“All of the classic Zelda elements are there – Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, the Triforce, Hyrule – yet the story is a new Zelda tale in its own right.”

The Hero of Time is a full-length independent Zelda film which is loosely based on the events of Ocarina of Time. Lysia of the Sacred Realm has given it a thorough review, while making sure to avoid any spoilers. You can have a look at it here.

It actually sounds like quite an interesting film, and it’s great to see Zelda fans break out into the mainstream, so we’ll keep you updated on when it will be available to internet denizens.

  • Zelda Fanatic

    My highly crappy TOILET makes this stuff look BAD! I mean HEL-LO! Where is young Link? Young Link DESERVES to be there! And where the heck did the pointy ears go? I just whacthed the preveiw on you-tube, and there are NO pointy ears! The people are 'sposed to be like ELVES!

    • Harry


    • Juggalo

      They're Hylian… Don't ever use "elf" or "elves" in the same context. I hate elves… They're totally different with their own style and language. And they're stupid in MY OPINION. But yeah, that guy is right. They did a horrible job trying to impersonate a great Zelda title such as Ocarina of Time. With an added fan-based story line? Keep your crap in your toilet… or your pants, which ever comes first! I'm not a critic. Just a dedicated Zelda fan of many years and I hate seeing garbage like this. They made a Dragon Ball movie, and lots of people hated it, believe me though, it was better than this unfortunately.

    • slvblrn

      No offence, but it's spelled "watched," not "whacthed" 😛

  • Yes yes yes yes YES!!

  • Cereal

    Oh man, it's done? They announced this in 2006!

  • Enuf3

    Mmmmmmmm…. Nope.

    I'm gonna pass on this one.

  • Arkamidis89

    Although it was an attempt to make a film, it was not good at all. To me it looks more like a complete FAIL. But I do respect the fact that they did put some effort into it.

    I do wish for some big time producers to make a film based on one of the Zelda games. (Or a completely new story with a game after it) A film made with spectacular visual effects, awesome location, great world known actors, Life-like CGI creatures (if made into a motion picture. but CGI based is fine as well so long as they stick to they way the characters are portrayed) You know, like 300, Lord Of The Rings, ect. It would make nintendo a lot more money if a kick-ass movie like that were to be produced. That and a lot more fans.

  • ChainofTermina

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, and again, and again.
    The only Zelda movie I'm interested in seeing is an
    even 3D CGI would be a hell of a lot better than STUPID, UNIMAGINATIVE, HUMAN LIVE ACTION!

  • ChainofTermina

    hey, my yell got cut off. oops, and I spelled it wrong. its supposed to say "animated"

  • Arkamidis89

    Nice. I hear ya. but it's a good idea no? To have serious people produce a Zelda movie. But of course this is just an opinion of mine.

  • Moochy

    I'm going to pretend like this isn't happening.

  • dan

    I'm a huge UNfan of this

  • Z-MAN7

    Once again, I'm amazed at how many people are bashing the movie and they haven't even seen it yet. Hey everyone keep an open mind, yeah?

    • Arkamidis89

      I have seen it. In the end I was disappointed. But they did try.

  • dan

    well, if the acting is as bad as in the trailers…..

  • scott

    ohhhh juggalo i love elves, but you are right hylians are different. the acting looks so bad it, are u sure its not a student made film in a film class? god

  • Oscar

    I won't say that it's a bad movie till I watch it! Yeah you have to keep your mind open, I mean, videogames movies are not always perfect, 'cause everybody compares the movie to the game storyline everytime!!

    Besides, it's like a fan made movie, it can't be really really really good!
    The only thing I say is that we must give it a chance. That's all!

    And! Since I live in Mexico, I'll have to wait more than you 🙁

  • Oscar

    And one more thing! Why would you want an adaptation of Ocarina of Time?
    I'd get bored because it would be like if anyone else is playing that awesome game instead of me, while I watch. That would suck!

  • ChainofTermina

    The story would have more time to grow and expand without the handicap of game play. they wouldn't show Link dying and getting a game over or trying a technique and failing in the movie. it would be more smooth, more flashy, and characters would actually interact with each other more. the story would have a LOT more depth.

  • Linksinnerdemons

    It was ok but the but one April fools one on ign shows it more accurately

  • Justin Basl

    Again people, there arn't a lot of awsome INDEPENDENT action movies out there, and for a really good reason. BUDGET!!! It's hard to beleive that a movie like zelda, which I grew up loving, is going to be amazing because it was made by some crappy independent movie makers. ZELDA needs to be a higher budget to make a movie and NO CONTINUITY ISSUES, PERIOD!!! That's like saying I'm going to make a lord of the rings movie on my own, and have it better than the original. Lets face it, this movie is not going to be as good as a REAL Hollywood Production.

