It looks like Nintendo has given into demand and officially released the poster initially meant only for a “select group” of people. Naturally, the poster has now fallen into ZU hands, and we’re showing it to everyone we can. Hit the jump and have a look into a future far beyond Spirit Tracks.

The Zelda Wii Poster
(The actual-size poster is absolutely massive! Click to see at your own risk/enjoyment.)

That, my friends, is Zelda Wii. Just as we’ve heard, Link is without his sword in this poster, and in front of him (or behind, we guess) is an all-white girl that doesn’t look a far cry away from the Queen of Fairies of The Wind Waker. However, the markings on the girl may indicate that she is the spirit of the Master Sword itself; her entire form follows the Master Sword uncannily well, down the gem and design of the hilt. Link is certainly much taller than he was in Twilight Princess, but the art direction and style seems to be the same. And we’re just fine with that – Twilight Princess‘s artistic design was excellent.

So, Nintendo, old friend… this poster is a nice little tease. But we need more. Let’s hear a little more about Zelda Wii! Pretty please?

  • Mr_Zora_Decu

    I think she looks like the master sword…..

  • Xmasterswordx

    i think she IS the master sword

  • vacumgod

    took the words right out of my mouth, now that the master sword is an actual person/spirit, the sword is now an item on par with the hook shot and bow

  • Feri-san

    I agree, I think she is the amster sword, loko at her design, the crystal, the gold markings, the colors, the crosshatched legs like the hilt.. yep, the girl is most likley the MS:

  • D-h

    Holy ****!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Legend is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Theme song of the Zelda series plays*

  • ” target=”_blank”>

    This one might make a little more sense, but it really seems obvious that it's the master sword

    • Shaelyn

      404 error…

  • Gordon

    He's right-handed again!

    • Well, of course. It Is on the Wii, you know.

      • IntoTheRealm

        Ugggh. I guess that makes sense but I LOVED him being left-handed. It made him sexier.

  • Oh my god. No sword? I mean, I guess the girl could be the spirit of the Master Sword. That sort of makes sense. So…in the interview I read with Shigeru he said this wasn't exactly a sequel…so no Midna? T__T

    • Midna basically 'died' at the end of Twilight Princess.
      Well, not really 'died', but she will pretty much not be coming back, because she went into the Twilight Realm and broke the only way in or out.
      So, I think being a sequel is still somewhat plausible.
      I think maybe Shigeru is starting to do things that aren't sequels, though. Spirit Tracks has several conflicts with the storyline of WW/PH, but maybe it is still a sequel somehow. Maybe we'll find out.

  • James

    I think its very clear that it is the sword. I wonder if this Link is the same link from twilight princess, or are the rebooting with a new Link which seems to be the pattern. It looks though that the Master Sword will be more important in this game and maybe have more of a back story then it has in other games. In truth The master sword hasn't felt very important since Ocarina of Time.

    • I disagree. It was fairly important in The Wind Waker.

      • James

        Story wise It was important, but game play wise it was just an upgraded sword.

        • How is that different from Ocarina of Time? (Besides volleying Ganondorf's blasts.)

          • James

            It aloud you to travel through time. It was also unique in that it wasn't the strongest sword in the game.

          • vexen

            learn to spell lol

          • Somesortofguy203

            traveling through time and defeating Ganon

          • bla

            You have a point, but in Oot, you could also use the sword to travel backward and forwards in time unlike in wind waker -which, consequently, also makes it feel less useful/importaint in WW

          • Tom

            *cough*time travel*cough*

          • NOKIHARO

            in ocarina of time, it teleported you from past to present, unlike the wind waker.

  • James

    Where did you get the poster?

  • Brittney

    This poster is quite interesting… I compared a picture of TP Link and the Link in the poster and they looked exactly the same, except this one's wearing different earings and his eyes are a total different colour than TP Link's.

    • Wow his eyes are white. I never noticed that till you said about it.

      • fauxe

        actually……..they're still blue……

  • James

    I noticed that they don't do optional Sword upgrades anymore. It seemed after Majora's Mask (or if you count the Oracle game, after them) you only get the required Sword Upgrades and that's it. For example in a Link to the Past, you had one required sword upgrade (the Fighter's Sword to the Master sword), but then you can look for two optional upgrades.

