It looks like Nintendo has given into demand and officially released the poster initially meant only for a “select group” of people. Naturally, the poster has now fallen into ZU hands, and we’re showing it to everyone we can. Hit the jump and have a look into a future far beyond Spirit Tracks.

The Zelda Wii Poster
(The actual-size poster is absolutely massive! Click to see at your own risk/enjoyment.)

That, my friends, is Zelda Wii. Just as we’ve heard, Link is without his sword in this poster, and in front of him (or behind, we guess) is an all-white girl that doesn’t look a far cry away from the Queen of Fairies of The Wind Waker. However, the markings on the girl may indicate that she is the spirit of the Master Sword itself; her entire form follows the Master Sword uncannily well, down the gem and design of the hilt. Link is certainly much taller than he was in Twilight Princess, but the art direction and style seems to be the same. And we’re just fine with that – Twilight Princess‘s artistic design was excellent.

So, Nintendo, old friend… this poster is a nice little tease. But we need more. Let’s hear a little more about Zelda Wii! Pretty please?