Remember that newspost we had not too long ago about the new The Legend of Zelda statue First4Figures was going to make? Well, we got the exclusive confirmation of who it is AND we’ve got an exclusive deal concerning the first images of the statue!

I’ll spare you the details about the figures and stuff, because you can read all of that in our previous newsitem right here. I’ll spit out the answer everyone is waiting for. The upcoming statue in the official Nintendo licensed series of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is going to be…


Yep yep, our speculations were correct. First4Figures told us Nintendo finally gave their official approval to the prototype they’ve created of Zant. This news can’t even be found on the official First4Figures-website; we’re the first one to tell you, exclusively!

The teaser pictures are small pictures of Zant!

That’s not all: we’ll also receive the very first images of the upcoming statue before anyone else does. A worldwide exclusive! We will receive them even before they will be shown on the First4Figures-website. We expect to receive the images in the end of this month / the beginning of September, so make sure to check ZU every day!