  • Dreikothedragon

    awesome, finally we now know they are making a zelda wii game, these are great news and the art work looks fantastic, i agree too, the girl could be the master sword, maybe she can transform between a human form to a weapon ala soul eater, either she can help link slashing monster or give him some hints with the bosses and dungeons and all that,maybe the use of awesome powerfull magic, with RPG elements on it, for example, the sword could gain experience with the battles and teach link some moves in her sword form, like the golden wolf in twilight princess

  • Dreikothedragon

    that would be really cool, of course only if the girl is the master sword,otherwise then it must be an important character, maybe one of the sages who made the master sword, because acording to the legend, the sages created the master sword but is never said wich sage made it, i mean, in wind waker the earth sage and the wind sage where the only ones who can give the power to repeal the evil to the master with their prayers to the goddesses, so i thing the six sages of light, forest, fire, water, spirit and shadow protected hyrule

  • Dreikothedragon

    the sages of the earth and the wind give the master sword the power to repeal evil and other sages made the master sword, but that's is just my theories, the only way to find out all of this is waiting, waiting until they releas the game (sorry if my english is bad) , damm my comment is really long XD

  • Brendan

    Might i add to this that link ISNT holding the master sword either so this is almost confirmed!

  • Brendan

    also her body looks a lot like a hilt

  • Beau Breems

    Um… has anybody actually checked up on the authenticity of this photo? Did it come from Nintendo? Or is someone on deviantart having a good laugh?

    • AQuest

      It's been posted on several gaming news sites. It's definitely official.

    • Brendan

      It was off nintendos press site someone figured out the pass

  • James

    It allowed you to travel through time

  • Its certainly a very nice bit of artwork, but I dont see grounds to say its official just yet.
    Could be a just a fanart piece.

    Whoever made it had a nice idea about the sword personified, but I'm a little skeptical Nintendo would give something so obvious away so soon.

    Also, fyi, I want Midna back. I dont care how. Its a fantasy game, theres ways.

  • Wow, she does look exactly like the Master Sword. But how did the Master Sword become a person?! Also, I wonder if the gem on the sword has changed to blue, and why.
    Link also appears to have a much larger shield.
    You know what? The Master Sword will probably be Link's companion, much like Midna was. She will probably have one other form besides just Master Sword and anthropomorphic form so that she can talk to Link without completely transforming. Though, maybe she will talk in sword form. (Wouldn't be very creative, and I know Miyamoto. Well, not really, but you get the point.)

    • Majora's Reincarnate

      She's got to be the master sword, or at least the spirit inside of it. Notice how Link is not holding a sword in this poster?

    • Shaelyn

      maybe it turns to blue when she's in her…uh…personified? form…and changes colors when she changes into the sword.

      • bluefire

        maybe it changes to her emotions.

  • AQuest

    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but that version of Link is near identical to the OOT Adult Link design. The hair color and the way it parts, the eye color, the blue earrings, and especially the clothing itself, which lacks the variations that the Twilight Princess design had (for example, the extra stitching and and such isn't present here.)

    Given how much care seems to go into making each new Link unique, I really doubt this is a coincidence or accident. I have no idea what it could mean though.

    • ChainofTermina

      hey yeah!
      maybe this is the adult link in the child timeline
      who knows, mayb that girl is really navi?

  • Jmontroy

    ah whatever just a poster. why bother posting. get shit up for balls

  • Giggorronmaster

    Beau Breems who ever made this must have put a lot of time into this so it would of been hardly a joke no one spends that much time painting somthing just for a joke.

    • Feri-san

      Well, ign spent like 3 months filming a fake Zelda trailer for a joke 8D;;;;;

      but yes, the poster is official indeed 😀

  • Puffy

    Firstly it was on Nintendo's press site so it's the real deal.

    Secondly notice the white undergarments that link is wearing? Anyone know the last time he wore these?

    • Dax

      …uh, in Twilight Princess?

      • Rogar

        Actually it was in OT wasn't it?

  • Dysic

    What is wrong with Link's eye? Or is it just me? xD

  • Samuel

    I'm a bit disappointed because judging from the artwork it seems to be a sequel to Twilight Princess and I really don't want that.

    • Feri-san

      Miyamoto said it was no a sequel to TP and that it took place in a completely different era, don't worry :3 only the art style is similar.

    • Yes, I was a little terrified it would be a sequel, but I guess it won't be? I think the artist worked well enough for Nintendo and most of the fans with Twilight Princess. Maybe the art also suits the next game very well. But I hope for a different feel to Hyrule in-game this time. I'm glad to see people with a similar opinion!

  • Handy_Pandy

    OMG!!!!! Please I need this game!!!
    I knew they would make it similar to TP…. I can't wait…

    PLEASE LET HIM BE LEFTHANDED AS USUAL and not like in the Wii TP!!

