Ever been stuck on a level of a game and got so frustrated you just gave up? Well, not anymore.

A patent was discovered in January (Created by Shigeru Miyamoto) that hinted that Nintendo would be making games a bit easier for casual gamers. And just last week, it was hinted that Nintendo would be implementing a system, starting with the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, that would make games easier for casual gamers. What is this new system, you ask? Read on.

Demo play. What is this? If you happen to be stuck on a level, you will have the option to stop the game and let the computer take over.

Don’t worry, the computer doesn’t beat the level for you, merely shows you how to beat it. Once the computer has completed the level, you simply push a button and continue, now enlightened on how to defeat that new enemy or how to evade a trap.

Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of this feature) said, “In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, if a player is experiencing an area of difficulty, this will allow them to clear troubled areas and take over when they’re ready. And yes, we’re looking into this for future games.”

So, enjoy this feature and don’t abuse it. I hope you’ll give a good try to beat the level by yourself first.

  • srly

    oh u gotta be kidding me this defeats the purpose of even playing games

    • cyku

      i agree with yo u D:

  • Derk


  • bluefire

    I hope they don`t put this stuff on zelda games…….

  • karyl

    Anybody that needs a computer tutorial on how to beat a mario game doesn't even deserve to play it.

  • Ahn

    WTF!?!?!?! Trying to beat the frikken levels was the best part! It was what made the game fun! If it really is that hard for people to play the games, they shouldn't be playing at all!

  • King of Termina

    Maybe it's something for my mom, she has loads of trouble with just the first level of nsmb. this would be handy for her… but for me, I want a hard difficulty option.

    • ChainofTermina

      Hey buddy how 'bout you come up with your own name
      (only kidding)

  • Jonathan

    I think you're all looking at this the wrong way. This isn't for me or my friends, or even for you guys. They put it in for people who aren't very good at video games, which is always fine by me, provided of course they don't make it a necessity or isolate us. I personally couldn't care less because I have no desire for this feature, nor will I use it ever, but at least it's fair for someone who doesn't usually play video games who simple just want to play it for a little bit.

  • ZenJestr

    ok if they're going to add an Uber Easy Mode on the fly….I demand a Harder difficulty….on the fly….

    • Shaelyn

      agreed. PLEASE. the newer games are pathetic.

      though, it's bad enough if we have to sacrifice disc space/content for an easy mode…if we have to sacrifice the same for a harder mode as well, we wouldn't have nearly as much of a game.

  • bluefire

    My mom has the same problem. On SSBB, she walks of the stage and dies allthe time. =)

    • >___>

      parents shouldnt be playing the game period. mario kart 64 is the only exception.

  • By_Farore

    I trust Miyamoto knows most gamers, and especially the Nintendo fanboys/girls, don't like the idea since this is intended for the 'casual' crowd, so we'll see how they manage it.

    I don't know if they'll use it for Zelda. I mean, New Super Mario Bros Wii is a four person multiplayer, exactly the kind of game that can draw the 'casual' gamers in. Yup, speaking about 'family fun'. I know people who'll enjoy that.
    I'm convinced Zelda Wii will stay a single player game (though I won't bet my arm, we never know what 'new ideas' they have), and for some reason I don't see the 'I-might-play-a-game-someday' crowd as one who enjoys starting with a single player game. And I think that when they get enough hold of how games work, they also start seeking more challenges when they keep buying games.
    I think, I hope.
    Anyway, no matter what the opinion, we can onl wait and see. :/

  • Rikki

    hahahaha good one :'D

  • Rikki

    i bet one could beat new super mario bros. wii in just an hour using that system

  • It's a good thing for casual players… Though I will never use it…

  • Mark

    Dude, who cares if they put it into Zelda or not? It's not like they force you to use it or anything. If anything, this would allow them to make games more difficult, since now if you get stuck you can just turn to this.

    I basically see this as Nintendo handing you a free strategy guide with your purchase of a game. If you want it or need it, it's there for you. If you don't, throw it out and no harm done. I know when I was a kid I used strategy guides all the time, and this is definitely a cool feature to be implementing. I might not ever use it myself, but remembering how much of a lifesaver guides used to be for me, I'm giving kudos to Nintendo on this.

    • I agree with you. If your stuck, you can use it, or you can try to beat it yourself. Its not like the game forces you to use it.

  • Necromance

    I agree with the above. It's every bit as enticing to use as GameFAQs, but integrated into the game itself so you don't have to get up and turn on the computer. This could also mean that they won't be making the game easy for the casual crowd, instead showing them how to do it, leaving the game to be (hopefully) more challenging for the rest of us. Plus, there's still a big difference between knowing how to do it and actually doing it yourself; player skill is still involved.

  • linksoer

    Then why even bother playing a game?
    Stupid no thinking casuals!

