According to, Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks is set for European release on December 4, 2009. Amazon is known to have a pretty good track record when it comes to correct dates so it is safe to assume this is the correct time frame. The release date for the US is rumored to be December 1, 2009 but has not been posted or made official.

Start saving your spending money because it looks like we have a holiday season release!

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    hopefully it's good, already pre-ordered it but lets hope its better than PH by miles.

    • Navi17

      i thought PH was way cool did u not like it? Altough i have to admit it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to easy

  • Elharc

    Lol, I pointed this out a while ago over on the ZeldaDungeon forums, but not many people over there took it seriously. But amazon is generally accurate so~

    It was cool because amazon sent us Link's Crossbow Training a day early last time xDD
    Hope someone messes up the mailing times again with ST~
    But I need to start saving for this~

  • Z-MAN7

    Sweet, can't wait.

  • G3K

    It's also listed as 4th December on quite a few other UK sites like and

  • Business Shrub

    I wonder what Links next vehicle is going to be, I mean he's had a horse, a sailboat, a steamboat and now a train, what next? Oh, the poll, I'm finally able to select Zelda (!), but it still wont let me vote! Please fix it, because I already made reservations for two in the Stock Pot Inn, Clock Town, Termina.

    • my vote thing dosn't work either 0.o I hope they fix it!

      • Navi17

        mine wasnt working either but then it did start working eventually of course i voted Link!

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  • phantom

    way aherad pf ya i preordered months ago.

  • Quint

    This was known a while ago; it's probably got something to do with the big holiday called "Sinterklaas" which is on December 5th and it's celebrated in Holland and Belgium. Nintendo will get a boost thanks to that holiday (you buy presents for your kid; it's similar to Christmas) when it comes to sales for this game.

  • Navi17

    Oh thats cool. Im glad its finally coming out i hope its a cool DS Zelda game like Phantom Hourglass.
    Srry this is off subject but eh, in OoT the stalfos in the forest temple are you supost to kill them both at once or what? Cuz when you kill them they just lie there and then come back to life I forget wat to do so if anyone knows tell me plz. ill just go look at the walkthrough the book i bought isint helping much. <:

  • Luna

    I already preordered it at GameStop! I'm super excited, and can't wait for this game!

    • Navi17

      You lucky ppl that got to pre order it