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MiffTheFox writes:

In Ocarina of Time, it appears that the player is not restricted to the thirteen songs that have a gameplay effect, but rather able to play any possible song on the Ocarina. From what I could infer, playing notes beyond the the five bound to the C-buttons and A is possible using the analog stick, Z, and R. From this, I am wondering if it is possible to play The Ballad of the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening on the Ocarina of Time.

James writes:

It is possible to play it, but after searching the net for someone who has done it before, I couldn’t find it.  There are songs out there for The Simpsons theme and other random songs like that.  So it is possible and if you find out how, let us know.

phantom writes:

What do you think is the possibility that in zelda wii we will see the return of the spinner and an item combo including it?

James writes:

I don’t know if we will see the return of the spinner.  It was indeed a very fun item to play around with and we all wish that it was used a lot more in the game, but it might have seen it’s day in the sun in Twilight Princess.

Teengamer writes:

Thanks for allowing us to ask questions. Many people have theories of Zelda Wii, such as the ghost person being the Master Sword in the concept art Miyamoto released, or that Nintendo will use a new graphic engine. I’m getting very confused. Is there ANY rumors we’ve heard of that you can confirm?

James writes:

Once again, Nintendo is being very closed about any details involving the game.  Until you hear a title and an actual trailer from the game, we won’t hear about the confirmations of these rumors.

ChainofTermina writes:

This time I will ask for opinion

which is worse; the old Zelda cartoon or the CD-i Zelda games?

James writes:

CD-i cartoons.  Those games were AWFUL.  At least the cartoon was somewhat entertaining.  They absolutely killed gameplay and Link with the CD-i games.

Roanark writes:

This is basically a theory of mine that most people don’t seem to realise… But in the concept art for the newest Zelda title going for the Wii, there is an unknown person with him, at his back. I’ve been thinking that it’s an older version of the Fairy Queen from back in Wind Waker, basically all I want to know is if you agree with this theory or believe it’s something else… Or maybe a combination?

James writes:

She does look like some sort of fairy, but I think the rumors about it being a humanized form of the Master Sword seem to make more sense.  The girl has the jewel in the same spot, her hair/hat comes up to a tip, and she is outlined in light blue.

Jason writes:

why is there a mysterious person behind link in the new zelda wii

James writes:

We don’t know yet.  The biggest rumor around the net is that she is the Master Sword as a human and that the game will center around the sword more than any other game.  I even read a rumor that we might get an origin story to the Master Sword.  Nothing has been confirmed yet though.

Semore Butts writes:

Did the zoras evolve and why the world just flood and that would make easier for the zoras?

James writes:

It really doesn’t make sense to why the Zora would evolve into the Rito, but it is never started that happened.  It is just that the Zora’s never make an appearance in the game.

Awesome writes:

How long does it take to beat link to the past

James writes:

Well, the Speed Demo Archive has the fastest time to beat the game at one hour and 29 minutes.  The 100% run is just over two hours.  Of course, these are people who have the played the game over and over again, so I would add an hour or two on top of that for averages.  It isn’t a hard game, so three hours max.  Hope that helps.

PegasusBoots writes:

This has been a question that has nagged at me ever since I played The Wind Waker for the first time. Because Hyrule is covered in water, why is it that the only Zora you see is a DEAD one? You’d think they’d be everywhere…

James writes:

As I answered, you never see them in the game, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.  Just like you only really see one Goron in the game, it doesn’t mean that they are extinct.

country girl writes:

What do you think? In the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl Links final smash is when he traps his opponets with the power of the tryforce and beats the crap out of em. Not that his final smash isnt sweet but do you think it would have been awsome to give him the power to turn in to wolf Link with his trusty peskey side kick Midna and use Midna’s power to KO all of their opponets?

James writes:

I think it would have been nice to see that as well, but they had to pick one Final Smash per person and since they were using just a general Link (even though he is using everything from Twilight Princess), it is still Link.  Now, if they had put in Wolf Link as a character…

Luisa Rafidi writes:

I’ve heard from another site that the girl behind Link in the Wii Zelda’s artwork is not the Master Sword, but just a fairy. They said they got the information from the Game Informer magazine. Is that information true? I hope not, because the Master Sword is much cooler than a fairy.

James writes:

If they did say that, I think it may have been an opinion.  Nothing has been confirmed that I know of.  We would post something on the site if we had something to pass out as information.  That would be a huge piece of news if it were posted.

ChainofTermina writes:

1. I come on to this site very often but I’m not actually registered. am I missing out on stuff? I don’t really go on the forums that much….. or at all. so should I register?

2. Speaking of the forums, how come your fan fiction section is all forumy now? I remember a long time ago (like two or three years) that your fan fiction page was just a list of stories and a description. but now there is no description and I can’t figure out how to go to the next page of the story, or if there even is one.

3. Why don’t my arrow keys work here? every where else my arrow keys work fine, but when ever I’m typing a comment or like right now, on this site, my arrow keys don’t work. thoughts?

James writes:

1. The only thing you’re missing out on is the chance to be in Zelda discussions, discussion about everything else, and making online friends who share similar interests.  Sign up!  It’s free.

2. I have not checked out the fan fiction section on the site, but I know we have been trying for a while to get it up to speed.

3. That is an odd occurrence, but I am sure that is something on your end.  Check your settings on your computer.

Nils Benthien writes:

Hi ZU! You all of course know of the Interactive Story, and I was wondering if you could tell me how to start a new Interactive Story instead of adding onto an already existing one with a chapter. I was also wondering if sending a chapter or starting a new story requires having a membership on ZU.

James writes:

Send any suggestions for the Interactive Story over to Cody.  I believe he is taking care of that right now.

rallyhyde writes:

why dont you clear the forums??? there is so much junk in there that it wont let me get to them on my 20 mb connection that is messed up seriously delete the old crap nobody cares about.

James writes:

It isn’t crap that no one cares about.  It is a record of how the forums have evolved over the years.  We try to cater to the slower connections, but they are becoming few and far between that it is hard to do so.

Your Name writes:

What happened to the mail bag? I I’ve been waiting for quite some time… ='(

James writes:

I stink at this game.  I have been trying for some time to get this out, but things have come up all the time.  I now have some extra free time, so I have the chance to do this more.

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