Another E3 Miyamoto interview has surfaced, this time a video interview with Gamespot. He talks about the new Zelda Wii for part of it, so you should take a look.

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  • Yes, I think Link needs a vitality sensor and a balance board in order for me to experience the game to its complete depth.

  • Waker of Winds

    I hope they use Motion Plus for The Lengend of Zelda Wii!

    I also hope there's less Z-targeting and more challenging swordfighting and bosses.

    • xXSacredBeastXx

      A better idea would be less Z-Targeting against monsters, sometimes you may need it to uncover somethings in order to advance through dungeons. And yes, I would feel like a sword master with Motion Plus! 😉

      • Toon Link

        Youre SOOOOOOO right!

  • raaaaaaaaawr

    i dont know. i dont think theyre gonna use the wii motion plus and make this game crazy as helll……… 🙂

  • Zeldadudetp


    I just have to say, The Other M and the new Wii Sports looks interesting.

    I'm not much of a fan of Mario, but I might end up buying it. I do like the sound of Co-op mode in it though.

    And as for the new Zelda, we didn't really learn anything about it. If you have been following the ZeldaUniverse Blogs(eh, I think that's what they are. correct me if i'm wrong.) then you would have already known that Motion Plus was going to be used in the new Zelda.

    Thanks for the video, Cody. 🙂

    • Toon Link

      Can you tell Cody the video keeps freezing up? Cause its driven me CRAZY!

  • Shaelyn

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned the IGN interview and vid yet (as far as I've seen):

  • AW9000

    Does Metroid Other M take place in the past or after the Prime series?

    • link

      I think it takes place after Super Metroid and before Metroid Fusion. So it would be after the Prime series

  • lmnop

    does it need wii motion plus or is it optional

  • ChainofTermina

    Thats almost the whole reason i like it! It's a med evil sword play ACTION Adventure game.
    no, you know what? no more. I'm not listening to him anymore! he's crazy! thy're all crazy! he has been bugging me year after year with this "family freindly" bullcrap and I not putting up with it any more . I'm done! no more! he's nuts! I'M NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE! AAAGGGHHHH!!!!

  • I think the family friendly thing is coming from Japanese culture. They are really big on family after all. I wish they would just do the awesome thing already and take Zelda to the next level. I mean for real this time…

  • Master Jedi

    Well when I saw what the Wii motion plus did for the sword and bow and arrow games in The new Wii sports, I cant wait for the new Zelda game to come out. Metroid on the other hand, is going in the wrong direction for me. I love first person in the prime series, especially on the Wii. 3rd person works better with swords, not guns.

  • Toon Link