Internet_Explorer_logo_oldIf you’re currently using Internet Explorer 6, I have some bad news to drop on you. If you’re not using the infamous browser, you can sit back and enjoy the news.

As of yesterday, Zelda Universe has officially dropped all support for IE6. This means that as we add features to the site and forums, as we refine the code to make the site and forums faster, and as we create new pages and guides for new Zelda games (like our Spirit Tracks section), we will not be checking to make sure that they “work” in Internet Explorer 6.

The main reason we drop support is because of the sheer amount of time it takes to make those pages work with IE6. Microsoft’s browser does not run the same way that most browsers today do; it uses far outdated technology and, after sticking around for eight years, it’s finally time to put this browser to rest. If you’re using IE6 – be it at work or at home – we strongly encourage upgrading to Microsoft’s newest version of Internet Explorer, IE8.

If you don’t want to use Internet Explorer anymore – and we can see why – please check out the following alternatives:

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