As promised a while ago, we told you guys we had an exclusive deal with First4Figures, the creators of well known statues such as Fierce Deity Link, OOT Link, Sheik and Skull Kid, regarding new info and images from their The Legend of Zelda-series. Today’s the day we can share the world’s first exclusive images and facts of and about Zant!

For those who don’t know what this is about, here’s the link to the original announcement of our exclusive deal with First4Figures and here’s the link to our article with exclusive info regarding four new The Legend of Zelda-statues (Goron Tunic Link, Zora Tunic Link, Ganondorf and Wolf Link & Midna). Now, today’s the day we can finally show you the first images and tell you the exclusive information regarding F4F’s upcoming statue from their Twilight Princess series, Zant:

Here’s the exclusive info:

1) Zant is the first in our TP line. He’s 1/4 scale, which means he is 21 inches tall from the top of his helmet to the bottom. He comes with real cloth as well. Our TP line will all be 1/4 scale.
There are 2 versions of him – the regular version which is the regular helmet with a detachable tongue which reveals the mouth behind it. The exclusive version will be only available from and will come with a change-o-head where he is unmasked.
These will be MUCH more limited than our previous LoZ statues.
This is a new line, so that means new low numbers to be given on a first come first served basis and as usual, collectors can keep that same number for the rest in the series.

Pre-orders will start on Monday, September 14th on the official First4Figures website.

Make sure to come back on Monday when we’ll have a lot more images ready of this amazing Zant-statue!

  • Ananceinthero

    Zant is awesome!

    Checkout my forums profile!

  • Blue Link

    im beginning to worry how much these are going to cost now :'(

  • sheik001

    kielo una figura ^^

  • Onilink

    Not over 200$, please.

  • I want Ganondorf damnit. How come a character that was featured in one game just tops Ganondorf =/ Not a single freaken actionfigure from Ganondorf was really badass (all of them made him look goofy) But I gotta admit that Zant does look really well detailed!

  • ChainofTermina

    they have a zero suit samus? AND YOU DIDN"T TELL US? i know it's not related to Zelda but, c'mon! IT"S ZERO SUIT SAMUS!

    I'm just joking by the way.

  • Simon

    $329 for it. not including S+H. I own all the other Zelda statue's from them but this one is too expensive for me.

    • Jose

      I agree… I'm going to have to deliberate carefully on this one.

  • darkness girl 29

    Yesterday, i only buy the exclusive one. The price is really big, but for one i can buy it. If the only difference is with the exclusive you can see is face, i am not going to buy the other one. I hope that the others of Twilight Princess are not going to be the same thing.

  • chingchongwong

    I ended getting the exclusive just because it isn't that much more than the regular and they are extremely limited with only 200 being made. I have the skull kid figure as well. The only other one I would of bought would have been the Fierce Deity Link, except by the time I found out they had it, they were sold out unfortunately. I would LOVE a figure of Ganon.. Why they haven't made one yet is beyond me….

  • DVDVampire

    So what Characters are lined up for this 1/4 scale series? After the way Square Enix/Kotobuykia treated the Final Fantasy fans with their own "Masterpiece Arts" line by dropping a major character that was shown at the SDCC, I'm a little wary about getting into another 1/4 scale VG series.

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