Visual Approximation

New Tingle Game Visual Approximation

The new Tingle game is sounding crazier and crazier. First we discover that it will be named “Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip”, and now it turns out that he will be traveling with a cowardly lion, a heartless robot, and a cheerful but stupid scarecrow while trapped in an alternate world.

Apparently, the plot is that Tingle is watching infomercials when he hears of a book that promises to make him popular with the ladies. He orders it, but when he opens it up, he finds himself sucked into the world of a picture book.

It was also revealed that there will be combat of various types in the game, including boarding vehicles to fight giant enemies, and shooting things with his slingshot.

Source: IGN
  • deadfast

    My eyes start bleeding every time I see tingle.

    I'd like nothing more than to disintegrate his skull with a howitzer, but if these wacked out little side excursions keep the pedophile of Termina far, far away from any actual zelda game, I'll happily avert my eyes as they pass into the discount game bin.

  • Wizard of oz + Tingle = Got to be awesome.

  • -Link-182-

    there is NO WAY this can actually be the premise of the game. This is just … horrible

  • vree

    Tingle tingle whaaaaa xD

  • Vilage Genious

    You retards… you wouldn't be making those comments if you'd played Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Damn good game. You all need to cowboy, stop whining about things you don't understand, and learn the life goes on.

    Nothing makes me more sick than to listen to whining fanboys who just listen to the words of the general public. Now go get a life.

    • Tingle is not an attractive game to me. I can have my own opinion and personally, this just looks very unappealing. I'm sure that it's a "damn good game" but I'm just going to take your word for it and leave it alone.

      I'm not just listening to the general public either. It's just personal preference and there's no need t be so harsh just because your opinion is somewhat uncommon.

      • LuX

        Actually its not a damn good game (imo) I have it, I guess its OK the gameplay isnt bad the story isnt either the dungeons are good but its just….well weird.

        Anyway I havent finished it because well it got too the point where it was chore to switch it on, the only reason i still own it is because its tingle and ruppees, you know the slight references to Zelda lol.

  • gvan11ian

    yeah um this doesn't look gay,wierd, disturbbing at all (sarcasm)

  • ….(try to have an open mind….try to have an open mind…try to have-)….

  • Sol

    lol what the farore?

    • bluefire

      Hey, do you read the warriors series?

  • Z-MAN7

    Whoa, Tingle in the land of Oz? That will be heck of an acid trip. Too bad NoA are too afraid to the put the Tingle games in the states.

  • ChainofTermina

    Excuse me? infomercials? INFOMERCIALS!? What you mean like on TV? ….What! does tingle have ANYTHING to do with Zelda anymore? He thinks he's in the Wizard of OZ? are these spinoffs just what Tingle thinks about when he gets high?

    • Starrfeather

      Hmm…Good point.

  • ogichiichigo

    …why this has anything to do with Zelda, I do not know. Tingle, Where is the Zelda aspect of your story?

  • Yoshiyahu

    This is either a (sick) joke or Nintendo is being more stupid than usual.


    I dont understand why everyone hates tingle. I've never had any real problem with him.

    • It's just different and weird. Plus it has nothing to do with Zelda but Tingle is a character from the Zelda series. Go figure.

  • dana

    so is tingle out of the series now? I sure don't want to find him in a game any more. His presence was fun, but has outstayed his welcome with all his rosy prancing. He never felt like that important of a character, glad I never much liked him. Def would never check this game out, and tingles rosy rupee land looked terrible. Only thing he had going was being in Termania in SSBM. I'm hereby saying farewell to tingle.

  • swizzles

    Lol, infomercials.

    This article is just what I was thinking when I saw that teaser picture of Tingle facing three characters on a yellow-bricked road.

    Set phasers to MAXIMUM WEIRD!!!

  • Vadden

    Tingle is just…some thirty year old flaming creep who is NOT gay, as is proven here. I don't like him, though.

  • Majora's Reincarnate

    So, I think I'm going to actually buy this game- SIMPLY for some audio and visual stimuli, but also because I would like something a little…..well, I guess the word "different" is more than appropriate here. Something that has even slightest relevance to the LoZ series, but is, at the same time, completely unrelated, somehow attracts me.

  • nick

  • swizzles

    That is a really random thing to say to someone, but I used to read that series. Why were you asking?

    • bluefire

      Because Sol is the name of an important charector in the newer books.

    • bluefire

      Sol is the name of an important charecter in the newer books.

      • bluefire

        REPLY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Whalenips


  • Ozzy

    Tingle on shrooms, I like the idea :D.

  • TingleHater

    Legend of Zelda+Wizard of Oz?!?! I just lost all faith in the human race. We are doomed. Trust me.

  • Tyler

    Yeah… but Tingle is a spin-off game. Sorta gives a bad/gay name to the legend of zelda.