lon3The Legend of Neil, a live-action parody of the Zelda series about a man named Neil literally sucked into the game of Zelda, has today launched a new episode, the third episode of season two.

In this very special episode, Neil must defeat the boss of Level 2 while Ganon, with the help of his advisor Wizrobe, schemes to stop him. Meanwhile, Fairy deals with her entrapment in a bottle, and Zelda awaits her rescue.

This may sound like just your average Legend of Neil episode, but the difference is this – it is all in the form of song.

The series does contain a fair amount of vulgar language, so if you are easily offended by vulgarity you may want to give it a miss, but otherwise you can view the new episode here.

If you are new to the series and wish to start watching from the beginning, you can start here.

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