    -Justin Basl

    • Z-MAN7

      Movies with higher budgets don't always mean quality.

      Oh and how do you know that The Hero of Time won't be as good as a "REAL" Hollywood production? Hollywood can always screw up again like they did with StreetFighter, Doom, and Resident Evil.

      Independent films FTW

      • Justin Basl

        Because, the whole trailer says it all. It shows A LOT of errors in representing Link, and Ganandorf. I mean, it looks like they got thier costumes from a "house of humor" halloween store. Plus, Link doesn't have pointy ears. I don't buy it for a second. I'd rather trust Nintendo Japan to work on the film, that way it'll look a little more cleaned up. I'm a HUGE fan of zelda, and especially when they are going to call it "The Hero of Time" and not include a kid link, NO WAY!!

        • That was the older trailer from TWO YEARS AGO! Try the new one.

          • Justin Basl

            Hello! I AM referring to the NEW Trailer. The CGI is cool, but that's IT!! I'm still not convinced with the over-all quality. I'm not wasting my time thinking that this movie is going to hit it big. If it does, and it makes it to DVD, honestly I will see it, and I'll write back, letting you know how I really feel, if I like it or not. But just looking at that trailer, it doesn't look like it's worth bragging about.

          • Here's your problem. You're going into it expected a fully budgeted Hollywood film. This is a non-profit, no budget fan film. If you have this attitude going into this movie, I'd hate to see what you'd say about Legend of Link.

          • Justin Basl

            Well.. We are talking about a movie here, entertaining more of the masses of zelda fans, and not some youtube series. you know, I watched some of those legend of link videos, kinda funny, but the timing needs work, plus there are a lot of lighting issues. If you like that show, you're definitely going to like Legend of Niel, if you've seen it. Now, THAT show is hilarious.

  • Justin Basl

    And people, I'm not trying make it sound like it's a bad thing that an independent movie like zelda was made. I mean that's how the bigger productions might open thier minds to make an even better movie title for "zelda". It's great that people want to make a zelda movie, but I'm waiting until NIntendo gets off thier rocker, and starts putting intertainment into movies like they said they were going to do a couple of years ago, before the Wii came out. I think Nintendo should make the movie, that way, they'll have enough time to make it and serve it justice.

    -Justin Basl

  • JJ23

    Anybody seen The Hunt for Gollum? It's an independent, fan made LOTR film. They supposedly made it for under $5000, and it was beautiful. Fantastic acting, CGI and cinematography, especially for a fan film.

    Simply put, these guys behind Hero of Time simply didn't try hard enough. I mean, acting aside, they should have realized how ridiculous the costumes looked. I realize they started this movie before Twilight Princess came out, (though I'm pretty sure there was concept art already out by then), but couldn't any body behind the movie have realized that BRIGHT green clothes and BRIGHT bleach blonde hair just doesn't work realistically?

  • zora king53

    will this come out on DVD if it does i want it because i did not get to see it when it was in theators.

  • LinklovescatsonTP

    Dude if this isn't another April Fool's joke, then THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!! The last time when they made a trailer, i got all prepared for the movie. When i found out that it was an AF joke, i threw up. Then about 3-2 years later, my friend told me about a movie on Google. It's about 2 hours long and is called The Legend of Link fan movie. The parts with Gannondorf are stupid (except the final fight and when he attacks Kokiri) so i just skipped it. WATCH IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex greed

    its a real piece of shit …its just like dragon ball evolution a movie maked to kill the original concept….. a shit a totl shit shame for the fans……

  • sheik01

    jua jua no existe como lo hizo IGN.com es broma o talvez no…pero Orlando Bloom is link?? puagg!!

  • Artey

    These people have other jobs, right?
    I haven't seen this much Fail since I saw a video of a bunch of MMORPG nerds throw pebbles at eachother in real life pretending they were lightning bolts.

  • Sciky

    Wow, even after you've all had years to discover that zelda fan films were being made tons before the first trailer of this movie came out, yoiu're all still bitching as if this is an official movie by a proffesional film company.

    News flash, you never complained at all the zelda fan movies that came out before this one, fan films like 'legend of link', 'parody of time', so why are yopu complaining about thehero of time? They're all the same, they're all fan films, and what's even more rediculous is the fact that The Hero of Time is the best looking fan film of Zelda made so far, so by logic, you literally have nothing to compain about.

    I've never heard such rediculous sounding upper class snobbery in my life. Even after you read this review which basically says "its a fan film, you've got to take it for what it is, and for a fan movie, its absolutly amazing", you guys still bitch and moan, you have no appreciation for the four/five years of hard work, and what they've achieved (which by the way, you lot could never achieve).

