Remember that newspost we had not too long ago about the new The Legend of Zelda statue First4Figures was going to make? Well, we got the exclusive confirmation of who it is AND we’ve got an exclusive deal concerning the first images of the statue!

I’ll spare you the details about the figures and stuff, because you can read all of that in our previous newsitem right here. I’ll spit out the answer everyone is waiting for. The upcoming statue in the official Nintendo licensed series of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is going to be…


Yep yep, our speculations were correct. First4Figures told us Nintendo finally gave their official approval to the prototype they’ve created of Zant. This news can’t even be found on the official First4Figures-website; we’re the first one to tell you, exclusively!

The teaser pictures are small pictures of Zant!

That’s not all: we’ll also receive the very first images of the upcoming statue before anyone else does. A worldwide exclusive! We will receive them even before they will be shown on the First4Figures-website. We expect to receive the images in the end of this month / the beginning of September, so make sure to check ZU every day!

  • poxvaati

    WOOT i want one!!! ive always had the feeling that buying a statue of F4F would make mah room change and look sooo cool!!! but now i found a statue that will be worth my dollars!!!….first comment!

  • DarkSpidey13

    I expected it to be Zant, but I can't say I'm excited. When the hell do we get Ganondorf??? My Skull Kid is getting lonely.

  • how did you guys manage to get exclusive confirmation?! That's AWESOME. Hmm so Zant huh? The boss that was awesome evil until ganon had to come ruin it. While I like Ganon, Zant was awesome.

    Thanks for the info~

    • Shhh, we didn't look in the forbidden book….

      • The forbidden book? Why haven't I got a copy of that?!

  • Eximius

    Great, but the collection is missing the most important characters, and maybe it is the reason I haven't bought any F4F. What I believe would be much cooler is if they start making Gashapons. The ones with the great quality as the dragon ball or Naruto Gashapons. This gashapons have been done with exelent detail, unlike the four gashapons from Twilight princess, that seem to be made in a rush.
    F4F are awesome statues,, but they take more space, and take much longer to produce.

  • Arkamidis

    Nice! My hunch was correct! But as Eximius has said it would've Been a lot cooler if they made some of Zelda Characters into Gashapons the way the Naruto ones have been made. But we can only get what is given out. Now to se if i can order me Zant Statue.

  • "Great, a giant Zant… we'll all going to die."

  • By_Farore

    Zant? I was unimpressed by his character back when I finally fought him.
    Hoping his statue lives up to the hype.

    On the plus side: yay, TP statues.

    How about some WW ones now. *wink*

    • First4Figures doesn't have a contract with Nintendo for Wind Waker figures; they only have the rights to create them for OOT, MM and TP :[.

  • jake


  • Lules

    Who cares about a Zant figure… I mean, he was a cool character, but I wouldn't want his figure. How I wish that was a Midna figure…