We all, or may not, know the The Legend of Zelda statues from First 4 Figures. The Limited hand-crafted statues are incredibly detailed and well-made. The Fierce Deity Link, Ocarina of Time Link, Skull Kid and Sheik seemed to complete the series (pictures and info can be found in our merch-section to the left), but today F4F announces a new statue coming up and it’s going to be…

Midna! Or….Zant! At least, that’s what you’d think when you see the teaser F4F has put up in their newsletter:

“We’re working on a lot of new products behind the scenes here at F4F. We’re leaving you with a teaser picture of the next model in our Legend of Zelda line! Can you tell what it is?

Comparisons in the right-picture can be found in the official artwork from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:


Especially Zant’s  sleeves seem to contain the same pattern as the one on the teaser. Time will tell what the truth is though!

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