On May 1, the video channel that had been announced earlier will be released in Japan. The channel works like a living room where you can register up to 8 Miis. From here the video service can be accessed. Nothing is known about the shows as of yet, but several functions of the channel have been revealed.

It is also possible to watch videos of Nintendo’s marketing partners and their products and “request that samples be sent to your home”. This has led to the speculation that game demos will be downloadable. The channel is capable of DSi connectivity and can send videos of the channel the Nintendo DSi. Apparently the “living room” will occasionally be visited by celebrity Miis ( such as Albert Einstein ).

So far, no information about a release outside of Japan is known.

Source: IGN Wii
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  • Luisa

    I wish Nintendo would produce their own cartoons and release them on that new channel.

    • Arjen

      My thoughts, exactly.
      Nintendo franchises have a bad history in cartoons, but if NINTENDO ITSELF or someone really close to them would make them, there'd be no need for "EXCUUUSE ME"s.

      • Luisa

        LOL Exactly.

      • Oh god…and mullets…and weird Zelda outfits.

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah, they used to make toys, why can't they make a simple animation. it isn't exactly that hard nowa days

  • lockx

    that takes time… And to be honest which would you prefer?
    They spend time on making new games (ZELDA!!!)
    They spend time making cartoons

    I know I'd prefer new zelda games over a cartoon anyday.

    • kayasto

      heck yea screw cartoons (i can watch cartoons on cabal) i want more zelda games >O<