5xfasterYessir, after a (very) long day of waiting, the server migration is complete – Zelda Universe and all of the sites on the server (such as Zelda Wiki.org) are back up and running almost fully. On the Wiki we’ve got a few known issues and we’re working to resolve the immediately. On ZU, the forums aren’t totally up yet – you’ll still get a database error – so I’ll update this post and the Facebook / Twitter pages when the forums are up and running again. UPDATE: The forums are now up and running!

For those who missed out on the all-day stream of announcements, ZU has (finally) made the move to a more powerful server that should be able to handle all the traffic we’ve been getting recently, as well as traffic for the Wiki. The server is roughly five times faster than the old one, so if we manage to bust this one up then there isn’t much hope left! This is pretty much top of the line as far as mid-level servers go. In fact, the one we’re on now is brand new – it just came in a few week ago. This new server was practically a gift from the generous people at our hosting company, so kudos to them for throwing us a bone and letting us step up to the server we’ve always known we needed.

Here’s the magic, though: We’re getting this server for free until October 1st. That means we’ve got until October 1st to decide whether or not it’s working. Although I have no doubts that this new server will never, ever crap out – well, those are famous last words. So, between now and October 1st, I’m calling upon a giant bug-fetching fest. If you find anything wrong – anything at all – on ZU or Zelda Wiki.org between now and October 1st, report it in the Feedback, Suggestions and Questions forum on ZU.

Once again, thanks for bearing with us through this long day of server migrations. I’ll update this post once the forums are alive again.

~ Jason Rappaport.

  • Tonchiki

    So’s that mean this new server would be more expensive?
    I seem to recall the last one being pretty expensive to pay for, and that was also one that was supposed to “never, ever crap out”.

    Anyway, best of luck in sorting this all out.
    We owe you guys a lot.


    Yeah, it's definitely faster. I wasn't expecting you to change it over so fast, so I'm a little surprised it's done already.

  • Business Shrub

    I was tired of Wand of Gamelon too!

  • Jason Rappaport

    But I love the wand of gamelon 🙁

  • DaltonR6

    Hey, you got a new advertisment at the top ^_^

  • Navi17

    Oh thats good this was working HORRIBLY last week. It would not do anyhting!

  • ChainofTermina


    I…. I apologize for that.

    • Renn

      *facepalm* I actually watched that today….

  • Midnasheikah

    A database error pops up everytime I click on a thread.. So I'm posting here. It says that it "notifiyed the ZU staff", but I really don't think it did. I wonder if I can post visitor messages?

  • Midnasheikah

    Nope, no visitor messages either… I hope Jason reads this. JASON READ HERE

  • Nothing but the forum index is working. The wiki is borked, too.

  • Metal Sonic

    Yep, no more problems with the new server. Silky smooth, like a bed of spikes.