  • keimori

    guys calm down! it's just a silly opion for stupid people, you don't Have to use it, ever, just leve it be, its somthing hes putting in there for the hell of it all. its really no diferent than a walkthrough. so stop whineing about it, for wether you use the dang thing or not, is completely up to you.

  • Shaelyn

    oh what the shit. are gamers seriously gradually getting dumber?

    …so lemme get this straight…instead of adding a ton of awesome content to our games, you're going to drown the disc/card in how-to's. thanks, Nintendo. just what I wanted to spend my money on. if I wanted a how-to, I'd buy your magazine or look it up.



  • Sarah

    well if nintendo has to create that, then that just shows that people are really stupid.

  • TheMaverickk

    People are stupid today sad to say.

    I mean in reality why do sites like Gamefaqs thrive with an abundance of walk through's for every game. The truth is hundreds of people get stuck (probably a lot more then some will admit) and go looking for a quick answer.

    I mean Walkthrough guides do the exact same thing… walk a player through the entire game. Some even go as far as how to complete an area the most effectively or where every secret is.

    Nintendo is basically saying… hey if your gonna go look up the answer on how to beat something, you may as well get the answer straight from us.

    I'm not exactly surprised by this feature considering in this generation so many gamers got pissed mad at how difficult Mega Man 9 was… and it wasn't even that hard at all.

    I personally blame this on the ADD generation simply because they are the ones who don't have the patience to simply try and try again until they complete something.

    • jibba

      Very true.

  • Renzalif

    oh dear. Are people really getting that stupid and impatient? I mean, its even gone down to ketchup (no waiting required! you just have to squeeze becuz the ketchup is already near the lid!)!

    curse you people and your stupid ignorance and your inability to actually think things through!!

    • Kavoki

      I know, you're so right. People have become so impatient. How dare they make use of technology to make their lives quicker and easier. Wanting their ketchup quicker so that they don't have to wait any longer than they need to on their meals. Real people actually go out of their way to make things more difficulty for themselves. In fact, screw microwaves. They make things to fast and easy. And cars? Who needs them when we can just walk everywhere we need to. And why buy food when we're perfectly capable of hunting for ourselves? Why buy a house when you can make you're own? Who rely on anyone for anything else?

      I'm sorry to single you out here (not my intention), but I'm sick of these types of comments. You all act like its some horrible sin to want things quick and easy. Well where do you draw the line? What's too much effort and what's too little? The fact is that games exist for one distinct purpose. To be enjoyed by players. Getting stuck is an obstacle that prevents us from having fun. Should we force ourselves through those obstacles when there's a perfectly reasonable alternative (looking at a guide)? I worked my ass off all day, the least I should be able to expect is to be able to enjoy myself without it feeling like a second job.

      If the technology is right there in front of us we have no reason not to use it. That's what technology was invented for. To make life easier. If you don't like it, don't use it. Don't ruin it for the rest of us with your incessant moaning about how society has crumbled because people are using walkthroughs when they play video games. Like I said, I'm not directing this specifically to you, but to everyone out their posting comments like this, stop acting like you're better than everyone else because you enjoy challenge.

  • Master Jedi

    I agree with you too. The help would allow them to make the game more difficult. The hard core gamers could try the level themselves, and the casual gamers can use the new system.

  • Victor

    Is it REALLY that necesary to go " casual" with these games? If I want to pass a game by cheating, I'd look for a walkthrough instead. Nintendo doesn't really have to go through all this trouble. Never tone down the difficulty of a game and at the same time never abuse it. Let players figure thing out on their own the way it should be.


    IGN is screwed, a lot people go on there just for the walkthroughs.

  • brickeater

    Miyamoto should just leave certain games difficult. Why add on more games for casual gamers? They have already a huge library of games that are quite easy and enjoyable, Mario is already in that pile, why add Zelda?

    Ok, if this is what Miyamoto wants to do then so be it, but I (and a lot of gamers) would like it if it was an option-only and not a requirement to the game. It just defeats the purpose of gaming in general, and would not sit well with most Zelda gamers.

  • ChainofTermina

    Well, this pretty much confirms it.
    It's official.
    Nintendo's new target audience is kids between the ages of 4 and 8

  • LuX

    Guys and Gals this is a GOOD thing it means instead of the ridiculously easy Mario Galaxy type games were going to get hard and difficult games with this option to help inexperienced players, so everybody wins.

    I just hope I can turn it off in the optins so i dont accidently activate it during play :S

  • Karson

    That takes the whole fun out of gaming.
    Don't you think someone could contact Nintendo and tell them this is wrong?

  • Frizzy

    Yeah this isnt a bright idea. I'd like to know about this "casual gamer" that they speak of. Casual gamers buy casual games. dont punish everyone else for it.

  • As the guy who wrote the newspost…

    Please stop freaking out about it, it's just an option. You don't have to use it. This is like what I said at the end of the post. So please, calm down.