We’ve got ourselves a new world-premiere thanks to our friends at First4Figures; the guys who make the officially licensed Zelda-statues for Nintendo. We can give you two more names of upcoming characters from Ocarina of Time and two more from Twilight Princess!

We’ll start off the announcement with two statues which are going to be part of the Ocarina of Time-series: Zora Tunic Adult Link  and Goron Tunic Adult Link! The difference between the ‘regular’ OOT Link statue and these versions is nothing more but the color of the tunic. If you always thought Link looked better in blue or red than in green, then here’s your chance! The statues will be limited once again, but exactly how limited is still unknown. They will be released sometime around the holidays and they will cost $109 a piece.

“But wasn’t First4Figures focusing on Twilight Princess?” Well, yes they are and how! These OOT Link statues are a simple snack, because next to Zant, First4Figures confirmed to us, exclusively, two other upcoming statues from the Twilight Princess-series:



Wolf Link and Midna

F4F told us there was a lot of interest in these statues, particularly Ganondorf. They said they keep postponing the statue because they want it to be heavenly. It has to be perfect.

And no, it doesn’t end here. More statues are going to be made, but they are unknown at this point. Arrows are pointed at Zelda, a Goron and a Zora statues though!

To finish this news-item with a blast, here’s a small update on the Zant-statue: pictures are expected to arrive in the upcoming two weeks, so make sure you keep checking ZU for more updates! F4F told us Zant is by far their best piece ever, so that means it’s going to be hot!