    • I prefer a left-handed Link as well, but I believe the right-handedness has to do with the game being on the Wii and most people being right-handed? The reason why Hyrule was flipped around in the Wii version of Twilight Princess (And confusing to me as a lover of Hyrule) was because this sort of issue.

  • scorpio89stone

    wow this is new zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by scorpio89stone

  • TheKhaion

    Omg…I cant seriously wait!! I'm so excited to hear more! 😀

  • bluefire
    has a little bit more about zelda wii and Spirt Tracks!

  • abc

    hm this link looks more like the ocarina of time incarnation than twilight princess. I guess its the earrings

  • rayburn

    I hope to god it's Oot Link.

  • MB250X

    I think this poster is to intentionally mislead us. Just like before TP came out. A Zelda game wouldn't be the Zelda game without a master sword. I like the theory the queen fairy looking character may be the spirit that lives within the master sword, but hopefully not to take the place of the actual sword.

  • LuX

    I think the absence of the sword is so that with her looking like the master sword we fans put two and two together and think "oh yeah shes the sword"
    I dont actually think the sword is gone and replaced by her. I know Nintendo spoke of new gameplay mechanics but getting rid of Links sword is like putting Sonic in a car pointless and ridiculous (sorry sonic fanboys it had to be said.)

    • ChainofTermina

      And thats why Sonic Drift sucks!

  • Derek

    At the closed door meeting Miyamoto supposedly made a point to mention that Link was not holding a sword. That seems to confirm that the girl is indeed the MS. Especially since he talked heavily about swordplay options for the game possibly using the new Wii Motion Plus (depending on the sales of Wii Resort).

    Also, The more I look at it, the more this Link really resembles the OoT Link. he has blue eyes, the same earrings, and (I know its a weird angle to see this) his hair does seem parted down the middle (ala OoT) instead of swept across like TP.

    This could very well be a sequel to OoT. After hearing the fans rave about wanting a better version of OoT for years (and having TP's realistic style not be enough to satisfy this) they might have intentionally made this a sequel.

    • Feri-san

      Well TP Link also has blue earrings and blue eyes. I think the great betrayer would be the hair color and style in this case, even though it is a wierd angle, like you said.

    • Guest

      Could be what happened if he stayed as an adult, with MM being a sequel to Oot with link as a child

  • hydraboxdog

    It also appears that Link is not wearing a scabbard of any kind. So not only is he not wielding a sword, but he'd have no place to store it if he were. Whether this is evidence for or against the girl being the Master Sword, we'll just have to wait and see.

  • mclennon27

    here does look a lot like the hero of time. and in that case maybe the figure is navi maybe??
    there is one problem….oot link wasnt right handed….

    • Feri-san

      Bit 'tis Wiii, theyll have to make him righthanded like TP :/

    • PhantomGannon

      They all look the same.. its LINK!

  • pahb22

    I totally agree with everyone that the person behind Link could be the spirit of the MS, maybe we are going to see how it was actually created maybe this game isn't going to take place in the TP time line but actually before OOT, were we are going to see how it was created and this is another Link and not the same as TP

  • bla

    At first glance, Link looks almost identical to his Twilight Princess incarnation. On the other hand, however, he does, somewhat resemble Link from Ocarina of time. The shear amount of detail, particularly the stitches, seems to be absent –clothing-wise. It seems his hair parts differently from Link in Twilight Princess, much like it did in Ocarina of time –which also seems more yellowish this time around. Also his eyes appear to stand out more, mainly due to the cyan coloring. Bluntly put, these features seem to indicate that this is not the Link from Twilight Princess, but rather his Ocarina of time counterpart. Other hints include the white underclothing Link is wearing, and the purple earrings –which where, if I may point out, also present in Ocarina of time as well.

  • James

    I compared it to the Twilight concept art of Link and it looks pretty dead on, so I don't know how people are comparing it to the OOT Link. The painting style is also exactly like the Style used for the Twilight Princess concept art. I'm not saying that this is the same Link as the one in Twylight princess, but looking at history this can go two ways: This is a sequel to the TP timeline, and its the same Link but story wise it has little to nothing to do with the Tri-Force, Ganondorf ex saga. Or its a completely different Link, and its a sequel to the main Tri-Force time line.

  • Rodo

    that girl, looks like the fairy queen on the wind waker, the one that gave link the fire arrow and ice arrow…

  • link

    im waiting for feircy deity link (pardon spelling it sucks) i really thought that would be the case for his final in brawl but it didnt happen. As to thoughts on tht bein the master sword probably is .

