Want to know more about the Spirit Tracks demo that Nintendo showcased at E3? Well, apparently it had three available segments to explore, with one dedicated to the train, one to a dungeon, and one to a boss. Mike of GameTrailers goes through all of these and gives you his impressions of the demo, revealing some interesting information about the new game along the way.

Check it out here.

  • James

    So, according to the walk through developer, this game is set 100 years after Phantom Hour Glass? I guess it makes scene since there are trains in Hyrule now, apparently the Great Sea is no more and it seems Zelda is really Zelda now. If this is true, I wonder why Nintendo never sticks with a Link?

  • PhantomGannon

    I'm sure tetra is dead.. 100 is a long time. i think its a new zelda and link. and they must have found a new land and made their own hyrule. just like the king said in WW

  • James

    I wounder what the plot is for this one.