tingleshirtEver felt like you needed more Tingle in your life? Well, Japanese clothing company King of Games has released a Tingle t-shirt based on his newest game, Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love.

Unfortunately, it comes at a high price. Excluding shipping, the shirt costs 4800 Yen, or about $52 US. It’s a nice design, but for that kind of price I’d rather just ship the new game itself over.

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  • Oni Link

    This T-Shirt sucks for $52!! It should be free with game reservation or something.

  • Calliope

    It's a fun and clever shirt design, but there's no way I'd ever spend $50 on ANY t-shirt.
    I agree that it'd be a great giveaway/promotion for the game though

  • kayasto


  • http://www.zeldainformer.com/2009/08/king-of-game… LATE NEWS POST IS LATE.

    In other news, Tingle is awesome and as I said in my post on ZI, I am seriously ordering the shirt. In fact, I am going to run off and do so right now.

    • Business Shrub

      Uh, huh, nooo!
      You forgot to claim your five cents! I use to do that, and that T-shirt is so expensive that you're going to need your five cents to go towards it!

      That's my five cents!
      (I'm getting rich in short order 😛 )

      PS. I don't know who started this "That's my five cents" thing or where it comes from, I just picked it up.

  • Business Shrub

    I don't know about Tingle, he's not the coolest character in the Zelda Universe ever. Maybe some other Zelda merchandise, but only if they lower the prices so I don't have to feel robbed. Last time I bought a T-shirt I payed the equivalent of 1.38406 U.S. dollars, according to Google calculator.

    That's my five cents!
    Oh, and that still isn't enough to buy that T-shirt, darn!

  • THEE Zero of Time

    QUOTE: Ever felt like you needed more Tingle in your life?


  • Tingle!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello Mr. Fairy!!!!!!

  • Mr.Fairy

    oh my god, NO!!!! its tingle e-e keep him away (says link lol)