A long time ago, I had big plans to set up OpenID across Zelda Universe, a system that would enable everybody to login to the main site with their forum account without the need to actually physically link the main site to the forums (as we did a long time ago, and this caused huge problems). That was, oh, about three years ago. And OpenID hasn’t come very far. We’ve got OpenID working on our wiki, Zelda Wiki.org, but that’s about it. But something else has come a long way: Facebook Connect, Facebook’s system for logging into other sites with your Facebook account.

Facebook has openly stated that Facebook Connect was a part of OpenID all along, which I assume means that if ZU adopts Facebook Connect early it could eventually mean ZU would be set for a more advanced OpenID setup – but for the meantime, it would mean that you could only login to the main site with a Facebook account, and not your ZU forum account. Currently you cannot login to the main site at all, so it’s a slight improvement over nothing, and ofers a potential way to link your forum account to your main site account so that the two are the same login.

Of course, you do not have to use Facebook Connect even if we install it. If you do not use it, your ZU forum account would remain the same, and if you ever wish to you can link your current forum account to Facebook at any time. If you do link your account to Facebook, certain things you do on ZU, both on the main site and forums, can be posted to your Facebook wall if you want – this both makes ZU a bit more social, and helps spread the word!

If you’re at all interested in this, please vote on the poll below. The poll closes on Saturday, which is when I’ll decide what to do.

[poll id=”22″]
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  • lalolalicua

    might be interesting.. voted yes

  • Nictel

    A trivial useless function that uses more bandwidth making the website even slower and probably will cause more bugs and errors? Great idea!

    • The addition of Facebook Connect would actually speed up ZU marginally – not that it makes a difference since our current server is pretty juiced up – but it alleviates load on our server by sending authentication requests to Facebook instead of handling them locally. It doesn’t cause bugs or errors since it uses the same username structure as ever.

  • Jehanne

    … I’m getting a database error when I try to sign in. Are you already attempting to change the login process?

    – J

    • No, this is an unrelated error, and I’m fixing it now. I don’t know what’s causing it. I wouldn’t implement anything until after the results of the poll!

      • Jehanne

        Okay, well I’ll just keep trying to logon.


        I just love ZU that much.


  • Tess

    Hmm, interesting idea. I voted yes.

  • Tonchiki

    Gah, Facebook. Just what we don’t need.
    I say don’t bother. Let Facebook stay on Facebook please.

  • bj

    It sounds interesting, but Facebook should just stay away.

    Facebook is like becoming all the rage and it’s kind of killing it for me, and I like going to ZU and not having to be faced with Facebook things. But that’s just me. Whatever happens, happens. :]

  • ZeldaMaster#1#1

    I’m really parted on whether we should or not.

    The good: You said an alleviation on the server, and more interactivity for the site; the bad: uh…. large Zelda site+Large social site part add-on…doesn’t fit well; the ugly: massacre. Wait….

    Anyways, I’m slightly less parted. I’d say go for it, since this is sort of a new thing. And don’t forget to unplug the cords next time (big power bill in result).

    (Long comment is long.)

  • Honestly, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be helpful. If anything, it’s just a neat idea that could be useful to people who frequent Facebook and ZU.

    Do it faggot