Shigeru Miyamoto makes yet another mysterious statement in an interview about Zelda. Talking mostly about New Super Mario Brothers Wii and Spirit Tracks, the famous game designer said he couldn’t talk about Zelda Wii. Then he said “It’s fun to move your body around”.

Does this hint to the balance board being used in Zelda Wii or was it just a general statement that had nothing to do with Zelda whatsoever? We have a thread dedicated to this interview in our forums, so if you think you know what Miyamoto is talking about, share your thoughts.


  • sheik001

    yip yip..not game??

  • Can't see anyone relevant on messenger and I am too lazy to change it myself, by the Source isn't Gamepro.

    It's an interview by MTV.

  • ZeldaMastter#1#1

    This just screams Wii Balance Board.

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't think that has any thing to do with Zelda what so ever. I mean, come on. what part of Zelda game ply could possibly use the balance board? what are they gonna bring the spinner back? hope not that thing was USELESS after arbiter's grounds. I really hope they don't bring back items that don't have a point in using it except for the dungeon in which you got it. i like casual items, you know items that you can use for almost anything. like the hookshot. sometimes I use the hookshot as a gun. dosen't always work, but sometimes it does!

  • PLEASE no wii balance board! What is link gonna go surfing??

  • I'm not gonna buy the balance board, it's a complete waste of money…

  • LuX

    The blance board is too restrictive if it was gonna use the blance board Nintendo would have to bundle it with it, like Motion plus.

  • Nitramtj

    What about using all 4 wii controllers? Strap one on each arm and leg and you've got some interesting game-play possibilities.

  • By_Farore

    For Din's sake…

    Read this days ago.

    First time I see people even think about the Wii balance board.

    You guys like freaking out, no?

  • Renn

    Oh Din… If they have to put in the balance board, then my Zelda playing days will have to come to a screeching halt. C'mon Nintendo, some of us just don't have money for that kind of stuff! It's useless!
    This has been a worst-case scenario for Zelda everyone. Thank you for tuning in.

  • Revthemoronoftime

    Couldn't agree more.

  • Triskiller

    Why are you guys freaking out? They are not going to use the balance board in Zelda, if they haven't even used it in a Mario game, why would they put it in their most appreciated (closest to) hardcore gameseries out there? I say he is talking about the Wii-motion plus and using it as a real sword or something, that's still moving your body.

  • LoZfan

    by move your body around I think he means using wii motion plus. you know swinging your arm and such

  • LoLLoZ

    If you look at the concept art ,Link's hand appears slightly deformed, resembling some kind of pincer. I'm thinking instead of a sword your arm's going to transform into weird shit, via the fairy queen, in place of having the master sword. I can see tons of potential with Motion Plus this way, and it'd be new, but not too new. Sort of like MM in a way. All speculation of course, but I think I'm 100% correct.