The mailbag for March 30, 2009 is contained within:

EzloSpirit writes:

I was just wondering when the ZUBC’s ZUCast was planning on splitting into the ZCast (the Zelda podcast) and the Ccast (the ZU podcast). I am eagerly awaiting this new way of doing things.

Oh, and how is the staff for Cody’s possible newsletter being selected? And when is the planned time for the release of the first newsletter if the project is never abandoned?

James writes:

I have contacted the wonderful Cody to put his two cents worth in about this issue. Considering that he is one you are contacting.

Caeporawing writes:

Hi, I noticed that in the last mailbag about link and Malon getting married. I thought this myself but Mr. Miyamoto said that Tp is the same world as Oot but takes place a couple hundred of years later. How can the link in Tp be a rancher because of his mother and have the triforce from his father if link and Malon lived hundreds of years ago?

James writes:

If Malon and Link are the descendants of TP Link, then each child before him would have had the Triforce piece inherited from the previous Link. It could also make sense that Link is a rancher because of Malon, because Link and Malon would teach the new offspring how to ranch, which would be passed down all the way to TP Link. Make sense?

Donald Robinson writes:

I was wondering how could i speak with one of the creators of the zelda series.

James writes:

Good luck. The only way that will happen is if you work in the video game journalism business and attend the expos, or you are VERY lucky.

Trilyan writes:

i am here with a suggestion…. it would be really nice if the site automatically mailed to all the members every time there is an update in the news front page. This way we wouldn’t miss anything (i have got used to enter every day to check though :P, but sometimes I just forget) so please let me hear what you think 😉

James writes:

The only way something like that would happen is if ZU had an RSS feed, which we have sticking on the main page. It is right on the top of the page labeled “Subscribe to the ZU RSS Feed”. It is fairly simple to do so, and it works with most of the mail sites out there. Check it out.

mikae writes:

I submitted an interactive story a while ago and I was wandering when new chapters are released

James writes:

That is something Cody is now in charge of. I believe he is working on selecting the next chapter on top of every other project he has currently.

Jay writes:

I finally beat a link to the past after all these years and i have come to the conclusion that gannon is 100% anaghiem… what are your thoughts on this? most of the info i read online says that is a “theory” but after reading the in game dialouge i am convinced they are the same person.

James writes:

That’s because they are the same person. Agahnim was a puppet that Ganon used in the Light World to gather up the seven maidens so he could open the seal on the Dark World. Ganon couldn’t escape the Dark World because of that seal, so he used Agahnim to do so.

EzloSpirit writes:

The DSi seems to be getting some heavy criticism, especially around the ZU community. The only two downsides I notice are the fact that there’s no GBA slot (for those who wish to use dual slot functions in games like Pokémon) and it’s still as delicate as the DS Lite if not more delicate. I don’t get it. Is there a reason people seem to talk about how bad the DSi is and not talk about what’s good about it? I’m getting it (partially because the top screen on my original DS is broken and my DS Lite is missing a hinge and some wires had snapped). Of course, *smiles evilly* this will make it so I probably won’t have to pay an extra US$25 to reserve it; not too many people will be getting it at all! Still, people should look on the bright side and stop dissing the DSi. Why do they do this? Is the whole world become a pessimistic planet? Scary.

James writes:

I think the main reason people are dissing the DSi is because Nintendo is whoring the DS to death with its multiple incarnations of the same system. The only improvements are the camera and the DS shop. The camera is pointless, in my opinion, because every device you own today has some form of a camera on it, and Nintendo is only using the camera as another gimmick to play games with (see: WarioWare Snapped). The DS shop is a good idea, but I don’t think it is necessary to make a new model of the same system for that one feature. But that’s me. I won’t buy a DSi unless I truly need to (but I don’t see the need).

sophia writes:

humph! I dont know where everything is now! this used to be the best, but now i can’t even find the right game to find help on!!! I liked the old layout better! Chenge it back!!!

James writes:

I don’t think that is going to happen, because a lot of people like the new layout. It isn’t that difficult to maneuver. Hopefully, you’ll like it in time.

HylianShadow writes:

What is “Behind the Rupees”? I’m just curious because I’ve heard of and seen it a little but I have no idea what it is or if it still exists.

Are non-staff able to start stories in the Interactive Story section? Because when I looked, there were no links besides one to add to one of the existing stories. If not, could you make an option like that?

James writes:

“Behind the Rupees” was an article series we had at ZU where 3-4 writers would write an article a week about a specific topic and then get together to write a roundtable discussion about that week’s topic (if I remember it correctly). I believe we are trying to restart a similar thing to BtR soon, but I am unsure if it will start back up.

Leroy writes:

What is your current opinion about the new game TLoZ: Spirit Tracks? Do you think it will be a big hit?

James writes:

I loved Phantom Hourglass and believe that Spirit Tracks will do just as well. I don’t understand why people are so up in arms about the train aspect. I think people are still bitter about Wind Waker that any form of a transportation device is perceived as “boring” and unnecessary.

luthien luinwe writes:

hi! do you think that zeldas mouvie is real?

if you now somethin please tell it
bie and thanks pd. ZU is amazing

James writes:

My spell checker broke, thank you.

If you are talking about the Zelda Movie that appeared last year on April Fool’s Day, then no, it’s not real. Hence the reason it was released on April Fool’s Day.