We’ve got ourselves a new world-premiere thanks to our friends at First4Figures; the guys who make the officially licensed Zelda-statues for Nintendo. We can give you two more names of upcoming characters from Ocarina of Time and two more from Twilight Princess!

We’ll start off the announcement with two statues which are going to be part of the Ocarina of Time-series: Zora Tunic Adult Link  and Goron Tunic Adult Link! The difference between the ‘regular’ OOT Link statue and these versions is nothing more but the color of the tunic. If you always thought Link looked better in blue or red than in green, then here’s your chance! The statues will be limited once again, but exactly how limited is still unknown. They will be released sometime around the holidays and they will cost $109 a piece.

“But wasn’t First4Figures focusing on Twilight Princess?” Well, yes they are and how! These OOT Link statues are a simple snack, because next to Zant, First4Figures confirmed to us, exclusively, two other upcoming statues from the Twilight Princess-series:



Wolf Link and Midna

F4F told us there was a lot of interest in these statues, particularly Ganondorf. They said they keep postponing the statue because they want it to be heavenly. It has to be perfect.

And no, it doesn’t end here. More statues are going to be made, but they are unknown at this point. Arrows are pointed at Zelda, a Goron and a Zora statues though!

To finish this news-item with a blast, here’s a small update on the Zant-statue: pictures are expected to arrive in the upcoming two weeks, so make sure you keep checking ZU for more updates! F4F told us Zant is by far their best piece ever, so that means it’s going to be hot!

  • SWEET!

    Which form of Midna though? the one we get most of the game or the form you only see at the end?

    • ChainofTermina

      It's probably the imp form, because usually when people talk about Midna and Wolf Link doing a pose, they mean that pose where Midna's sitting on Link, holding out her left hand in a threatening way and link's feet are in a Ready-for-battle stance. you know, that one from the wallpaper? does anybody know what I'm talking about? this is hard to describe.

  • ChainofTermina

    And those are the coolest statues yet! I especially like the red one 😉

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  • Navi17

    cool i love ocarina of time wolf link is awsome wolves are my faves so i got to play that game

  • Business Shrub

    $99 for a statue, $52 for a T-shirt? There's a name for the disorder you got if you buy these, it's called "hoarding"! I know, I've seen a TV show about "hoarding", lot's of British women, phew! I would really love it though if someone could release a 3D engine and then give you models to play around with, it would be more flexible, and definitely more affordable, than arranging around with statues in the physical world. Imagine if Nintendo gave everyone the opportunity to design their own Hyrule with a simple world editor. It would even have it's own script language to simplify making quests. Oh and such things as a dialogue editor, because programming dialogues directly with nested switch statements or something is horrible (I know whitout even trying). Now that would be about 1000 times more awesome than this!

    PS. Shigeru Miyamoto, if you're reading this, you may freely steal this idea, it's Business Shrub at his best!

  • Lules

    If it's Ganondorf from Twilight Princess, then I'm not interested. Also, when they say "perfect" and "heavenly", I just hope it'll look better than the OoT Link statue which, in my opinion, looks kind of ugly.

    As for the Wolf Link and Midna, I am sure gonna buy it! And when Zelda comes out, I'm gonna buy her too.

  • Captain K

    Aww man My bank accounts just suffered a serious ouch after managing to snag the last Fierce Deity Link from amazon (a painful pricetag of $250 though and they charged me an extra £30 to get it into England!) and Getting Adult Link – I thought I had completed the collection for now XD

    Guess not =p

    Its weird, I prefer the Red Tunic in the game however I think I like the Zora Tunic Link more!

    Sorry bank account… Got to be done =p

    Oh and Fuck am I looking forward to Ganondorf!!!

    Im still up for the idea of a Gerudo. Perhaps Nabooru?? Anyone else agree? Perhaps crouching in battle ready mode with her two scimitar swords (you know, the one raised above her head and one protecting her front)?

    I think it she would look wicked =]

    I have to agree with Lules about OoT Link – I think his face is all wrong. He looks like a pretty boy if anyone knows what I mean…=s
    Not ‘anime’ enough for me. Hes a great statue apart from that though.

    Skull Kid is my fave =]


  • The.Maverickk

    Does it irritate anyone at all how First4Figures kind of monopolizes with it's statuettes?

    It's not that I hate their statues or anything… I mean they do a really decent job of producing them. Yet when I see how they often merely do "re-colourizations" of already created statues, it kind of shows a certain degree of laziness. I mean why not create unique Link poses for each tunic for example. I mean what if Blue tunic Link was wearing the Iron Boots while underwater… Red Tunic Link is trudging through a lava field. Something like that.

    I don't think I'd care that much if it weren't for how they recoloured their samus statuette for Gravity Suit and Phazon Suit (to a lesser extent the Phazon suit which they added some sweet LED effects). It's just a cheap way to make something old new again.

    Just my rant about that, other then that I was happy to hear about the Ganondorf and Midna/Wolf Link statues. Those will be cool to see. I just wish they would provide a good opportunity for people to get their hands on them.

  • Fan

    I can't believe Zelda TP is not even confirmed. I cannot wait for her to appear as a statue.

  • Chris

    What a rip off with the new links

    OOT collection they should make Adult Zelda and Ganondorf and leave it at that for now.

    MM collection: a diorama with all the link mask forms would be ace with unaltered form in middle. Maybe a happy mask salesman statue also.

    TP collection:, link on epona in that pose they do when horse is on back legs. Zelda, Zant (with mask), Ganondorf and uncursed Midna.

    WW/PH: Link sailing on the boat. Tetra with the rest of the crew. Link VS Ganondorf and Lineback

  • Uncaught Chicken

    This rather seriously bites. I had hoped to have a full collection of the figures but with these two… for $220 that is looking about as likely as me suddenly waking up and finding out that I’m a Kokiri whose penchant for red cordial has resulted in some whacked dreams.

    I would’ve loved to see young Link showing off his sword and shield to some Kokiri (for example) or something else fun and interesting.

    Sigh… I’ve written to F4F and shall see what they say. Hopefully I’m not a lone voice in the night…

  • sheik001

    so cool!! im fanatic of zelda and sailor moon…rinku,midna,red,blue and vio ^^