  • Chessa

    I believe he's very simialer to OoT Link. Look at the picture as a whole- if Ocarina had this type of art, this is how it'd look. They said he looks more mature- more adult. Adult Link. Him being taller also could point to that. Now, I know in OoT, his nose is pointy because that's just how graphics had to be. But if you look in the art of OoT, his nose is pointy even in those. TP Link had a more rounded nose. In this art, he has a pointed nose.

    As for the girl, I believe she is the spirit of the Master Sword. Not the Master Sword itself. And her head is very, VERY close the WW Queen of Fairies, as mentioned. The way it's styled AND colored is almost exact. Maybe it's a combination of the two. I don't know how, but just maybe it is.

  • kenzie

    HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWSOME! i cant wait 4 this, it looks so kool!!!

  • Heavenlyhero

    I agree on that the fact that this Link might actually be indeed OoT link. His outfit and earrings are a lot like his OoT counterpart. The tunic's skirt seems to be different, having a more simple edge like the OoT version. His eyes have a lighter blue shade, similiar to OoT. His hair and sideburns are also like that of OoT Link, with the bangs parting down the middle. The mesh layer that laid within the sleeves, collar, and skirt of his tunic are missing, too. His cap is missing the collar ridge at the base, as well. He has a more realistic design like TP Link, but retains elements that were apart of the old Link from OoT. The game was said to retain rpg elements within it, so the concept with the Mastersword spirit is most likely going to be there. With the mention of swordplay elements also being core to the game, as stated at E3, further making the girl's plausibility of being the sword spirit incarnate likely. Can't wait for more leaks, though. I'd like more light to be shed on this game.

  • Art1st4786

    If you look close enough at the artwork, you can see that Link has chain mail underneath his tunic. I read through the IGN interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, and he said that this isn't a sequel to Twilight Princess and that it's in a different era.

    The outfit Link wore in Twilight Princess was said to have been worn by an ancient hero. Could this Link be the one Faron was referencing?

  • bluefire

    Maybe the Fairy Queen was seeled inside the master sword?

  • ChainofTermina


  • hookeyed

    I hope it takes place in Termina 8D
    yeah probably not eh..

  • ChainofTermina

    A new Zelda, Story completely centered around the MS, With OoT Link
    All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!!

    • Dax

      I find it amusing that you already know the exact story of this game that most assuredly isn't finished yet and won't be released for AT LEAST one year from now.


    Yeah she does look a lot like the master sword…..and Link there does look like the OOT design…….we will just have to wait and see eh?

  • Steve

    I hope it's better than this spirit tracks game because spirit tracks looks retared no totally.

    I heard that nintendo thought it would be funny if windwaker was on Wii!

    • LuX

      Spirit tracks does not look retarded but hey you have the right to voice your opinion but in future how about some consideration towards other peoples opinions?

  • yo_john

    I've noticed that this Link looks a lot like the OoT Link… who knows, maybe this is a sequel years later after MM and before WW.

    • bluefire

      If it were that could explain alot…

    • PhantomGannon

      I have always believed that WW came after Oot where Zelda was left as an adult.

  • Z-MAN7

    Looks sweet!! Hopefully Nintendo can give us a trailer before the end of the year.

  • Delete my ban, we won…

  • Neram

    I think this is fake, why would he have a shield and not a sword? I think after Miyamoto said Link might not even have a sword, someone just made this up off the top of their head and said its leaked official.

    • Miyamoto officially released onto the internet…

      (Now delete my ban… This was released on 4th of June wich is still at E3, And there is a blue logo!)

  • Meralia

    Ooooh beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful love it love it love it Nintendo I love youuuuu <3
    (Easy to please yes I am. But that is prettyyyyyy~~ <3)

  • chris

    Well i trust nintendo… theyve never led me wrong by ruining a zelda game yet….cant wait to see it honestly but id rather them take their sweet time and do it right… even if that means waiting a year or 2…

  • bluefire

    Whats in the background?

  • AW9000

    Whoa so maybe she is the spirit of the master sword thats been helping links decendantsall throughout time.

  • nintendoqueen

    I'm not sure if I like the idea really, I think the Master Sword needs to be an actual physical item in the game. If it is and it's only like this for a small time then I probably won't be bothered but how would he defend himself without it?
    He can't use the first sword he gets the whole way through surely?

    I'm still very excited though!

  • Dr. Light

    Im gonna cry!! T_T well donne miyamoto

  • Darkus Triforce

    i think this link looks like oot link, but i think that he is a completly different incarnation.
    also, i think he has the sword midway through the game, but the spirit is his companion through the whole game. then, she reveals her true identity when he gets the legendary blade.