    Eletist, snobby people like all of you are what make the franchise look bad, not the people who spend five years of their lives making a film, pouring everything they have into because of their love for the game series, they're the real zelda fans, not you lot.

  • Sciky

    I made a lot of typos in that post, but you can still tell what I'm trying to say.

  • Erik Ulvran

    I have seen the trailer dozens of times. I have even put it on my blog!
    I don't know why some people give this film a very negative view! It is actually VERY GOOD!
    There are, on the other hand, some queries to the film:
    Where is Link's shield?
    How will Link enter the Chamber of the Sages and sleep for seven years when the Master Sword is in the Lost Woods?
    What has happened to link's familiar fight techniques? He seems to be just swinging his sword randomly and when fighting Gohma dodging her in a strange way.
    But apart from that, the trailer looks rather promising. If it's an april fool's joke then I'd obviously choke!
    By the way, was that King Dodongo that Link was jumping towards?

  • minoune

    I think it was student-made, actually. By UCLA film class or something. Pretty good for the budget.

  • eric d mooney

    well i just downloaded it from emuparadise, the acting/body language is horrible the lighting and camera angles gives me headaches the sound is choppy and the sfx are horrible

  • dmangstars

    When you have the same people making the film acting in the film, 9 times out of 10 you end up with self-masturbatory, self-indulgent crap. Which is what this movie comes off to me as.

    Go to "Craigslist Atlanta" and post asking for free actors, you will get tons of emails of aspiring students and maybe even real actors who have/are studying acting and are willing to take the part for free or very low cost, (I know as I have produced a student film myself, and I was able to admit to myself I AM NOT AN ACTOR, and I was able to cast QUALITY actors for a couple hundred bucks). Acting makes a film, and is an art, and when you have people who think "Oh Acting Is easy, I can do it" You end up with laughable stuff like this.

    I didn't care about the the bad CGI, costumes, sound, or lackluster sets, thats forgivable in a student film; but with issues like bad acting, bad shot composition, and overall bad editing, these are factors that are unaffected by the budget, and are only effected by knowledge of making film, and if you are really going to put in 6 years of your life to make something, you think you would put in the effort to study how to do it right, and then execute it, not just gather some friends who want to "go make a movie because we have a nice camcorder, know how to use MAYA ,and like Zelda." If i was one of the people who worked on this film, I would have felt liek the last 6 years of my life was a real waste of time, because the final output was in no ways "good"

    I see this happen all to often, usually first year film students who think they know what they are doing and think they don't need to learn anything, and they usually use a similar premise (well…usually its star trek or star wars fan fiction). By the end of their first short film, that the professor rips apart, they learn they have no idea what they are doing, and start paying attention and studying how to actually make film. Unfortunately for these guys, I don't think they had the luxury of having a mean professor.

    Sorry to rate this so "harshly" but I'm just going by my personal experience, and what I saw on screen. This disaster of a "film" had To much pride, not enough work. There were some redeemable aspects, and I applaud the initial effort, but its not enough to call this work "good" it is a terrible production, that will only be enjoyed by those who trick themselves from realizing this is bad cinema by being blinded by the subject material.

  • @kira kind of, but different…

  • ColdbutFrozen

    Damn, I have waited for this for years and the result…. IT IS FUCKING CRAP AND FAKE!!!! Seriously in this movie they do it all wrong, why is Durunia a fucking human >.<. Where were the Zora, they skipped a huge part and were is the great almighty beast named Ganon :S… Seriously worst movie of 2010 >.<

  • K Lou

    Well, I've started looking the movie and I have to say, Im impressed.
    At first I thought "Oh man, this is not so perfect" but it gets better and better.
    I have to admit that some parts are missing (like young Link) or have changed,
    but hey, it could be much worser.
    The acting is ok, not the best but it works for me.

    And to be honest, there much worser fanmovies/amateurmovies in the web/world.

  • Got done watching the film this afternoon cuz I fell alseep during it before. Had me hoping for something better cuz of all the critics talking the praise nonestop.


    this is a must see for any fan i cant believe that Nintendo shut this movie down

  • Rybear

    Sorry to say but I only got about 30 minutes in before I got sick of it. The film lacked a lot of key elements to the Ocarina of Time story, Navi, Zelda being I dunno A BLONDE. A combination of shoddy filming, bad acting, and incorrect portrayls of my favorite characters. Young Link wasn't even mentioned, Saria was NOT Link's mother, He had no mother to speak of in the games. I appreciate the effort they put into the attempt to make a Zelda film but the lack of what appears to be any knowledge of the games was terrible. Link had way to much of a punk kid attitude, that and the guy playing him was not in any way a good actor. I am sorry but this isn't even worth the mention. I love Zelda but they killed it… dead…. with fire.