UPDATE: The forums are back up and in full swing. Get back to posting, everyone! šŸ™‚

Due to a pretty nasty bug that arose late this afternoon, we have been forced to restore the ZU forums to their state from this morning. We deeply apologize for this – we tried everything we could in a short time frame to fix the error, but after hours of work it became clear that a restore was the best option.

For those of you who made posts today, those posts will certainly be lost. However, I will be working on the boards to see if there is anything I can recover individually, for those of you who may have made very important or long posts (such as those of you on the RP boards). However, please appreciate that we make daily backups for just this kind of situation – in any other disaster, on any other site, it could have been a week’s or a month’s worth of posts lost.

Once again, we deeply apologize for the downtime. This should not happen ever again – but, forbidding all else, we’ll always keep running our backups just in case. The restore should be entirely complete within the next few hours. Until then, the boards have been shut down (as they don’t work anyway).

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