  • Leroy

    Guest speaking as Leroy as i'm to lazy to copy past URL…

    I got a (somewhat) nice theory of what the blue thing could be…

    The spirit of the Master Sword (As like another sage or something?)

  • Robbing Rob

    This may be fake….but if it is real, I really think that it will be a sequel because…Nintendo knows every Zelda fan is waiting for a sequel to TP…so its highly possible…

    I also agree that the "ghost" / "fairy" is the master sword…will it be able to talk in sword form…? who knows…I'm just waiting for more news on Zelda Wii…since TP was sooo awesome! (I beat it 7 times! It was that good!)

    • Derek

      The image has been confirmed as real and was released by Nintendo. In a recent interview with Miyamoto he confirmed that this is NOT a sequel to TP and will take place in a different era all together.

  • Alex

    Another comment to make here is if anyone remembers the little zora girl from Twilight Princess that you save, the girl in the poster has the exact same hat and face basically … Coincidence? possibly

  • James

    I think its "hope" that people are launching on that this is OOT-MM Link. I would love to see a game with that Link in it, It annoys me that we never really know what happens to him after Majora's Mask. But the thing is, I really doubt we will ever get a game like that. I have a feeling that this is an entirely new link, which I would prefer over having TP link, but that also worries me because the "major" (ALTTP, OOT, WW, TP) titles are really becoming repetitive.

  • Guest…

    im pretty interested in what his right hand/forearm looks like close-up on the full size. first, it looks green, not like oot link's brown gloves. also, it seems to have a weird gold and blue stripy thing. new magic gauntlets and magic attacks with it maybe? :D. or i could be totally off and know nothing, cause this was just a quick observation with little thought.

  • bluefire

    It`s definitely not him, HIM not her.

  • Art1st4786

    Umm…that "little zora girl" that you save in Twilight Princess is actually Prince Ralis of the Zoras.

    I definitely see the similarities between this girl and the Master Sword, and since Miyamoto made sure to remind us that Link isn't holding a sword means something.

  • Silene

    I dunno…her design looks too much like the QoF from WW for me to believe she IS the Mastersword.
    But whatever, I'm excited.
    I hope it will be a really epic game

  • bulard

    this is the best notice that i ever hear in my live i am soooooo imprisive its looks very good that video game i cant wait anymore

  • Gannonslayer

    Finally! I can't belive it! I'm a little dissapointed that we still don't know the name

  • Gannonslayer

    But I'm still EXCITED

  • I can't believe it! Three years of waiting! I'm so happy! And the unknown humanoid on Link's back really does look like she is the Master Sword. And yeah, it does look like she'll be guiding like Midna did in Twilight Princess. Overall, it looks like Twilight Princess, just a little (color) bluer.

  • Fading-Dream

    I looked closely and it is quite apparent that this is the Queen of Fairies as seen in Wind Waker. The face is exactly the same and such. I have to say that I don't like the idea of her being the master sword. I have a feeling that this game will focus more on the fairies and what role they played in history. We never learned why Navi was chosen to be with Link in the first place. I'm hoping they really make the story great. There has always been a simplicity in Zelda with a basic story that really made the audience feel epic (umm…. yeah). I hope Zelda is more of a major character this time around. She seems kind of useless, as in only having a piece of the triforce and that is the only reason she matters… I'm rambling…


    Might as well comment on the main site too.


  • Gunnerlink

    ummm…did u guys even read the last paragraph?…

  • If she IS the Master Sword, then I hope that this new piece of the Legend doesn't destroy the properties of the Master Sword like the Wind Waker did (i.e. it losing its power to repel evil, Zelda hefting it, ect.)

  • t-man

    I was just gonna anounce this!

  • trimph forks

    When at full size, it looks like there's TP Hylian below Link's eye. However, I'm completely stumped by the text. Any ideas? I used's key, but I don't know what Hylian letters they actually are. O_o
    And I, too, ask, where did you get it? The pic/poster?

    • michael

      where, i zoomed in and its not there

  • michael

    if you look closely, link is turned away from the spirit/master sword….. maybe thats a hint about smthn?

    • PhantomGannon

      i think its just the art. the sword is usually on his back so… he is turned around. it is just more hints to her being the MS

  • michael

    wait wait wait, Shigeru Miyamoto said in the interview that its gonna be a totally different game, maybe link is looking away from the "sword" and empty handed because he lost the sword or it was stolen O.o

    • PrinceDesirée

      …or some bad guy transformed it into a girl to make it unable to kill Ganon or whoever…

  • oelle

    Wow. I'm completely not excited right now.
    They're using the same art style from a game released several years ago (but actually doesn't look as refined as Twilight Princess art) and the Link apparent here either looks just like TP Link or OoT Link. How creative – and new! Nice to see they've spent their time rehashing designs and art styles.

