing CD-i Link is good for is YTP

  • Watties

    It will be identical gameplay. The only thing THAT attractive is the story. Which is still typical "save the princess, who is Navi now, so we aren't really giving you much intention to that AHAHAHA".

    • Haru17


      • Sol

        This just made my day!

  • Luisa

    I was skeptical about Spirit Tracks too. I didn't like the train idea (at all) at first, but after seeing the new trailer, I've changed my mind and will sure buy the game.

  • CrazyBlue

    I’m just glad there will be no bloody back tracking!! I hated that temple in PH!! It really put me off the game. Which is a shame as the rest of it was really good. At least Nintendo listening there (for once).

  • poxvaati

    lol i also wasnt so sure bout it, but as soon as u guys started posting billions of things about ST, i went almost instantly to the store and preorder xD!! Also what made me change my mind greatly, is when idk when they said it would be much more difficult and a challenge for us zelda fans, cus PH wasnt much of a challenge… at all! i loved it, but too easy, so when they said that, i was like: ok, im going to buy that instantly., so i got my rupee wallet and went to the Deku market to buy it 🙂

  • Guil

    I hope Zelda is not tagging along the entire time or at leas if she must, then she should not be annoying. I So do not want any more annoying sidekicks!

  • Gamedude

    I think ST looks wierd. but it could be fun. i mean, im the guy who always wants the heros to die in epic ways, i dont think it looks all that epic the way she dies! i do like the idea of Zelda following you around and taking over your enemies bodies! *sigh* i dont no wat 2 think…

  • Joseph Wright

    airsoft is so damn addicting and i love to play it all day”:’

  • we always play airsoft on our home made battle grounds “;”