Many of you have read this fine article on Gamasutra about the Gorons. I know this because several of you have tipped us about the article but due to summer slagging, nobody ever wrote anything about it. Shame on us.

The article compares the differences in the appearance of Gorons throughout the series and tries to understand the nature of the brotherly Gorons we have known and loved since we first set foot on Death Mountain in Ocarina of Time.

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Source: Gamasutra
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  • Tyler


  • sth

    They forgot about Oracle of Ages/Seasons and I think there was one in Wind Waker.

  • The Gorons have actually been around since at least Link's Awakening. They just looked like little dragon things.

  • ogichiichigo

    Why didn't they give a link? I'd like to read this.

    • Cody

      There's like 3 links. What do you mean?

  • ogichiichigo

    Oh, my bad. Sorry.

  • Superozzy

    Very good written :

  • Yoshiyahu

    That article forgot to mention the Wind Waker gorons… I think. XD

    • jsmax

      there aren't eny gorons in the wind waker

      • nathan

        yes there are.. those traveling salesmen are gorons

  • I really like this article! I think it's cool when writers look farther into games! Keep posting stuff like this!