    I think I'm all finished with Zelda.

    • PhantomGannon

      Art style is not the same as graphics of game engine… I'm pretty sure they will use a different game engine because TP's engine was made for GC. calm down, dont hate. its all good

      • oelle

        I'm not hating. xD

        I just find it a little weak that they've recycled art styles and character designs. It just looks boring rather than an exciting new Zelda. Feels like they've really lost any creative spark.

  • maybe its a SURPRISE! scene where suddenly, to Link's suprise, hence the WTF? face, the master sword turns into the fairy-like being . lol xD

    • bla

      Yea, i think so too. Its a suprise, or a teaser, where we are suposed to believe, its a sequal or something; but as myamoto leaked, its not a sequal. I think we where meant to look for clues or something, Konami style.

      Note however, it isnt; and also this is definetly not fake, as it was posted on nintendos official e3 site.

      Bottom line, NOT FAKE ppl, NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

  • Lord Thomas

    Hello all, I'm new to this site and I think Zelda is the best.
    This game looks promising after all it is made by the same guy who made TP. TP is by far my favorite game, so this new game should be great.

  • Bob-28

    Just so i say somthing different to everyone else: is it just me or does the girls abit.. zant like?

    Theres probably no connection- and i agree thats shes far more likely to be some sort of "spirit of the master sword", but i didnt want to repeat what other people were saying XD

  • raaaaaaaaawr

    maybe nintendo just made the poster really fast and it doesnt really mean much!!!!!!!! 😮

  • Forrest

    i also think it looks like the master sword but i also fill that the master was also not important after ocarina of time i also wounder did they ever give the story tmeline out i know ocarina is first but what is after that?

  • Shaelyn

    she looks awfully statue-esque…I wouldn't doubt she were the MS…

    some of the other gaming news sites speculated that she was Zelda or a zora. I want to know what they were thinking…

  • PhantomGannon

    he is using his shield in his left hand.. that makes him right handed. at least in this picture. besides, it would be weird if he was left handed because everyone plays with the wii remote in their right hand. and with wii motion plus.. it will just make it difficult and odd.

    Also I'm right handed and I like being like link!

  • bluefire

    Theirs a signiture on Link`s sheild arm.

  • chocobo

    Well if it is the master sword, the game play will have more to do with the sword. With wii motion plus out now it will be interesting.

  • PhantomGannon

    I think they should make windwaker with Play on Wii controls.

  • ogichiichigo

    Hooray! I there's finally another Zelda for the Wii! I've been playing the old ones I never got to play to fill the void, but the new one looks amazing! And the mysterious Master Sword girl? Yay, new Zelda!!

  • Come on! You guys are jumping to conclusions like crazy! Yes, the MS theroy is pretty cool, but one person came up with that idea, and now no one is thinking! Yeah, I've seen all of the comparison images, and they are reeeealy streched. Let's not take this too far, 'aight?

    And I'm not seeing proof of this image, either. I'm pretty sure it's legit, but sources people!

    • Derek

      The source of this image is Nintendo themselves. Its been confirmed by several sites. The high resolution image was released from them shortly after E3.

      As for the MS theory, the girl does have striking similarities to the legendary blade, and she also has a very similar face as the Queen Fairy in WW. It seems like they are making a fairy/MS connection. But we really won't know anything for sure until next year. 🙁

    • Miyamoto told us that Link having no sword is a hint.

  • James

    Ignoring the way the girl looks for a moment, Link's back is facing the camera with his sword obviously missing. It very apparent you have this girl standing right where the sword should be.
    Now look at the colors of the girl, she's bluish-purple and silver-blue just like the Master Sword. She's also very shiny and gives off a white haze like the master sword does at the end of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. It's not by accident that the back ground is this bright orange-yellow color either. It makes it all stand out.
    Now look at her detailing starting with her legs. Her legs stockings are identical to the Handel grip of the Twilight Princess version of the Master Sword. Next her blouse/pants is the moon-shaped portion of the hand guard that lays under the gold diamond shaped decorative. Her lower upper half has two gold stripes that lead too a gold diamond just like the bottom of the Master Sword's blade does. Then you have her cape which loosely resembles the wings of the Master Sword's hand guard. Lastly the helmet/hair on the top of her head resembles the top of the blade.

  • MyName

    Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn this into a desktop background image?

    • James

      Can't you just right click on the image and select "Set as background"?

