Our affiliates at North Castle have once again updated their extensive fanart/fanfiction/cosplay galleries, with 27 new pieces of art and several new cosplayers. This time,  I will share some of the highlights of the new pieces.

First up is this piece titled “Young Ganondorf vs the Helmaroc King”, by Iroas, which is interesting both in concept and in style. The actual drawing is wallpaper-sized, so you’ll have to click it to see the full image.

I also had a look at the new cosplay additions, and quite liked this one, which can be found in KellyJane’s gallery:

All of the characters are instantly recognisable, including the more difficult to cosplay Navi (since we only see a little blue blur in the original game and so it’s really up to the player’s imagination), who makes sure that nobody can mistake the character with an ingenious little speech bubble.

If this sort of thing interests you, you should definitely check out North Castle, because they update each month with a lot of high-quality fan work.

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't think videogame characters, with in my opinion count as cartoon characters, ever look good in live action. it just looks weird.
    and, uh, guys, fyi, Link's left handed.

    the other one is cool. I like the idea, that Gannon had to tame the Helmoroc King in order to control it. though I don't know why this took place in the mirror Chamber of Arbiter's Grounds. but then again, why not?

    • Iroas

      Well actually this was a scene I planned for a Young Ganondorf comic about what events made him what he was in OOT.

      Oh and..

      Oh em gee! My picture is one the front page!

  • ChainofTermina

    oh, and I'm pretty sure Skull Kid didn't have a Nightmare before Christmas bag.

  • kayasto

    i think the dark link looks the coolest in that cosplay but his sheild shoudl be like a clear black with no animation on it cuz thats just how it looks in OoT ^w^

  • kayasto

    oh and link is right handed in the wii version of TP ChainofTermina so maybe there cosplaying that link and the dark link well it wasnt in TP so i cant defend him, sry dark link >.>"

  • kayasto

    oh w8 there was somthin close to dark link in 1 of the scenes on TP but idk if he had a sword o not so yea OxO

  • ChainofTermina

    Yeah, um, Kayasto, I don't count TP Wii it's own game. it's just the GC version with a fliped screen and slapped on Wii controls. that would be like saying that the OoT on the Collecter's eddition disc is a defferent game than th N64 OoT just because the A and B icons are green and rd instead of blue and green So TP Wii is in all asense a spin-off version of the real TP, the one for Gamecube.

    oh, and Iroas, let me know when that comic is done. it sounds cool, i'd like to read it.

    • Anonymousness

      Is it really that big of a deal that the sword is being held in the wrong hand? Who really cares?

  • Hyrule

    lol let's all make fun of people for not matching things up exactly with he games

    It's art people; it's all up to the artist. Everything Cody's decided to share is wonderful though.

  • Chesterton

    Where is there news on ZU about news on another Zelda website?

    • Jack

      affiliates help each other out

      • Chesterton

        or because the news team can't look for news to post

        • Cody

          My NC updates have nothing to do with the news team being lazy – those are two separate matters. Zelda/Gaming News isn't my job, and I pretty much just post site updates and affiliate-related news, but I'm not trying to be a replacement for the news team when I do it. ;P

  • Cody

    We actually did find some stuff, but we asked the newsies to post it like 3 days ago and they haven't, so I guess I'll do it now instead. :3