Do you like the New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS? Chances are you’ll love New Super Mario Brothers Wii that was just announced at Nintendo’s E3 keynote.

You’ll be able to play four players simultaneously and enjoy new suits such as the “Propeller Suit”. This game will release worldwide this holiday season.

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  • Looks like a good game for people who liked the older DS game, but I wasn't too crazy about Super Mario Brothers for the DS. :3

    *sigh, no Zelda announcement*

  • Rojinshu

    At least they announced a new Golden Sun 🙂 BUT I WANT ZELDA! D:<

  • By_Farore

    A little sweet with Mario and Metroid: good news for the Wii.
    Awfully bitter since the Hylian princess is no where in sight.

    Read the blogs, Reggie?
    Then you must know a Zelda Wii exclusive has been awaited by most for far too long.

    Far too long.

    Would've at least appreciated a hint of a possible release before the Wii becomes old gen. -.-

    • I got really excited thinking it could be Zelda when he was talking about the blogs, but no show…oh well, I found the rest of the mario and metroid announcements to be satisfactory…

      And the Wii has time before it's old gen…enough for Zelda…

  • Keith

    I think NSMB Wii will be quiet fun since it'll most definitely have wifi capabilities. Hooking up with friends far away to play this would be quiet fun if you ask me. I already know some people I could play with. =) The question remains how much will this be for single player? The worlds and levels seem to be completely new and not just rehases from SMB or NSMB. That is a major plus to me. I'm looking forward to this.

  • Nice blog adding this to my twitter now