  • nikita

    If it is going to be a real game, then I'll try to get the game when it comes out. But on the other hand, what if someone is trying to pull our leg?

  • it looks like prince ralis from, TP.

  • Inukai

    S/He kinda looks like the Zora prince.

  • Derk

    S'not a leg-puller. the father of gaming himself commented on it; how link isn't holding a sword. Then he giggles, like he does, that bastard.

    I think it's pretty obvious she's the sword… but if you want another theory with, say, -20% chance that Nintendo is doing it, well…

    I had always had this stupid fanboy dream that Navi went to get bigger at the end of OoT >.> because… >.> better competition for Ruto, Malon, and Zelda >.>

    no, wait, less then -50% since, lord knows why, most of you guys hated Navi T_T "but she was so annoying!" yeah … suck my triforce.

    well, she does look like the great fairy from windwaker, so it might be at least safe to assume, as a general theory, that a fairy or some sort is, has been, or is related to the Master Sword, or perhaps was transfused with it somehow.

    Potatomoto said this link would be even older then the TP link in his incredibly last short interview, right? Hey, it's a silly fanboy fantasy, but if OoT link finds Navi as a sword after MM, F*ck Y*ah.

    • That is an interesting theory–that this is Navi. My first impression was a reminder of The Great Fairy design of Wind Waker. So many this could be a fusion of fairy/sword even? Also, I have no hatred for Navi, either! I perhaps do not have the same flavor of love as you, but I carry a Navi I made when I dress as Zelda and I feel protective of her. Especially since people act very cruelly towards her (kids, please respect the property of others!). She is just very vocal. At least she tries to help, right?

  • Derk

    Plus Navi was blue, and I don't believe there has ever been a blue crystal in the master sword before.

  • GanonLives

    Very nice and the spirit of the Master sword? Hmmm could be but I would also put my money on the return of Vaati グフー.

  • I have a lot of respect for this artist's work and their skill (No, I really do!), but it makes me a little afraid, too–the feel of Twilight Princess did not completely work for me (It was a pretty good game, though) so I'm hoping when screen shots come out that it will give us a different feel to Hyrule than what TP gave us. This is probably blasphemy to the kids here, I know! 🙁 I am happy to see that Link at least appears here to be a little more stretched out, but this could be a thing of perspective. It could even be the same Link that was in TP! but something about the face tells me maybe not. I feel mostly positive about this new character. She seems very solemn, not very animated and that could make her very different from the companions Navi and Midna were if she plays that role. If she is not the personification of the Master Sword, she almost definitely is the personification of some tool. But Link does not seem to be carrying a sword…so I wonder if we need to guess any further?

  • ZorasMask523

    you know… i always see link left-handed in most of the games but some he's right-handed, and i think he's right-handed again.

    • bluefire

      He's right-handed because it's a wii game.

  • yea i went there

    has the posting of "why is link right handed again???" and "i hope link willl be left handed this time" stoped cuz link is always going to be right handed on the wii so you ppl need to just deal with it, link is right handed on the wii and thats just how it is =.= i want him to be left handed again to but since this will be a WII zelda title hes gunna be right handed just had to get that said so ppl would stop spaming the comments with that crap >.< so STOP with the "link should be left handed on the wii" cuz he cant be O_O

  • Oeyvind

    Could you make the game a kind of like in Zelda a link to the past with some specical item that was use like the mirror and made the master sword stronger by tempering it like the smities did in that game with some awesome graphics and made the mastersword like getting a shooting when link is at full health.

  • Sarah

    its that fairy queen girl as the master sword. i think they need to come up with a different looking character instead of trying to incorporate windwaker-looking characters into it.

  • to what I have heard in G4 is that Shigeru Miyamoto said in an interview that link wont have a sword… and this art makes me think that that girl will transform in a weapon (master sword primarily) or will make the attacks….

  • TwinWolves

    Yaaay!! But what really sucks is that I don't have a Wii, have fun you guys of whom own a Wii… 🙁 *Saad face*

  • rob0mad

    hmmm i think it could be like a great fairy sword like in Majoras mask being as it was a very powerful sword and the girl looks like the queen of the fairy's in WW so it is feasible.

    i relay cant wait yet another game to add to my list. so far i have Zelda Spirit Tracks, metroid prime series, mario galaxy, and pokemon hart gold and soul silver

  • AgahniMonstro

    Looks great!
    I hope they make it darker and more challenging than Twilight Princess, but the art direction and mood in TP was spot on!

  • Noah-x

    My god… I can't wait for this game.

  • Lrak

    Ehhh i dont think its the spirit of the master sword, she looks alot like the queen of fairies from wind waker.

  • rick

    she is not the mater sword

  • Amy

    She's not the Master Sword, Nintendo is working on it. IGN has another interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and he said that their working on the Master Sword, incase some people hadn't read.

  • Sherilyn

    The art work is very well done, I loved how they didnt change the outlook on link, like sprit tracks.
    So the girl is the new partner, what kind of a story line will this be? Is ganondorf alive again? If its taking off of Twilight princess then why didnt the master sowrd change, unitl now? Are we going to see any orginal chacaters from TP (if its taking from it)? Is Zelda going to make appearnce? And what about the Out look of the Hyrule? And what about Hyrule castle, if i recall it was blown up by Ganon, lol
    Yes thiers lots of questions, it only sucks that all the fans have to wait until 2010 for it to come in stores.
    I'm very couires of the stroyline, i hope it can top twilight princess & not be a lame storyline like phnatom hourglass.

  • adinina

    maybe it is nayru

  • adinina

    make that all 3 goddesses combined in kid form

  • ???????

    why does link wear effing earings??? would that even make sense in the time he lives???

  • shadow9466

    I agree that its the embodyment of the master sword, embodyed as some sort of zora. (this is all my opinion, i have no proof or info to back it up)This adventure may consist of link either having the living master sword as his companion (like midna), being able to switch to play as her (maybe him im not sure) and have link as the companion, or perhaps there is some sort of spell cast on the master sword transforming all who wield it (link) into that zora (or maybe not a zora,just my guess) or the spell is so that its like that all the time for the companion thing. Link will have to find whoever cast the spell, kill them and the spell would be released; or just defeat them and make them take it off; then, as always, ganondorf will tie in somehow like convincing the guy to do it, threatening to kill him/her if he didnt, controlling his/her mind and forcing them to do it,etc., then link will beat ganondorf, game over, you win.

  • Cryther

    I can't wait for this game. 🙂 Who knows who this mysterious girl is. It if is the Master Sword it's going to be an intersting storyline. Maybe just maybe it could be a different version of Zelda. Just a thought. All I know is I really really really wanna play it. You know I could see them combining the Master Sword with Zelda. Just my 2 cents.

  • Rogar

    Ok here's my guess
    That is the OOT link design. Notice the white stockings (sorta hard to see), The simple tunic and how it fits him, his eyes are the same colour, and his hair is exactly the same in colour and how it parts.
    So I think that assuming that girl is the master sword (and lets face it that's the best guess so far), one of two things is possible.
    one: It is a remake/re imagining of OOT and it's story
    two: it's a new Zelda with that Link or another Link or another link close in time. (How about a sequel to Majora's Mask when Link never leaves Termnia and grows to adulthood there? Sounds plausible to me.)
    Also His shield appears to be a Hylian shield. Atleast in colour and considering how many times ive seen the Hylian shield this week I'm fairly confident about that.


    I think that the story line will be the best part of the game ps ZELDA IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raaawrgh

    This does look like a polished OOT Link. The blue ear ring, blue eyes, white leggings and a simple tunic makes this likely.

    However, OOT Link was left-handed and held his Shield in the right-hand. In this poster, this is reversed. Worth a thought.

  • Anon

    The best theory (and probably the correct one) is that this is an older OOT link, and that the girl is the human manifestation of the master sword. kinda sucks though that they have to make link right-handed for the wii. i'm actually left-handed myself. if only they could present an option that allowed to choose between a left or right handed link.

  • Andy

    That's Ocarina of Time Link, without a doubt.

    Zoom in on his earring. Then his parted hair, and compare them to this:

  • MasterEdge

    it would've been awesome if we could have this poster on the Club Nintendo site as a reward someday. i got the 3 poster set and love it but i want this one too.

  • Lance

    What I am guessing is that SHE is not the sword, she is a fairy I THINK will aid Link in the game, or is a key character towards beating the game, I dont belive that she IS a sword xD, prolly Link will be granted some sort of power from here lol

  • Lewis

    I read someone say that there had never been a Master sword with a blue gem but in wind waker before the sages restore power to the Master sword the gem glows a dim blue. So my partially formed theory is that possibly the sages have yet to have the means to create the sword but this figure gives them the knowledge or means to do so.

  • Andrew

    thats pretty crazy cause recently i just saw this picture and the first thing that poped to my head was that the figure in front of link was the materalized form of the master sword.. looks like i was right lol. I wonder how this is going to work in the game?

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  • TwiliBoy

    She's the skyward sword

  • The batteries in your Wii Remote have nearly depleted.